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Campaigners Occupy XL Airways Offices in Crawley

imc reports | 17.08.2007 15:49 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Migration | London

16:30 Friday 17th August 2007

Ten campaigners have just occupied the offices of XL Airways, a private charter company based in Crawley. One person is locked on inside the building and others are inside leafleting workers.

A banner saying "Cheap Flights - Cheap Lives?" has been hung.

XL offer cheap holidays to sunny destinations and claim to 'fly you to freedom'. But on their website there is no mention of their flights to places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo which are used by the home office to deport people including children.

imc reports


climate camp press release

17.08.2007 16:27

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

15 August 2007, 17.00


Activists from the Camp for Climate Action have blockaded and occupied the
offices of, an airline responsible for removing or deporting
people, including children, to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At 16.30 ten climate campaigners occupied the offices of airlines
near the south terminal of Gatwick airport. One of their number has locked
themselves to a stairwell in the building. Others handed out leaflets to
employees detailing how XLco ntributes to climate change by its flights,
as well as deporting refugees back to the repression and torture they
risked their lives in fleeing.

At 16.50 police removed all protesters except the locked-on one from the
building, and they are currently outside displaying a banner proclaiming
‘cheap flights… cheap lives?!’.

Protester Allannah Currie explained, ‘environmental refugees outnumber all
other kinds combined, and climate change will make that get a lot worse.
We in the wealthy countries have welfare to protect us from climate chaos,
but the world’s poorest have nothing to help them except us taking
responsibility. Our carbon emissions threaten to take the essentials of
life from the poor of the world, it makes a mockery of our concern about
aid and debt relief’.

The action at Gatwick comes a month before the No Borders group hold an
action camp similar to the Camp for Climate Action at Gatwick against
migration controls.

Already this week climate campers have blocked the transport of an Airbus
A380 wing in Wales, blockaded exectuive jet airports at Farnborough and
Biggin Hill, and this morning blockaded the Department of Transport in

A mass direct action involving hundreds or even thousands of people is set
to take place at Heathrow on Sunday and Monday.

climate camper


17.08.2007 16:29

At 17.10 police removed the locker-on and they were arrested and taken to Crawley police station. There were no other arrests.

climate camper

Phone No..

17.08.2007 16:49

01293 497 7000 is there direct phone no..


Well done!

17.08.2007 17:23

Thank you for occupying XL .
In a letter to NCADC they emphasized they were not operating the flight to DRC on the 30th August - may have something to do with previous bad publicity, after deporting children and families to DRC? They denied they operated the 'Ravel Charter flights' to Afghanistan but did not mention the 'AardvarkCharter flights' to eastern Europe, so we can assume XL are operating Aardvark.

one of noborders
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We are everywhere...

17.08.2007 20:17

... we really are!

Excellent solidarity action. We hope that even more 'climate campers' can get involved with supporting further action against the Aug 30th deportation flight to DR Congo. And not forgetting No Borders Camp against the new deportation centre being built at Gatwick airport (and much more), taking place 19th-24th Sept.

Full info about Gatwick camp is at:

No Borders Nottingham
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18.08.2007 10:05

The person arrested has been charged with aggravaqted trespass and is due in court this morning (saturday).