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Is there any point in talking about local democracy in London in 2006?

17-10-2006 11:01

Tony Blair is increasing Ken Livingstone's powers. Those may well include
the power to effectively scrap elected local councils in inner city London. Ken Livingstone is
set to become a very happy holder of huge powers. Is it safe to give the maniac Livingstone any more powers?

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Cambridge Student Challenge Rolls Royce

17-10-2006 10:59

Press release about a Cambridge Students Against the Arms Trade action challenging Rolls Royce's recruitment attempts

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Court finds ITN journalist Terry Lloyd murdered by US forces

17-10-2006 09:52

An Oxfordshire coroner’s court ruled Friday, October 13 that the Independent Television News (ITN) journalist Terry Lloyd was unlawfully killed by US forces in southern Iraq in March 2003.

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A chalk is a chalk is a chalk

17-10-2006 09:45

and it's creativity can be most certainly beautiful and at least as powerful as a rose; which surely Gertrude Stein would confirm. The past weekend, 16/17th 2006 saw thousands of people all over the world pour onto streets armed with boxes of Chalk to redecorate the pavements.

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Israel’s Plan for a Military Strike on Iran

17-10-2006 09:43

NAZARETH, 16 October 2006. The Middle East, and possibly the world, stands on the brink of a terrible conflagration as Israel and the United States prepare to deal with Iran’s alleged ambition to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel, it becomes clearer by the day, wants to use its air force to deliver a knock-out blow against Tehran. It is not known whether it will use conventional weapons or a nuclear warhead in such a strike.

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There's Something there!!

17-10-2006 09:17

Please support us..don't let us go the way of Rossport!!

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the uk rare orchid

17-10-2006 08:20

there was two

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Nuclear Strike on Iran Is Still on the Agenda

17-10-2006 08:11

No nuclear country is likely to intervene when the U.S. uses nuclear weapons against Iran, so there is no military deterrent. The U.S. has now achieved vast nuclear superiority and is about to demonstrate to the world that its $5 trillion nuclear arsenal is not "unusable."

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The Great Experiment

17-10-2006 06:03

An analysis of the experiment in Social Control being carried out in the world's largest Concentration Camp.

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Letters from Kurdish deportees

17-10-2006 01:48

These letters from a number of Iraqi-Kurdish asylum seeker who were forcibly deported on 5 September, 2006 (see were received by Dashty Jamal from the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees ( They were passed to the European Council Presidency on 11.10.2006 in European Parliament.

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Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart

17-10-2006 01:37

Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Ou
Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Out As She Heads To Courthouse for Sentencing

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Australian State Govt moves to ban 'riot' game

17-10-2006 00:03

Has no place in our community
"It promotes acts of violence against members of the community - simple as that, and not only promotes it, glorifies it, encourages, incites people to engage in acts of violence using the riots of last year and as such it has no place in our community."

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Anti-racist/anti-deportation protest - 21 October

16-10-2006 23:50

Anti-racist activists from NWASDG and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will be holding another anti-deportation protest on Saturday 21 October from 12-3pm on Market Street in Manchester city centre

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Truth meeting on 7/7 and it's aftermath - Leeds 17th October

16-10-2006 23:08

Focussing this time more on 7/7and the very large holes in, and lack of evidence for,the conclusions of the civil servant's report. And the continuing terror raids on the Muslim community. The 'plots' without any of the means to carry them out

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third world babies for adoption

16-10-2006 22:05

are these babies just a fashion accessory

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16-10-2006 21:53

KENILWORTH, 15 OCTOBER 2006 — Reports that Communities Minister Ruth Kelly, who is a member of the Roman Catholic organisation Opus Dei, has delayed legislation that would outlaw discrimination against gay people have prompted the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) to call for her resignation.

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Black Op Mujahideen Shura Council Declares Islamic State in Iraq

16-10-2006 21:46

The precisely timed statement was devised, with western intelligence connivance, not only to “stir up hatred between the Sunnis and the Shiites,” but break the country into three pieces based on ethnic and religious affiliation, a plan formulated in Israel, adopted by the neocons, and approved by the bankster global elite.

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House Demolitions in Jordan Valley

16-10-2006 21:36

These posts are from a Brighton based activist spending part of October in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a network of international activists set up to support Palestinian non violent resistance agaisnst Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. In these posts I will be writing short accounts of aspects of the occupation and resistance…

In October I will also be trying to foster grassroots links with grassroots organisations in the Jordan valley region, the most fertile area of the West Bank in danger of annexation by the Israeli state suffering from exploitation by Israeli and international corporations...

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Australian government steps up threats against PNG, Solomon Islands

16-10-2006 20:59

The South Pacific is no exception
The Australian ruling class has always viewed the strategically significant South Pacific as its own sphere of influence and attempted to ensure its domination of the region’s considerable natural resources. With the support of the British Empire before World War II and US imperialism after 1945, successive Australian governments have manoeuvred to marginalise the influence of rival powers. But inter-imperialist antagonisms have intensified throughout the world—most sharply in the Middle East and Central Asia with the eruption of US militarism—and the South Pacific is no exception.

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16-10-2006 20:12