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Sun 23rd Sep: Rally Against Olympic Evictions - on Allotment Demolition Day

22-09-2007 12:18

Details of March & Rally Against Olympic Evictions on Allotment Demolition Day - Sunday 23rd Sept
Meet 2pm outside Hackney Town Hall

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LSE Director ignores assault on academic freedom of Palestinian students

22-09-2007 10:43

LSE staff and students have written to LSE Director Howard Davies to protest his stance on debating a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In his reply he ignores the plight of Palestinian educational institutions under Israeli occupation.

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Another Neocon Fantasy: Iran Has Teamed Up with the Taliban

22-09-2007 10:12

Now we are expected to believe the Iranians want to sabotage this relationship by providing IEDs to the Taliban, not only staunch enemies of Karzai but Iran as well.

Does not compute. But then so much about the flaccid and utterly absurd neocon propaganda campaign against Iran does not compute, that is unless you buy into the up-is-down, black-is-white worldview of the Bushzarrians.

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The Call for a New 911 Campaign

22-09-2007 09:45

No more conspiraloons, no more "Illuminati", no more lizards, no more crazy.


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Poland stopped to be a democratic country

22-09-2007 09:38

Fake elections are being prepared. Independent observers are not allowed to supervise them.

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This Week In Palestine – Week 38 2007

22-09-2007 06:29

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for September 15thst through September 21st, 2007.

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The Respect coalition is in crisis!

22-09-2007 04:28

Far be it from Uncle Joe to gloat, but I have to say that you heard it here on Indymedia first, a good 21 months before Newsnight got hold of the story.

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Philippines: Another Scandal rocks Arroyo regime

22-09-2007 01:29

ZTE deal to cost US$527 million after 20 years of repayment

Wearing white elephant masks to depict the potential character of the controversial national broadband network (NBN) project, members of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) staged a picket outside the Senate Tuesday in time for the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the project won by Chinese firm ZTE Corp., and stressed its debt burden on the Filipino people.

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No Border campaigners to march from Crawley-Gatwick against immigration prisons

21-09-2007 23:40

Hundreds of protesters are to march today from Crawley, West Sussex, to Gatwick Airport to protest against immigration prisons. No Borders UK had called for a "transnational day of action against immigration prisons" on 22 September, 2007. The day of action is part of the Gatwick No Border Camp, which is taking place between 20 and 23 September near the village of Balcombe in opposition to a planned new detention centre at Gatwick. Simultaneous actions are expected to take place in other parts of the UK and elsewhere in the world.

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Thousands Protest racial injustice in US South

21-09-2007 23:02

Racial tensions first erupted after a black student tried to cross an invisible color line and sit under the schoolyard's "white tree" to be greeted the next morning by nooses hanging from the tree.

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Asylum seeker arrested as protesters gathered outside Lunar House, Croydon

21-09-2007 22:13

In a clear example of what today's demonstration in Croydon was about, a distressed asylum seeker was arrested as protesters gathered outside Lunar House, which houses the headquarters of the Border and Immigration Agency (BIA) and its main screening unit.

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Torture of Baloch People is Justified -- Pakistan Government

21-09-2007 21:43

Video Pakistani Minister
"There are some cases of torture for investigations, to know the news and know the network and to enter into the network.In my opinion, for such kind of people and things, you know you have to do something like this." -- PAKISTANI MINISTER

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Anti-Blocher protest turns ugly

21-09-2007 21:17

Anti-Blocher Riot
Billionnaire industrialist Christoph Blocher has changed the landscape of Swiss politics. In October 2003, his right-wing People's Party's (SVP) won the biggest share of the vote in parliamentary elections, shaking the consensus style of leadership which has existed in the country for more than 40 years.

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America's "Long War": The Legacy of the Iraq-Iran and Soviet-Afghan Wars

21-09-2007 20:58

On close inspection, a series of unfolding international events have been anticipated and systematically engineered since the end of the Cold War. The "long war" that is absorbing the globe did not start in 2001, but at the end of the Cold War through a continuum of wars and international events. A global war may have been initiated years before the declaration of the "Global War on Terror" and much of the globe may not have been aware of it.

Future historians may end up categorizing several wars going back to the Kosovo War of 1999 as different stages in one singular and "long war." Several fixtures of geo-strategic chess have been unfolding globally, in which the Middle East is one of the most important stages. As simple as it may sound, the endgame of this match of deadly chess is economic control and supremacy

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pics and report (french) of the demo Crawley

21-09-2007 20:50

Some photos from today's No Borders demonstrations in Croydon's Lunar and Electric House.

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Alisher Usmanov

21-09-2007 19:54

A search of indymedis scroogle only shows 2 of Craig Murray's articles.I remember reading more.

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Get Your ass and party gear up next week to Tara

21-09-2007 19:22

We will smack all the bad deamons from the Rathlugh hill. Come with us to save the ancient astronomical hendge (and lots of others) and invite Your friends...

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Virgin flies you to death

21-09-2007 19:11

Short video of the occupation of Virgin Offices in Crawley this morning.

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Anti-racism march! 3 November 2007

21-09-2007 18:41

There will be an anti-racism march in Rusholme, Manchester on Saturday 3 November 2007, in defence of all asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants and all victims of racism.