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Gaza's Children Suffering Malnutrition Due to Collective Punishment

22-05-2008 02:18

Malnutrition in kids and its consequences, along with the consequences of water-borne illnesses, courtesy of a water system made unusable due to lack of fuel, were the known potential outcomes of Israel's siege of Gaza.

So were the rockets these War Crimes provoked.

Now, the Extremists in the Knesset are attempting to use the rockets its illegal policies provoked as a way to reject peace.

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No Borders Activists Convicted

21-05-2008 23:28

Four activists have been convicted for a breach of the peace for an anti-dawn raids action last December. The action was part of a nation wide day of action against dawn raids.

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Dawn raids against anti-fur activists in Austria

21-05-2008 22:36

Starting at 6:00am today houses, flats and storerooms belonging to animal rights activists were raided and the inhabitants arrested all across Austria. In several cases activists were woken by armed police and brutally handcuffed. They could only look on helplessly as their homes and possesions were ransacked by police.

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Latest repression against the Escada Campaign

21-05-2008 22:04


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Mobilise for Bush visit!

21-05-2008 21:52

GEORGE W Bush, the well known war criminal, is heading our way next month - let's give him a warm welcome!

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Videoreport on spectacular blockade of soyfactory Cargill in Ghent, Belgium

21-05-2008 21:37

carkill lock on
On April 17th 2008, activists from seven different European countries closed down the Cargill soy factory of Ghent for a whole day. More info on:

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Israeli press reports US pledge of war on Iran—is Bush preparing an October Surp

21-05-2008 21:16

An Israeli press report that US President George W. Bush intends to launch a military attack on Iran before he leaves office at the beginning of next year prompted a heated denial from the White House Tuesday.

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Burying Lenin, Putin, Yeltsin, Stalin etc. - a Q&A

21-05-2008 21:01

Watchers of and Lurkers on Russian newswires will have been chortled to learn that newly appointed Prime Minister of Russia, V. Putin has ordered the building of a mausoleum on the scale of Arlington in Virginia USA for fallen military heroes and future (or past heads of state).

on the 28th of August, 2005 Georgi Poltavchenko delegate to the central federal district of Russia suggested burying Lenin. That meant putting him in a box, sticking it under ground, and hopefully forgetting about all the mausoleum stuff. Yeltsin had suggested the same thing in July 1999.

As you'd expect the Polotacvhenko suggestion (thought to be supported by Mr Putin) provoked a lot of public debate amongst Russians, former Soviet citizens and naturally the fans, non-fans, and "I never was a fan" types of leninism / centralised state socialism / sovietic tyranny - the world over.

I thought to offer readership a quick “Q&A” on the new Putin Mausoleum scheduled for completion in 2012 in which he and 29 other Russian heads of state will enjoy a burial next to 30,000 other normal citizens in Moscow where the average grave costs 150,000.
For the purpose of clarity I present these “Q&A” in order of difficulty; for those who don’t know who Lenin is to those who don’t know what Arlington is.

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Zero: an investigation into 9/11 - A Review

21-05-2008 20:27

Gore Vidal

Following is a review of the Italian flim Zero: an investigation into 9/11 which includes interviews with Nafeez Ahmed and Ralph Schoenman. Trailers of the film are available on the official site and there is an unofficial torrent (out of sync) available, it is due out on DVD soon. One paragraph from the following review is worth highlighting:

Zero is an eclectic film, but perhaps it is richer for its variety of viewpoints, some 9/11 Truthers will be dismayed by the opening focus on CD theory, some will be disappointed by the examination of physical anomalies at the Pentagon, some will be discouraged by the inclusion of an examination of the historical roots of "al Qaeda", but for Europeans seeing this information for the first time, they will have to take on this information and research it accordingly, should they see fit to do so.

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"HFE" gm, eugenics, cloning chimera bill

21-05-2008 18:23

pain of a dog soldier
pluripotent stem cell research is there & placentas can be used to grow more stem cells for cures combined with natural cures why is there a need for opening the door to growing half human half dog embyros?
What do they want besides spair body parts?. This bill has not gone fully through parliament so write to your MP,regional minister & MEP,+ Brown & Lord Darzi"health minister"+ Lord Drayson "gm corporate boss science minister.
Do we need a clone or a tortured vivisected chimera army?or spair bodies grown for rich people done by experimenting on how it "helps" sick children?

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CUBA proves links of U.S. Diplomats with Terrorists

21-05-2008 17:34

Cuba denounced on Monday the scandalous links between US diplomats based in Havana and terrorists resident in the United States, by means of which Cuban counterrevolutionaries receive financial and material support.

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Bowl Court social centre under threat

21-05-2008 17:15

... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...
the new social centre in shoreditch was served papers today for a court hearing on the 4th june. the owners hammerson have no immediate interest in the building which they have yet to secure planning consent to demolish for their huge redevelopement plans for the area. the developments are the biggest in london since the creation of dockland and canary warf.

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child is not allowed to say goodbye

21-05-2008 16:40

organised crime in the Netherlands. Bureau jeugdzorg the Dutch company that takes and holds children makes big monies by ordering the parents to pay for the 24/7 care in an institution. The children are not allowed to speak to their families ( unless the parents pay extra) and this is to keep them from passing information and to alienate them from their families so they can use this in courts.
The following is a horror story about a dying grandmother and her last whish.

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Did corruption kill the Nimrod 14?

21-05-2008 15:17

Former arms industry whistle-blower Rob McCartney believes the deaths of 14 service personnel in the 2006 Nimrod disaster could be due to fraud and corruption. He has written to the coroner conducting their inquest about this. The former head of BAe said the company regularly overcharged for changes to increase their profits. Such changes fatally delayed the replacement of the Nimrod MR2 by safer aircraft.

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Palestine Today 052108

21-05-2008 15:12

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday, May 21st, 2008.

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Public Meeting in London about the Carnival against the Arms Trade

21-05-2008 14:33

Public Meeting about the Carnival against the Arms Trade

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Kick Raytheon out of Wales / Solidarity with the Raytheon 9!

21-05-2008 14:33

DEMONSTRATE - 5.30 - 6.30, Tuesday 27th May, Transport House (T&G Building), 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff (this is where the office of the First Minister
of Wales, Rhodri Morgan is based).

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Raids And Arrests In Austria

21-05-2008 13:36

...since the early morning hours, houses, flats and storage rooms of austrian animal rights activists have been raided and some of them where arrested. The police forced some people with weapons and handcuffed others while searching the building and rooms.

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Chief Palestinian Negotiator to Israel: Acknowledge 'Right of Return'

21-05-2008 10:16

By Nicola Nasser

Palestinian chief negotiator Ahmad Qurei urged Israel to reach a solution for the Palestinian refugee problem “based on the principle of acknowledging the Right of Return, and compensation for the sufferings of the Palestinian people.”

Following is the full text of Qurei’s article:

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Abahlali baseMjondolo Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in Johannesburg

21-05-2008 10:10

The militant Durban shack dwellers' movement Abahlali baseMjondolo, based in Durban, responds to the xenophobic attacks on the sans-papiers in Johannesburg