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Kick Raytheon out of Wales / Solidarity with the Raytheon 9!

Adam Johannes | 21.05.2008 14:33 | Anti-militarism | Terror War

DEMONSTRATE - 5.30 - 6.30, Tuesday 27th May, Transport House (T&G Building), 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff (this is where the office of the First Minister
of Wales, Rhodri Morgan is based).

Lebanon burns - Raytheon earns
Palestine burns - Raytheon earns
Iraq burns - Raytheon earns
Kick Raytheon out of Wales -

Solidarity with the Raytheon 9!

Raytheon - banned by Liverpool Council, the Norwegian and Belgian
government, manufacturer of cluster bombs and lethal weapons - has been
welcomed to Wales by our politicians with barely a murmer of dissent. They
are a key part of the new, privatised UK Military Academy being built in

Let's be clear, Raytheon are directly implicated in war crimes: In 2003, a
Raytheon device hit the Shu'ale market in Baghdad in 2003, killing at least
62 civilians. In 2006 a Raytheon device hit Qana in Lebanon in 2006, killing
at least 28 civilians, including 16 children.

By welcoming Raytheon, our politicians are complicit with war crimes.
Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of Wales has defended Raytheon and attacked
anti-war campaigners as liars.

Any thing we can do in Wales to frustrate the merchants of death can only be
of help to those on the receiving end of war.


The trial of the "Raytheon Nine" anti-war activists started this week in
Belfast, and will last for up to six weeks.

The nine anti-war protesters, occupied and shut down the Derry offices of
Raytheon, the fifth biggest arms manufacturer in the world, on Wednesday 9
August 2006 during Israel's war on Lebanon.

The action was part of a wider protest at Raytheon's complicity in the
Israeli bombardment of Lebanon and the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rush messages of support to resistderry(at)


Who has the power to frame reality-- the power to describe things as they
really are, the power to make clear the power relationships in a community,
family or country?

To unmask the truth of a situation is to expose the fraudulence of the
glowing phrases, the lofty claims, and the false promises of oppressive
authorities and to make clear the human rights, the community obligations
and the just relationships which the reality of the situation requires'.

Adam Johannes
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