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Protest: Stop the Corporate Invasion of Iraq

26-10-2003 12:12

Protest Monday 27 Oct, 8.30am to 1pm, STOP THE CORPORATE INVASION OF IRAQ
Everyone welcome! Bring drums etc if you can.

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Iranian threat to British Jews

26-10-2003 10:00

In a possible repeat of previous bombings in Argentina, the Iranians seem to be looking to Jewish targets in the UK.

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Save the European Social forum process!

26-10-2003 08:32

This is a sign-on statement, calling for the bid to bring the ESF to London in 2004 to be opened up to all social movements and made democratic and transparent. At the moment it is anything but.

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Lockheed Martin and the Canadian Census

26-10-2003 07:18

A call for help from U.K. activists

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DAN Calls Time on Charities

26-10-2003 02:19

Who represents disabled people?

DAN calls time on charities

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Globilisation - A Perverse Manipulation of the Mind

26-10-2003 01:55

The Answer The Global Community Have Been Waiting For .... Read on (It is a perverse manipulation of the Mind)

The BPO Specialists (Accountants) Have changed the Dynamic in the Workplace & Community!

A Proactive Call for ACTION

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Hague Professor of International Law: This Is No "Occupation"

25-10-2003 23:03


Prof. Talia Einhorn: the Israeli presence in Yesha does not constitute "occupation," and moreover, that the U.N. Partition Resolution of 1947 is a "recommendation" and not obligatory.

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political parties, trade unions and the repetition of mistakes

25-10-2003 22:07

If politicising the working class is our purpose then we must understand why the working class has stayed away from political parties and to a (lesser?) extent trade unions.

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suspicion after squat fire

25-10-2003 19:45

The XL squat in Londons commercial road has burnt down (sometime Saturday afternoon). It was a full on massive fire with a good half dozen or more fire engines in attendance. No one appears to be injured. There were only four people in the building (everyone else at the anarchist bookfair?).

Candle fire, dodgy electrics? Or something else?....

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Bush in Australia

25-10-2003 18:56

For detials of how our Australian friends welcomed Bush, check out the following links...

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syria a state of terror

25-10-2003 17:45


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Action against software patents

25-10-2003 11:44

The dangers of software patents are highlighted tomorrow by the president of the free software foundation ( tommorrow, in London.

Talk in Sheffield going as this post is typed.
A must for anyone interested in technology and want to take action. There is lot to be done.

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Indymedia Cinema @ London Anarchist Bookfair

25-10-2003 11:30

An indymedia cinema is running at the London Anarchist Bookfair today, see the programme below. Lots of imcistas are going to be around, including those who want to work on a local imc in London. There's talk of an imc day/party in London on Nov 29th to explore this project - find out more at the indystall or the cinema.

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Shooting of ISM-ers in Balata

25-10-2003 10:26

Just received this account in the middle of last night from my close friend, a former Cambridge student who is working in Palestine.

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new campaigning webpage

25-10-2003 09:15

Hijack for radical purposes!

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anti-war protestor court case

25-10-2003 09:11


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Bushs planned state visit wrecked

25-10-2003 09:05


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Legal Action Against War - Japan Speech

25-10-2003 08:58

Copy of the speech presented by Chris Coverdale Director and offical delegate to LAAW in Tokyo JAPAN 5th October 2003.

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Mark of the Beast Technology to Be Implemented in EU

25-10-2003 07:53

Europe is following the US in the snoop technology of the century. They will be supplying their citizens a health indentity card with an embedded microchip. Sounds good, but wait there's a catch. You will be able to be tracked everywhere you go, and have a brand with you almost like the cow. Plans are to eventually insert these into your beautiful body. Could this be the mark of the beast talked about in the Christian Bible? Could this be the final way to keep track of all of us without employing so many security guards, and policemen? Could this be a method of marking certain types of people as they did in the Holocaust? Please read the story from and decide if this is what you want?