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This Is What Democracy Looks Like - report from Baghdad

31-08-2003 12:51

The Occupation in Iraq follows in the footsteps of Saddam...

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Is Tony Blair's 'Ministry of Truth' Modeled on the one in Orwell's "1984"?

31-08-2003 12:49

In the novel "1984," the government established a "Ministry of Truth" to rewrite history in such a way that the citizens would never be able to learn the lessons of the past - and thus would be doomed to repeat them, much to "Big Brother's" advantage.

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Fluoridated water supply compulsory by end of year

31-08-2003 11:51

Governmental agencies try to dumb down UK population with generalised introduction of a neurotoxin in the water supply
Two articles:

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War criminals powered by taxpayers (by Latuff)

31-08-2003 08:27

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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EMF Cell Phone heated up my mercury fillings and poisoned me

31-08-2003 02:03

I documented in summary how I almost died from methyl-mercury and radiation poisoning when heat and radiation was against my head from my cell phone - a Nokia 6500 series. Please feel free to use my site to link to from other sites that you may know of.


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ECGD office occupation PHOTOS

30-08-2003 20:20

the uk's export credit guarantee department offices occupied.

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30-08-2003 16:18

Fear for safety ofJuan Carlos Galvis (m), Vice-president of the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de Alimentos, (SINALTRAINAL), National Union of Food Industry Workers Barrancabermeja section;

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BVEJ newsletter September 2003

30-08-2003 15:03

Latest BVEJ newsletter now on-line: - BVEJ - BVEJ mail server - BVEJ website -
Rotten Borough of Rushmoor - Global warming - Summer heatwave -
Veggie oil power - Pipeline politics - Where have all the trees gone? -
Nine Ladies - Farnborough town centre - Manor Park - Pavilion - Books -
Snippets - Diary

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Iraq for sale on Ebay

30-08-2003 14:06

UPDATE Pulled from Ebay after someone's bid hit $60 million.

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Free software websites shut themselves down over EU patent proposals

30-08-2003 13:51

Free Software websites worldwide, but especially those based in Europe, have placed protest notices on their front pages regarding the impending European Parliament decisions on the introduction of software patents by the European Union. The vote, originally scheduled for 10 June 2003, was scheduled to take place on 1 September 2003 but has been delayed for another month due to unprecedented public controversy in the programming community. At the height of the protest, it was reported that about 2700 websites had placed protest notices on their front page. Here is a selection of the notices from the sites of the Free Software world:

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Andrew Smith talks at Amnesty meeting

30-08-2003 13:49

Last night Andrew Smith MP talked to Oxford Amnesty meeting and avoided answering any question directly or giving his opinion on anything that might be even a little controversial e.g. When asked if India should be on the security council he said even when pressed to voice an opinion, 'That is a question'. Eventually he admitted he did not have the knowledge to have an opinion. Great for a cabinet minister.

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Andrew Smith MP invited to Public Debate on Iraq War Yet Again

30-08-2003 12:57

The Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP and cabinet member has yet again been invited to a public debate on the Iraqi war which he supported. This is at least the third formal request.The following letter was sent to him yesterday. He was also asked personally yesterday but did not say 'yes' or 'no'. He tends to avoid these words generally.

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Cost of life?

30-08-2003 12:46

OK this is the financial cost to the illgotten wealth of the US since the declaration of 'war against Iraq' since March 2003

Anyone know of a counter of the human cost to innocent Iraqis since the CIA engineered Saddam to start the rape of Iraq in 1991 (or any attempt that amounts to this)?

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30-08-2003 12:33


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Accommodation at Disarm DSEi: request for help

30-08-2003 11:13

Spaces needed for accommodation for protestors travelling to London for Disarm DSEi. Also, information for people requiring accommodation.

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30-08-2003 07:33



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Stop funding terror (by Latuff)

30-08-2003 02:37

Real terrorists
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle for independence. Check Israel State Terrorism web site on link below.

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Bristol Peace Vigil News : 30th August 2003

30-08-2003 00:31

1) Peace Vigils In Bristol & Bath
2) Peace Vigils: Dates For Your Diary
3) Next International Peace Vigil

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Raising the level of discussion in IMCs

30-08-2003 00:10

How can we raise the level of discussion in IMCs?