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On the police murder & increased repression in UK

26-07-2005 17:50

The AWTWNS packet for the week of 25 July 2005 contains two articles, all in this file. They may be reproduced or used in any way, in whole or in part, as long as they are credited. For the AWTW news service, go to

• A shot in the head: Blair answers terrorism with promises of more killing abroad and at home
• UK: More repression in the name of “security”

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Stop Shoot To Kill, Stop The Bombings, Troops out of Iraq - STW Coalition Lobby

26-07-2005 17:42

STW Lobby of Downing Street Thursday 28th July

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police endanger Iceland dam protestors

26-07-2005 16:54

Lock-on blockade at Karahnjukar. Icelandic police tell drivers to start machinery risking protestors' lives.

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Demonstration against State sanctioned Police execution

26-07-2005 16:13

Demonstration against state terrorism/police repression
& solidarity with those subject to all forms of state repression

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Protest Against Killer Cops - Scotland Yard noon tomorrow

26-07-2005 15:57

Demonstrate outside Scotland Yard tomorrow at noon against killer cops, against shoot-to-kill and for justice for Jean Charles de Menezes.

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Another death - another demo

26-07-2005 15:43

A demonstration has been organised to protest against the state's latest shoot-to-kill policy which resulted in an innocent man being shot to death on a train last Friday by terror police.

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Press under attack in Burundi

26-07-2005 15:20

The Committee to Protect Journalists has spoken out against the Burundian authorities' continued harassment of Radio Publique Africain, one of the few independent radio stations in the country.

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26-07-2005 14:44


Police and security guards at the Karahnjukar Dam construction site in Iceland, last night ordered the bulldozers drivers to start their engines and move off, despite there being more than 25 people locked on to the underside of their vehicles.

“It was terrifying, if someone hadn't jumped up on the front of the truck and pulled out the fuel line then I think people may have been killed last night” said one of the protesters from the UK.

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Police gun down worker in London subway:

26-07-2005 14:38

Police gun down worker in London subway: another tragic consequence of Blair’s war policy

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Neoliberal Globalization and Alternatives: Overcoming Five Lies

26-07-2005 13:36

"These so-called reforms agree: the weakest have to bear the burdens while gifts are showered above.. Every person has a right to share in the cultural advances because he or she exists. This means creating fair conditions for developing countries and ending exploitation.."

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26-07-2005 12:53


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NASA Discovery flight doomed?

26-07-2005 12:15

How will the USA space program advance from todays mission?

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Angry march to remember man murdered by cops on Friday.

26-07-2005 12:14

The march begins.
After the vigil to remember murdered innocent Jean Charles de Menezes several hundred people spontaneously decided that a protest march was a more fitting way to make their feelings known.

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Pro-Capitalists 1 Social Change Activists 0: CRAP photos and story.

26-07-2005 12:07

Pre-March planning session with our No. 1 man Tony.

On Saturday 2nd July 2005, CRAP (Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy), the world's fiercest, most disiplined and doggedly persistant capitalism advocacy group, marched on the streets of Edinburgh, in defiance of various anarchist, leftist, progressive and churchy/do-goody/reformist organisations and successfully sabotaged their vague and pathetic attempt to make the world fairer, more sustainable and as the slogan goes 'make poverty history'.

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UK police seek powers to attack web sites

26-07-2005 12:06

UK Police chiefs have asked the government to allow them to attack terrorist web sites.

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Monday Stockwell station vigil. Pictures and report.

26-07-2005 12:04

Some of the hundreds.
On Monday evening several hundred people gathered to remember Jean Charles deMenezes at Stockwell tube station.

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Action Chaos through the night in Iceland

26-07-2005 11:03

Protesters preventing the Karahnjukar dam project in the Icelandic highlands from going ahead have reported that over night things got very heavy.

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Vigil and protest at Stockwell, Monday 25th July

26-07-2005 08:49

A brief report on the vigil and spontaneous protest that took place last night (Monday 25th July) at Stockwell.

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Behind the Iron Veil - Queer life in Iran

26-07-2005 00:50

Exclusive interview with gay activists in Iran on situation of gays, recent executions of gay teens and the future
MAHA, Iran to all GLBT groups and individuals: “Thank you for your hard work and International engagement” Project GayRussia.Ru continues its investigation into the violent executions in Iran

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25-07-2005 23:02

Jessica Siavoshy, a Teaching Assistant and her Iranian husband a graduate of London University are campaigning to stay in the U.K. Although they have been married for over two years the Home Office refuse to grant permission for Hossein to stay or work in the U.K.