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Black Country Planners to impose Capital Towns

07-01-2007 15:01

The planning strategy for the next fifteen years, drafted by planning experts, is to go to the Examination in Public from 9 January 2007, to consider the views of housing developers, business lobby groups, and Friends of the Earth

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Israel Divulges Plan to Nuke Iran

07-01-2007 14:38

Not to worry. The “mini-nukes” Israel will use against Iran’s Natanz facility and the heavy water reactor at Arak “would each have a force equivalent to one-fifteenth of the Hiroshima bomb,” thus we should not worry about the downwinders, mostly Iranians.

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Creative activism by the Mischief Makers - a short history

07-01-2007 13:32

Bannerdrop in Sneinton, Nottingham, March 2006

The Mischief Makers are a group of activists and artists based in Nottingham (UK) who formed early 2005 as a creative response to the G8 Summit, held at Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland in July that year. The collective uses creativity to support community, environmental and social justice campaign and activist groups. The groups aim is ''to inspire people and empower them to identify challenges and take action in their local environment''. (1) Here follows a short overview of their first 2 years in action...

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By Definition Every American Soldier is Legally Insane

07-01-2007 08:55

What me worry?
Apply the facts to the law and judge for yourself.

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Nano Hazard Competition samples

07-01-2007 06:18

warning sample1
Etc Groups international Nanotechnology Hazard warning sign competition samples

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07-01-2007 04:11

Recipe for Armagedon
...from the Sunday Times (UK):

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York Critical Mass Report

07-01-2007 01:36

Critical Mass returned to York on Friday with about two dozen riders braving the cold to take another random ride around the city to celebrate cycling. The route took them to York's newest road, round a roundabout the highest legal number of times, and into a short interruption from York's boys in blue.

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Active Halifax BNP/Combat18 Organiser Sent Swastika Death Threats

06-01-2007 23:52

Wainright Thinks He Is Hard
A Halifax BNP organiser has been exposed as a Combat18 man, and he sent people evil death theats with swasticas and SS regalia. So far, Nick Griffin has been silent over the issue.

So much for the BNP not being Nazis, and not running Combat18.

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Martin Luther King “One death is one death too many!”

06-01-2007 23:39

Dr King has been reduced to the syrupy sweet of the Hallmark cards genre where he is no longer prophetic.

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American Defeat: An anti-state communist perspective on the Iraq War, 2003

06-01-2007 22:28

An analysis of the US-UK war on Iraq which was written just before the start of the war in 2003. Some of the predictions made subsequently proved to be mistaken but the overall picture has proved to be accurate.

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06-01-2007 22:03

On 6th December, Jusuf and Shpresa Raba and their three children, Qerim, 7, Dashnor, 4 and Dashroje, 3 were deported to Kosovo. This family had been in France since 2001. France had refused them refugee status despite the violence and threats they had been subjected to in Kosovo. The deportation of this family led to the use of extraordinary means and to unacceptably brutal acts.

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tree clearance starts ar Tara- Indymedia .ie site is down - help please

06-01-2007 20:54

Illegal tree clearance at Tara, site is down,help needed

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Nuclear War: US or Israeli Attack on Iran could contaminate Middle East

06-01-2007 20:09

f the U.S. or Israel attack Iranian nuclear power facilities "huge amounts of radioactive material will be lofted into the air to contaminate the people of Iran and surrounding countries," an eminent international authority on nuclear weapons warns.

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Seek out and close this Aryanfuturist meeting-London...

06-01-2007 16:21

A fairly regular poster on has put this up about an AryanFuckup meeting in London due sometime in January...

Please seek it out and give them our anti-facist 'regards'....

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Sheffield Demo for better Bus services

06-01-2007 15:23

Protestors took to the streets of Sheffield today to protest at the expensive, unreliable but very profitable, bus services in the City which are mainly run by First.

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BNP Race Hate criminal

06-01-2007 12:59

Swansea BNP memeber Robert McGlynn has lost his appeal against his conviction of being a race hate criminal.

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Sussex University in New Year witch-hunt

06-01-2007 11:01

The University of Sussex has threatened several students with disciplinary proceedings and legal action after 80 students staged an occupation of the university's library last November, in protest at cuts in resources and teaching time.

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Experts describe UK as world’s “first onshore tax haven”

06-01-2007 09:56

Expert research commissioned by the Sunday Times before the new year deemed the UK the world’s first “onshore tax haven.”

Acountancy firm Grant Thornton calculated the scale of tax avoidance by the super-rich and concluded that Britain’s 54 billionaires pay tax on only a tiny fraction of their wealth.

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Behind the New Year’s Eve bombings in Thailand

06-01-2007 09:41

On New Year’s Eve, a series of eight bombs exploded in the Thai capital of Bangkok, killing three people and injuring another 37. All the bombs were relatively small. Six were timed to go off simultaneously in the early evening. The remaining bombs were triggered toward midnight, by which stage Thai authorities had cancelled New Year’s celebrations. No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts.

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Sea Shepherd flagship now running as a Pirate

06-01-2007 00:44

Sea Shepherd ocean defense history 1982-2005
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society flagship Farley Mowat is now officially a pirate vessel. The ship cleared Australian Customs in Hobart, Tasmania, on December 29th, 2006, only hours before the nation of Belize struck our flag. The Farley Mowat has no home port and can be siezed and sunk by any navy.