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American Airlines shits on its workers

18-04-2003 03:13

American Airlines employees agree to wage cuts, then it emerges that "executives" created a "pension trust" to protect them in the event of the company going bust... Of course, ordinary workers have no such protection...

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Good Clone or Bad Clone ?

18-04-2003 02:28

Basically, there is no "good and bad" cloning. There is cloning.

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Prostitution: Rights of Women or right to women?

18-04-2003 02:21

Since the seventies, there has been a trend towards recognition of the concept of " sex workers " in Quebec, Europe and the United States. Viewing prostitutes as "sex workers" suggests that they are merely labourers providing a "social" service and should be given, therefore, the same rights as other exploited workers who are crushed by the forces of globalisation, and turned into marketable objects.

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18-04-2003 01:55

First..some words from members of the Portland, Oregon "Independent" Media...
then: mine

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Tony B-Liar's European Dream!

18-04-2003 00:28

Today Prime Minister Blair has today unvealed his plans to establish a stronger European Superstate with himself as the unelected President.

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it's time to launch the Spoilt Vote

18-04-2003 00:25

Nobody in their right mind could consider voting for the Neue Ordnung Arbeit party in the upcoming local elections. What honest people could possibly represent New Labour?
They are defunct a moribund organisation

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Addicted to War

17-04-2003 23:55

Hollywood & Sunset Billboard

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List of bomb-makers required

17-04-2003 22:01

Does anyone know if an up-to-date list exists of locations in Britain where arms are manufactured, and administrative offices of arms traders and manufacturers? I know Glascoed in South Wales has been targetted by direct activists, but we all need to be aware of where these murderous cluster bomblets etc are coming from, and strike at the root.

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Anarchy in Iraq?

17-04-2003 21:59

Anarchist article explaining why Iraq is not in "anarchy" and what anarchists
think is required in order for anarchy to actually exist.

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Swedish politician participating in act of civil disobedience

17-04-2003 21:02

Spokesperson for Young Greens of Sweden will be taking part in the Scottish blockade of the Trident missile base in Faslane

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17-04-2003 19:11

please help by picking up the phone

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Syria and weapons of mass destruction

17-04-2003 17:19

A critical analysis of the UK position on Syria's development of chemical weapons in view of the sale of toxic chemical precursors to Syria, amongst other countries, in the past ten years, by the UK.

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Finucane family - Stevens Report statement

17-04-2003 17:09

Press statement on behalf of the Finucane family
Michael Finucane, practising solicitor based in Dublin and the eldest son of Patrick Finucane, statement in advance of the delivery of the report by Sir John Stevens into allegations of collusion.

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Oxford: Andrew Smith MP to talk about 'Ethical Foreign Policy'!

17-04-2003 14:07

"Pro-war Labour Minister & East Oxford MP Andrew Smith has the nerve to be speaking for Amnesty International on 'Ethical Foreign Policy' (no, I'm not making this up). This is at Green College at 7.30 pm on Fri 25th April. Come along and give him a hard time!"

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Shannon Incident Report - Political Police ban FreeSpeech

17-04-2003 14:04

NATO-compatibility of Guardai ascending rapidly - The RUC sends congratulations!

Please write to Guarda Commissioner Pat Byrne at Dublin Castle or to demand that
(A) his men keep up the sterling good work until such times as they can seamlessly take over from the RUC, or
(B) such (politically motivated?) harassment cease forthwith.

The audio is 2MB of non-streamed MP3, duration 5min

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17-04-2003 13:43

Incomparable Trash...

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American empire-we must stop it

17-04-2003 13:16

the American empire-americans are in denial and can't understand their stupidity

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US hypocrisy over chemical weapons

17-04-2003 12:38

US used far more dioxin on Vietnam than it admitted

Tim Radford, science editor
Thursday April 17, 2003
The Guardian

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BioChemWar Spectre Orange

17-04-2003 12:30

Twenty years after Vietnam people still suffer horror in their lives, as a result of US use of weapons of mass destruction

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Goering on war

17-04-2003 12:29

Hermann Goering proclaimed that although "the people don't want war," they "can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders."