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Jake the Snake | 18.04.2003 01:55

First..some words from members of the Portland, Oregon "Independent" Media...
then: mine

wipe your ass with the American flag. save a tree. if you're still using toilet paper, you're part of the problem.

imagine wiping your brown eye with a soft luxurious 100% cotton symbol of our nation. what's more patriotic than sustainability.

USA #2

note: if the flag has been liberated from a neighbor, fire truck or pro war demonstrator it's advisble to wash the flag first since you don't know where it's been.

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The flag needs a few brown stripes
Georgia Brown 11:47am Thu Apr 17 '03

The flag needs a few brown stripes. And this seems like a good moneysaver at my house.
Especially if the flag has been taken rather than bought.

This might be a good Earth Day tip.

Your residue is your dissent.

I do not approve
Mr. Whipple 12:06pm Thu Apr 17 '03

I do not approve

exporting liberty
Debby 12:56pm Thu Apr 17 '03

I prefer to think of number-two as "exporting liberty".

It's a historical fact that members of dying organizations and socio-delusionary beliefs lash out in absurd, sometimes abhorrent, and often criminal behavior to draw attention to themselves.
One only needs to examine the Jim Jones tragedy, or the Waco, Texas fiasco to fully understand the last-gasp scenarios such groups play en masse.
And when a full analysis is taken of the events, it comes as no surprise that there's always a contradiction played out somewhere among the core leaders of the group.
For example, Jim Jones didn't take the poison, most likely because he witnessed the agonizing deaths his members suffered. So, instead, he just put a bullet to his head to end it quickly.
Hitler also preferred to end his life quickly instead of face down the world as a man.
And then, of course, remain the elite of the Hussein regime..running away long before they orderd their troops to commit suicide themselves by facing down their enemies.
And now, as your fellow countrymen look at you desperately trying to gain attention to yourselves..the best you can come up with is...wipe your ass with the American flag.
Personally, I don't care if you do or not, because I never intend on watching your goofy and childish action.
Unless, of course, you elect to make it public.
If you do that around me, I will simply kick your sorry ass into the nearest gutter where you belong.
However, if I see that you are shamelessly performing such a display in front of innocent women or children, I promise you I will elect to take MY American flag away from you and wrap it around your pansy neck.
And take the end you soiled and shove it down your throat.

Jake the Snake


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