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History repeating itself in Hebron

11-08-2004 18:37

Even for Palestine, Hebron is shocking. The area has a population of 500,000 - the largest Palestinian Authority in the West Bank - but the city of Hebron was divided into three ‘zones’ in 1997. Settlers moved in and around the city centre in the eighties, and Hebron is characterized by some of the worst ethnic violence in the region.

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Chatsworth Demo for Naseh Ghafor

11-08-2004 17:22

Protest for Naseh

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Weapons of Mass Disruption being made in Glasgow

11-08-2004 16:57

People will be gathering in Glasgow this Saturday (14th August) to make Lock-On tubes in preparation for the Big Blockade at Faslane on Monday 23rd August.

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Urgent - Protest for Naseh Ghafor

11-08-2004 16:15

Naseh Ghafor has been on hunger strike for 5 weeks in Burngreave. He has sewn up his lips and is refusing medical attention. He believes he will be killed if he is deported to Iraq. His father and brother were killed there and his sister and mother are missing. David Blunkett says it is safe for him to return to Iraq. It is not.

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11-08-2004 13:49

Fighting against prison slavery and for prison abolition.

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rampART wednesday liberation cinema

11-08-2004 12:51

Wednesday Free Cinema at the rampART

This coming Wednesday (11th August), the rampART free cinema will stick to the weeks theme of Liberation and Latin America. As usual, films start at 8pm and entry is free and this week there will also be food and drink...

Films screened will include:
* The Forth World War (Big Noise Films) 72mins
* School of the Americas
* Bolivarian Venezuela: People and Fight of the IV World War
+ various shorts and latin beats

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11-08-2004 11:59

"the workers united will never be defeated"

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US blew agent's cover to ramp up terrorism threats

11-08-2004 11:35

Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan appears to have been covert intelligence agent hacking 'al Qaida' computers.

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Disruptions in Venezuela

11-08-2004 11:27

Venezuela's Electoral Council Outlines Plans for Contingencies and Disruptions

One week before Venezuela’s presidential referendum, the country’s only officially recognized electoral authority, the National Electoral Council (CNE) is trying to anticipate possible problems prior to the election this Sunday, August 15, which includes a challenge by opposition governor Enrique Mendoza, and an investigation into CANTV, the Venezuelan telecommunications giant in charge of transmitting voter data.

- Events all week in London as part of a Venezual Week of Solidarity
- see for programme and details
- Venue for most events is the rampART centre in Whitechapel
- see for details and location

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Cuban heat at rampART

11-08-2004 11:23

Yesterday (10th August), events for the second day of the Venezuela Week of Solidarity in London took place at the rampART creative centre and social space near Whitechapel...

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Supporters Gather Against Referendum

11-08-2004 10:43

Chavez Supporters Gather in Venezuela's Capital for Largest Pro-Chavez Rally

Crowd estimates ranged from 100,000 (opposition) to one million (pro-Chavez)

Supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez filled Caracas’ largest public venue yesterday, packing the Avenida Bolívar for well over a mile and overflowing onto side streets all over the downtown. Clad in red—the colour that has come to represent chavismo in Venezuela—supporters bore t-shirts, hats, berets, placards, puppets, and inventive home-made signs all uniformly declaring “No!” to the recall on Chávez’ mandate scheduled for next Sunday, August 15th.

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Leeds Central America Solidarity SPONSORED BIKE RIDE

11-08-2004 10:34

Leeds Central America Solidarity SPONSORED BIKE RIDE

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The Community is Passive!

11-08-2004 10:29


The new out of town middle class £60,000 per year chief executive (she is number 3 in less than four years) of the £62m New Deal for Communities neighbourhood that I have the misfortune of living in has gone even further when it comes to placing repressive structures into place to stop the unification of the wider community. Meetings, which involve the community, are now far fewer and everything has been centralised to the New Deal service provider’s administration with the chief executive being the all seeing eye of the project. The 13,000 resident community is still divided into five parts and each one of those parts meets every month with no contact with the other four parts.

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Beggars and drug addicts disappear in Athens 'clean-up' before games

11-08-2004 06:10

The Greek state and the bosses killed dozens of workers in order to finish the olympic stadiums on time...
Then they poisoned thousands of stray animals (mostly dogs and cats)...
They installed surveillance cameras and brought two surveillance Zeppelin to stop public dissent...
They deployed 80000 police, riot police and army troopers all over Athens...

Now they are kidnapping drug addicts and immigrants!!!! in order to make Athens seem "clean" and "civilised" like some of the western capitalist cities...

I think only Hitler was doing such things during the '36 games in Berlin... Let's hope the Greek SS police will not gas them as well!

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SMASH ASBO'S! Britain's fascist police state must be resisted

11-08-2004 04:53

Article forwarded from elsewhere detailing the atrocity which is ASBO's - people banned for life from their homes, targeted by vigilantes with state complicity, unable to attend remedial courses because banned from the area, banned from associating with their friends... Where are human rights in modern Britain? Nowhere! Smash ASBO's!

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Building Bridges Radio-Outrageous Immigration Raids, Far from the U.S. Border

11-08-2004 02:35

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Reports presents this 27.5 min radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB ADDRESS LINK BELOW

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How ExxonMobil funds the climate change skeptics

10-08-2004 23:39
Exxonsecrets is the first chapter of a larger Greenpeace project provide a research database of information on the corporate funded anti-environmental movement.

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Workshop Exihibtion at Grass Roots Global Arts Forum/ Peckham

10-08-2004 22:06

An independent artsist-led initiative faces huge bils after years of trying to conform to the rental system.

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Workshop Exihibtion at Grass Roots Global Arts Forum/ Peckham

10-08-2004 22:04

An independent artsist-led initiative faces huge bils after years of trying to conform to the rental system.

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Cafe Afrika safe for another 4 months

10-08-2004 21:56

Cafe Afrika was successful in being granted an extra four months extension to their temporary Entertainment License on Thurs 5th August.