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FBI gag order lifted on IMC Seattle - FULL STORY!

27-04-2001 17:17

Gag Order Lifted; IMC in Free Speech Battle Following FBI/Secret Service Visit
On Saturday, April 21, as tens of thousands demonstrated against the FTAA in the streets of Quebec City, the IMC in Seattle was served with a sealed court order by two FBI agents and an agent of the US Secret Service. The terms of the sealed order prevented IMC volunteers from publicizing its terms. This morning, the gag order was lifted, enabling the IMC to finally break its silence about these events, which Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation characterized as "a threat to free speech, free association, and privacy."

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Workers and Bulldozers to support the Mayday protests in London?

27-04-2001 15:57

Keep those bulldozers ready. Let`s show the
world that enough is enough.

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Evening standard debate - should u boycott mayday?

27-04-2001 10:23


Should the demonstration be boycotted because it has been hijacked by a minority of violent activists?
Or do you believe the march should go ahead, come what may?
Tell us what you think^17652@.ee748fb

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Boykott US Oil Corporations! Virtual Sit Inn at the 1st of May!

27-04-2001 04:03

enough is enough! US oil companies agree with Bush his position on the Kyoto treaty! act now!

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Cannabis carnival off

26-04-2001 23:45

The London cannabis festival & march is postponed due to waterlogged Brockwell Park

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Cannabis march & festival postponed

26-04-2001 20:13

The legalise cannabis march & festival due to happen on Saturday May 5 has been postponed due to a waterlogged Brockwell Park.

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Barcelona 2001.Campaign and Protests against the WB meeting in June.

26-04-2001 18:52

Hello All:
Coinciding with the Annual Conference on Economic Development,the World Bank will celebrate in Barcelona a conference from the 25th to 27th of June.

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Everybody Nose Cook's lying about Iraq- photocall Sunday April 29

26-04-2001 16:02

100 Robin Cook-a-likes to posse outside the foreign Office , to call for an end to Cook's lies on sanctions and an end to sanctions.

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Daewoo cars to field election candidate!

26-04-2001 13:51

Person to stand as "That'll be the Daewoo Party" candidate against the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott - the Daewoo head of communications said this was in protest against the Government's attitude to motorists...

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Hackney Unison May Day Strike

26-04-2001 13:33

Demonstration: Assemble 12 noon at Hackney Downs, Hackney Road, and march to Hackney Empire for a rally at 2:15 pm
On Tuesday 1 May, International Workers Day, Hackney Unison will be staging its sixth day of strike action within six months.

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Metropolitan Police May Day 2001 Business Briefing

26-04-2001 11:30

The following is the London-First (who they?) business briefing about May Day. Not too over the top really.

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Resist the Census

26-04-2001 11:27

The Census - surveillance, how the info is used, a leaflet written against it a while back, what happens if you don't fill it in, and some resistance stories...

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Celebrate May Day - PDF poster and pamphlet

26-04-2001 09:29

Celebrate May Day - PDF poster and pamphlet
A poster about the origins of May Day and the
protests today and a two page pamphlet about the
origins of May Day in the execution of four
Chicago anarchists in 1887. For YOU to print out
and distribute

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Newsnight on Mayday

26-04-2001 08:06

Newsnight investigates three groups that police intelligence is concentrating on it says - Class War, S26 ands Wombles.

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I am afraid for my life

26-04-2001 07:43

I am a Black African who has authored five physics papers explaining the nature of Matter, the Gravitational Field and the Nuclear (or Strong) Force.
All I have reaped for my efforts is harassment and intimidation.

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Ginenne Stover, latest victim of Inland Empire killing fields

26-04-2001 00:19

Ginenne Stover was an 18 year old woman, who aspired to be a nurse. On March 25, her dreams and her life were stolen, by Highland Department Police Officer, Michael Rude who shot her to death in her own home.

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Et Tu, Charlotte...

25-04-2001 14:55

Ken "Pigeon" Livingstone's condemnation of Mayday has not been wholly surprising. But what is alarming is the way in which most of the Labour left (ie, what's left of Labour!) have hopped around to fall into line with the ex-socialist.

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Protest against terror act - 8th May

25-04-2001 14:43

Call from Liberty...

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WOMBLES call for a brand free block on Mayday!!!

25-04-2001 11:52

At the heart of consumerist capital we live with a
distorted reality of our own desires. Every shop window
reflects a lie, every billboard propagates a mono-culture
which cons us daily in the belief that some how we want
this, we chose this.