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Newsnight on Mayday

- | 26.04.2001 08:06 | May Day 2001

Newsnight investigates three groups that police intelligence is concentrating on it says - Class War, S26 ands Wombles.

The footage starts with scenes of clashes with an almost subliminal sinister sub bass rumble...

They also take a quick look at zero tolerance suggesting that the media hysteria may be a result of police manipulation - trying to justify their crackdown

Jenny Jones of the Metropolitan Police Authority said "the police have to justify what they do"

At the end of the item Paxman reports on breaking news of the fire in the GLA offices - Lord Harris - Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority said 'clearly if this was arson, if its related to the stance the mayor has taken against the mayday protests then this is cause for concern...'

The item ends with Paxman saying 'and we've just heard anti-terrorist squad officers are at the scene'...

the fire was the result of a simple electrical fault we discover this morning.

Assume this link will only work today - mayday item starts at timestamp: 21:19 - 38:13



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