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Petition against Tory MP David Ruffley

28-07-2014 19:06

Conservative MP David Ruffley must go, after being cautioned by police for common assault

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End The Slaughter in Gaza - TESCO stop the sale of Israeli goods

28-07-2014 17:22

On Sunday the 27th of July, activists from the Solidarity Collective attended a Tesco’s in South East London and witnessed the continued sale of products from the West Bank. These products included among other things dates. We feel that in the light of continued slaughter of civilians in Palestine and the ongoing blockade that it is unacceptable that this produce should be openly on sale in the high streets of London.

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Demo for Gaza in Newcastle Saturday 26th July 2014

28-07-2014 15:11

Report of the demonstration against Israeli Operation Protective Edge which took place in Newcastle on Saturday 26th July. 13 photos attached.

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The Japanese Occupation Legacy – A Defining Ingredient of Totalitarian Democracy

28-07-2014 13:20

It often seems a special scourge involving seemingly yesterdays occupations under ruthless dynasties and dictatorships, great evil of the past without any current effects other than emotional irritations over substantial compensation. But outside the phoney narrative of co-prosperity in co-denial which proliferated from the defeated Asian brand of fascism after the atomic bombings, the foreign occupation legacy plays a forefront role in the sick ideology driving the current wars of imperialist hypocrisy. In the Praise of Dialectics, Bert Brecht describes the entire pattern of such a constellation, from the attitude of the exploitation, over the ensuing time anomaly in the communication, to the spirit of emancipation. The Japanese legacy is not merely a Japanese issue, it is an imperialist issue, as can easily be seen from the fact that entire regions of the world are stuck in associations of the past century instead of being up to the current issues and their resolution. These include first and foremost the Europeans and the North Americans,who accelerate this frenzy merely because they find little else to share in their political differences. One European regime has just recently discovered one of its spies apparently sold the construction plans of its headquarters to Washington. And obviously the latter was really interested in more than handing an unopened envelope back to an ally. Nevertheless they share with each other the political paralysis resulting from likewise organised crimes against human dignity, as do a number of reactionary regimes in the former Japanese sphere of influence. They are busy looking back at their past involvements because their current affairs are gravitating around the very same issue.

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Katy Bourne's Conflict of Interest.

28-07-2014 11:28

Mark Streater must go now
Serious questions are being asked of Katy Bourne's decision to employ an ex-Sussex Policeman as her £82K a year Chief Executive Officer.

The obvious fact is that Mark Streater is a conflict of Interest.

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Philippine President told: Re-energize the campaign for reforms

28-07-2014 10:56

Philippines: As President Benigno Simeon Aquino III prepares to deliver his 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA), Akbayan Party-list urged him to "re-energize the campaign for reforms" by carrying out "deeper and broader institutional changes" in his last two years in office.

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Stop NATO Cymru and Anarchist Action Network National Convergence - Blackpool

28-07-2014 08:13

Saturday 16th August 12-6pm Blackpool, at Reclaim the Power

Sunday 17th Agust 12- 6pm Blackpool, at Reclaim the Power

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Down with the latest criminal abuses by the Israeli state!

27-07-2014 14:05

On Thursday, June 12 evening three youths; Gilad Shaar, Yifal Efrad and Naftali Frankel were abducted by two militants suspected to have links to Hamas, the Islamic political organization, while they were hitchhiking at a crossroads near Gush Etzion, an Israeli colonial settlement in Palestinian territory. From that moment, it took 18 days before the bodies of three young settlers were found. During these 18 days at least six Palestinians were killed in the West Bank (including a child), along with no less than 600 arbitrary arrests, the closure of numerous centers and associations, including burglary and theft against the foreign media (1), the closure of roads and other forms of abuse by the Israeli army against the people under the pretext of search and capture of the abductors.

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Stop NATO Cymru Day of Action against Militarism

27-07-2014 12:42

Stop NATO Cymru take direct action in London and Cardiff
Full report with pictures:

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Sheffield Protest against the Gaza slaughter

27-07-2014 08:47

Protesting against the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and the ongoing colonial genocide of Palestine outside Sheffield Town Hall on 26th July 2014.

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Israel, and the war against the Palestinian Government.

26-07-2014 22:54

Free Gaza, Israeli Embassy 2009. Picture: Terence Bunch.
On 2nd June 2014, the Unity government of Palestine (Palestinian Government) was formed under Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The "Unity" government brings together the FATAH and HAMAS parties to unite the cause of Palestinian statehood under a single political banner...

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Free Palestine Demo in Cambridge 26/07/2014

26-07-2014 17:26

Market Square, Cambridge, full of voices of Common Sense.
Today on Saturday July 26th 2014 at 12:00pm Cambridge joined the international protests being held today against the Isreali bombardment of Gaza.

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BBC Vigil for Gaza

25-07-2014 14:51

“Don’t be deceived by those fancy talkers because action speaks louder than words –Jimmy Cliff. On the Friday the 25th of July members of the Solidarity Collective held a vigil outside the offices of the BBC in London. The aim was to highlight the continuing bias in the coverage of the occupation of Palestine and onslaught in the Gaza strip that has seen the death toll of mostly women and children pass the 800 mark.

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Art of War : Gaza

24-07-2014 19:16


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Greyhound posters: a first in advertising

23-07-2014 19:01

The poster as it will appear on buses. Designed by SIGHTHOUNDMAD
A national awareness campaign that is be breaking new ground for AFG and the greyhound protection movement.

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Curo Housing - Foxhill regeneration scheme - contaminated land

23-07-2014 12:25

Concerns grow after Curo Housing buys 48 acres of land heavily contaminated with heavy metals and asbestos for £47m

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BBC Vigil

23-07-2014 10:53

The Solidarity Collective at the Israeli Embassy
Tony Benn – “People will die because of BBC decisions”

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CURO Housing Group gets carried away at the auctions – £6m lost within 24 hours

23-07-2014 08:09

This is what happens when venture capitalists get their greedy hands on our social housing. Privatisation through the back door at tenants expense.

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KRONOS - Global Paymaster

23-07-2014 01:22

KRONOS - Global Workforce Management Solutions - operates in: Americas, Canada, México, Brasil, Caribbean, United States (Corporate Headquarters), Europe, Belgium, Deutschland, España, France, Nederlands, United Kingdom, Other Europe, Middle East/Africa, Africa, Middle East, Asia/Pacific, Australia, ASEAN, 中文, India, China