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Ruby for sale due to new stock arriving

14-10-2009 09:53

Trainer Michael Peterson offers a revealing insight into the world of greyhound racing against a back drop of greyhounds abandoned, injured, euthanased and ill treated.

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land rover dealership attacked

14-10-2009 08:45

land rover dealership attacked

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this is how immigrants are treated in Greece !! - Fotos

14-10-2009 04:36

from Farmakonisi military campus - Greece , imigrand..
these fotos are taken this summer from Farmakonisi Island in Greece , military Campus.. >>

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Zapatista Film Night Sun 18 Oct Glasgow

14-10-2009 00:10

Zapatista Film Night
Sunday 18th of October
Upstairs Lounge
Dow's Bar (opposite side entrance of Queen Street Station)

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Common Place users meet to support antifascism

13-10-2009 22:52

The Common PLace in Leeds has had some bad reports recently here on Indymedia, but tonight a lot of members came together to support antifascism

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The still-missing central fact in the Iran drama

13-10-2009 22:28

"Does that sound like the CIA actually knows whether Iran ever even discovered "that its cover had been blown," let alone that this was the reason the Iranians disclosed the facility to the IAEA? Obviously not. Time can say only that U.S. officials (unnamed, of course) "believe" that this happened — based on what? — but cannot even say how Iran might have learned of the U.S. discovery (that's "unclear"). Plainly, at least according to this account and every other that I've seen, there are no known facts to support the claim that this is what motivated Iran's IAEA disclosure. It's just something that gets asserted without any challenge or questioning."

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Agrofuels Don't Roc(K)

13-10-2009 22:24

DECC goes up in flames
On Monday evening (12 Oct 2009) around a hundred protesters turned up for a demonstration at the DECC in London calling for an end to government subsidies for agrofuels because of their serious harm to communities and ecosystems and contribution to climate change. Photos Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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No No Third Runway

13-10-2009 22:16

BAA is denying suggestions from the Tory part picked up by the Sunday Times and then other media that it has dropped plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport

Gloating to the Sunday Times, Ms Villiers had said ,"It seems BAA has woken up to the fact that we mean what we say on Heathrow and that there will be no third runway."

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NATO WC Communique #1 One Month to Go!

13-10-2009 19:06

Hello and welcome to the first communique from the NATO Welcoming Committee. This is going to be the way the NATO Welcoming Committee communicates with the media and with people following the mobilisation against the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in November.

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Palestine Today 131009

13-10-2009 16:09

Munitions store blows up at Hizballah's South Lebanon command center while high-ranking Hamas officials in Gaza keep their sons, brothers, wives, cousins living in comfort in Cairo.

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Police surveillance of climate activist vehicles

13-10-2009 16:07

Climate Camp activists intending to drive to the Swoop on Radcliff on the 17th October should be prepared to take a few precautions if they want to avoid being picked up by vehicle surveillance.

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13-10-2009 15:43

For it is true that corporations cannot exist without the endless, ever increasing flow of currency from the likes of you and me.

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London Mobilisation for Mother Earth

13-10-2009 15:16

No to EU 'Free Trade' Agreement
Protesters met in London on Monday 12 Sept as a part of an international day in support of the 'Minga' - the united struggles by Latin American native people - and to protest against the increasing threat of agro-fuels both to them and, through global warming to the planet as a whole. Photos Coypright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Carnival Against the Arms Trade Court Date set

13-10-2009 14:32

Five people are on trial in Brighton Magistrates Court for several offences relating to last year's Carnival Against the Arms Trade (see -

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British PR Company willing to help destroy Uncontacted Tribe (covert recording)

13-10-2009 12:34

Attached is a recording of a covert recording made with the PR company (Finsbury PR) that have successfully ensured the British company, Vedanta Resources, can go ahead and mine bauxite in the lands of the Dongria Kondh tribe.

Please pass this recording on, and ensure that the activities of PR companies are exposed.

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The Luca Bianchini Case. Hidden powers and a sick justice to hit innocents

13-10-2009 12:26

"We will continue to work to ensure that real justice is done and the arrest of innocent people ceases – something which throws us back to the Medieval use of arresting scapegoats when a real culprit is unavailable. We are talking about human beings often unable to defend themselves properly due to their social vulnerability. People paying with their freedom and damaged honour for a crime they did not commit”. EveryOne Group

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Confront the EDL in Swansea on sat 17th

13-10-2009 11:46

Anti-Edl demo times and location now comfirmed

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Titnore Woods Benefit

13-10-2009 10:20

Party on for the woods and be merry!

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URGENT: Stop the first mass deportation flight to Baghdad

13-10-2009 09:49

URGENT: Stop the first mass deportation flight to Baghdad
First demonstration at Communications House, Old Street roundabout, London, EC1, on Wednesday 14th October, 5pm.

The Stop Deportation network and the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees, along with other groups and organisations, are demanding that the first mass deportation flight to southern Iraq, expected to leave on Wednesday, is suspended and the detainees threatened with forcible removal are released immediately. Over the last week, detainees in various immigration detention centres have been given 'removal directions' clearly stating they will be removed to Iraq, rather than the Kurdistan Regional Government-controlled region, which was stated in previous removals.