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Phoney had a vision

28-08-2006 14:58

While in Barbados.

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Hundreds of police from 5 counties bravely disperse 600 kids partying

28-08-2006 14:55

Does it really need 300+ police officers in full riot gear, dogs and helicopters to disperse a few hundred youngsters in a field?

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Workshop on Nuclear Power - main messages

28-08-2006 12:27

A Radio report of information in a Workshop at the Climate Camp in Selby.

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Anger with the Establishment: Jean Ziegler

28-08-2006 12:09

Free trade is like heavyweight champion Mike Tyson climbing in the boxing ring against a half-starved unemployed from northeast Brazil.. Without social justice, the republic is worthless..If global agriculture can feed twelve billion today without problem, the world order of globalized predatory capitalism seems like a cruel absurdity.

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The political foundations for the struggle against militarism and war

28-08-2006 11:47

There are two outstanding and interconnected features of the present period. The first is the complete disregard for, and overturning of, all precepts of international law. The second is the extent of official lying by all the major governments, along with the absolute prostration of the mass media, which now function as little more than the propaganda machines of the various governments. Nothing recalls the present period so much as the decade of the 1930s, which led eventually to the eruption of the Second World War in 1939.

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The Troop Question

28-08-2006 11:46

As the shaky ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel lumbers on, the European governments expected to ‘enforce the peace’ have been stuttering and stalling in the face of actual commitment. It was France who took the initiative originally, who as head of UNISFL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), promised 3000 troops. After analyzing the situation further, an about-face occurred, and the troop level was reduced to 400 non-combatant personal. Italy saw opportunity and declared itself the replacement, promising 2000 troops; France, not to be outdone, reasserted leadership responsibilities, but with 2000 troops this time; Italy was then, thanks to its charitableness, awarded France’s old job as head of UNISFL. After all this, the seesawing attitude of the rest of Europe continues. These governments are demanding more definitive ‘rules of engagement’; they’re curious about the prospects of actual fighting, and are rightfully scared of being viewed as a foreign occupier in Hezbollahland. Bush is intent on seeing that his backfired war-effort is partially salvaged, and has insisted that Europe “hurry up” with military aide, since the U.S. has none to spare. It may be prudent to examine why Europe— who views Israel and the U.S. with apt distrust— is both eager and terrified to help them pursue their interests. Note: a working assumption will be that ‘humanitarian reasons’ is a sophistic answer, meant to lure citizens into obedience.

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Aspects of Asymmetric Post-Modern Warfare

28-08-2006 09:05

Victory over any opponent is the result of functionally superior values and strategies not advanced technologies as is often imagined; wars today continue to be fought by men and women. The relative strengths and weakness of combatants and cultures determine outcomes in today’s conflicts. The recent conflict in Lebanon demonstrates that military might is no match for superior strategy and tactics – superior technology is the intoxicant of technocrats and the drug of weak and incapable fighters/soldiers.

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World Stupidity Awards - Time to Vote

28-08-2006 02:28

Nominations for the 2006 World Stupidity Awards are out.

Time to vote!

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Coincidence or Grooming? Oscar Beard's chance to join MI5

28-08-2006 01:18

The whole idea, for anyone who has known me for any amount of time, is absurd. Yet, the very charismatic cameraman and regular annoyance of the boys in blue - yes, Oscar Beard has been sent an invite to join MI5 through a recruitment agency. Now this, for most, would not cause a second blink, and they would probably hit the delete button instantly, if it wasn't for the incident leading up to the job vacancy appearing in my inbox on 14 August, 2006.

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The Reality dispels the Myths About Sex Offenders- You will be Shocked!

28-08-2006 00:52

If public policy continues in the same way it is going, we will go back to the dark days when families didn't report, victims were stigmatized and people tried to handle the abuse by themselves.

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Urgent: 40+ Asylum Seekers to be Deported Back to Iraq on 5 Sep

27-08-2006 21:12

40+ Iraqi Kurds, locked up in Colnbrook detention centre near Heathrow, have received letters from the Home Office saying they will be forcefully removed to Northern Iraq on 5th September, 2006. Unconfirmed reports have it that there will be a 'charter flight' from Stanstead airport on that day.

The letters, in Kurdish, said that, when returned, deportees will receive a $100 'assistance' as well as accommodation for one month only. The faild Iraqi asylum seekers had been asked to sign 'voluntary return' agreements with the IOM but had refused to do so. There is also unconfirmed news that other Iraqis will be deported tomorrow, August 28th.

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more pics of climate camp

27-08-2006 21:03

the way [photo by kriptick at riseup dot net]
A few pictures showing the camp and some arty shots of the climate enemy.

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an argumentaire sur l'urgence de boycotter les produits d'israël

27-08-2006 20:59

nous développons les raisons qui nous amènent à proposer un boycott généralisé de tous les produits israéliens en vente en suisse

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Drax: Local concerns, local knowledge

27-08-2006 17:11

There is no shortage of local interest in the "Climate Camp" a direct action and educational protest camp.

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Bleeding Clowns

27-08-2006 16:42

Report on the events of Monday 21 August 2006

What was to be a civilised cocktail party became a bloody mess as four clowns
from the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army became injured and started
dying whilst serving drinks outside the Foreign Office.

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Climate Camp Sunday Pictures + Info

27-08-2006 16:26

Pics from sunday afternoon and evening at the climate camp - also see Monday's Press Release from the camp - The mass day of action to shut down drax power station is on thursday, so there's plenty of time to get yourself down to the camp, which runs for another week until sunday / monday.

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Pics of Climate Camp Setup

27-08-2006 15:55

Some pictures from friday / sat morning at the climate camp.

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Two journalists injured in Israeli attack on news agency vehicle

27-08-2006 13:54

The bombed vehicle that was not identified as belonging to the media
An Israeli air strike targeted a Reuters news agency vehicle, wounding two journalists in Gaza City.

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I served too.

27-08-2006 12:52

I served too.
Eight of our boys dead this month.