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09-03-2006 18:18


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Evolution and changes to IMC UK

09-03-2006 18:10

Indymedia has come a long way since the tear gas and rubber bullets of Seattle. There are over 100 indymedia sites all over the world and numerous offshoots ding free radio, print media, and video projects.

Indymedia UK which was launched two years after has itself under gone massive changes since it underwent a radical decentralization and divided itself into regions. Each of these regions has it's own autonomous collective and in many cases they have spawned new alternative media projects in print, radio, and video.

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09-03-2006 15:41

For anyone who has heard something about the prisoners arrested on 4th February in Barcelona but is unclear on the details, here's the story. If it's unfamiliar, you too should read on. This a story of overt police repression in Europe. If we don't resist, we'll be next...

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09-03-2006 15:32

Reminder - a night of great music, cheap booze and solidarity!

Friday 10th March, 6pm onwards, The Common Place, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds

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Investigation into racist abuse at Whitemoor Prison

09-03-2006 15:21

Evidence has been mounting for some time that prison officers operating regimes in the segregation/punishment units of the maximum security dispersal jails such as Frankland, Full Sutton and Whitemoor, are systematically brutalizing prisoners.

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Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill [NAIL] some 'slide-show' videos

09-03-2006 14:47

As a summary of some of the story so far, I thought I would show these couple of 'slide-show' videos, displaying some of the events, the campaign has been involved with.

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Tower Hamlets Council is set to be sunk down the Xrail hole

09-03-2006 14:20

The campaign in the Brick Lane London E1 area against the hybrid 'Crossrail Bill' [UK House of Commons] is getting heightened this week. Campaigners are setting out conditions for individual councillors to show their full commitment to oppose the Crossrail hole attacks. The constitutional implications of this are significant. This includes the possibility of individual councillors being taken to court on their undertaking. Of they refuse to give such clear undertaking then the claim that local democracy works will be exposed as seriously false. Ordinary people will have to defe3nd the community against the Crossrail; attacks. And against similar environemntal, economic and social attacks moiyunted under covers of democracy.

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Do you want to be consulted about what happens with Birley Fields (Hulme)?

09-03-2006 12:40

Residents of Hulme have not been consulted about what happens to the last significant piece of undeveloped (Birley Fields). They are hopping, mad about this and are unimpressed by Manchester City Council's plans, which basically say "more of the same". A “same”, which has not worked so far

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Sheffield Welfare Action Network Meeting(SWAN)

09-03-2006 12:15

The govt plans to cut benefits and force the disabled back to work,
how to respond?

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Haiti: the resilience of workers, peasants and urban poor

09-03-2006 11:57

The announcement late last week that blank ballots cast in Haiti's presidential election were to be discounted, effectively acknowledging René Préval's victory without recourse to a run-off, sparked massive celebrations in the poorest districts of this devastated country.

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Infousurpa n14

09-03-2006 07:40

weekly independent poster of social centres activities

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FBI informant identified in the 'Auburn 3' case contacted Anti-G8 2005 medics

09-03-2006 05:03

An FBI informant identified in the set-up of the Auburn 3 attempted to make contact with the Anti-G8 medics in Scotland 2005. More information needed to determine the extent of her infiltration of the movement...

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Peace Not War - Brixton Jamm - Friday 10 March

09-03-2006 04:12

Video taster of what to expect, if you have never been before.
this time PNW is free to all activists and Indymedia users.

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School Diet Change Brings Improved Behavior, Healthier, More Focused Students

09-03-2006 01:46

"Before the Appleton Wisconsin high school replaced their cafeteria's processed foods with wholesome, nutritious food, the school was described as out-of-control. There were weapons violations, student disruptions, and a cop on duty full-time. After the change in school meals, the students were calm, focused, and orderly. There were no more weapons violations, and no suicides, expulsions, dropouts, or drug violations. The new diet and improved behavior has lasted for seven years, and now other schools are changing their meal programs with similar results."
-- Jeffrey M. Smith, Author of Seeds of Deception

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The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

09-03-2006 01:06

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is currently being passed quietly through parliament, with hardly any mention in the national media.

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One binary please, supersize

09-03-2006 00:56

Many of us in the intersex community feel marginalized, ridiculed and excluded from groups which speak for us.

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Unfascist Radical Reprogramming Programme Proposed

09-03-2006 00:32

Deprogramming and Reprogramming
Appearing on the Government television network the Australian Broadcasting Corporation tonight, Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has proposed a programme for the deprogramming and reprogramming of political radicals, particularly (and at first) where those dangerous idealists pose some manner of immediate threat to the Australian State. Following models now in place in the United States and Indonesia, Keelty suggested compulsory reprogramming programmes could reduce the risk to Australian interests from militants, dissidents, and ideologues.

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09-03-2006 00:29

Watching The Watchers Watch YOU
It is up to ordinary people to raise the level of debate about the undemocratic surveillance practices of the many faceless and unaccountable agents who make daily intrusions on individual privacy, and about the apologists and propagandists for the War nn Terror who applaud every new attack on human rights and freedoms as "prudent" or "necessary". If there is no discussion of reverse surveillance in the national media, create it on the streets on a citizen to citizen basis. If nobody is talking about the outrageous assaults on privacy and human rights embodied in the new antiterrorist acts forced through US, UK and Australian legislatures, start talking about it to your neighbours and friends.

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Sussex students occupy library

08-03-2006 23:32

Since 9:30 this evening, approximately 100 students have occupied the University of Sussex library to protest falling standards. Below is the occupiers 'learn-in' manifesto and a few words by one of the participants. Please circulate this as widely as possible.

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February Protests - Calls for Impeachment Rising

08-03-2006 23:16

State Senator Alan Bates of Oregon and the San Francisco
Rules Committee are recommending impeachment of the Bush