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The Strategy of Tension

16-05-2007 11:50

"We are at War
against International Terrorism,
defending our Values
and our Civilization."

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Remember Democracy ? Err, Err, See the Fakes ? USA scam unravels!

16-05-2007 11:49

LATEST : resignations, sackings, jail, State Inquiries. . . .

AS WATERGATE WAS "A MINOR BURGLARY" (. . . . for a bit), this is a "THAR SHE BLOWS" moment for the Ohio computer election vote fraud - that swung the entire states into the dubious grips of the inept "Big Lie" ideology of a few of the "neo cons", acting as front puppets for ex-spooks, Minderbinder Warbux types, that were addicts to the dodgiest slushfunds, scams or fiddles of the cold war era . . . .

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PFI: a get rich scheme for the city

16-05-2007 11:22

the rich get richer, the poor get poorer: PFI the corporate scandal

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Documents expose Police corruption in Oxford

16-05-2007 11:12

Documents that have been disclosed at the trial of the SPEAK 16 have highlighted a sinister relationship that exists between law enforcement officers in Oxford and Oxford University

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There are powers at work in this country

16-05-2007 09:09

The Boys3
about which we have no knowledge

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Cloud and weather modification:

16-05-2007 08:43

How they do it:
This article refers to secret experiments that were (perhaps still are?) conducted in the 1950's in the U.K by the Government of the time;

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Dobson Hallucinates Iranian “Existential Threat”

16-05-2007 07:45

James Dobson, chairman of the board of Focus on the Family, told his radio audience. "Many people in a position to know are talking about the possibility of losing a city to nuclear or biological or chemical attack. And if we can lose one we can lose ten.”

I’m experiencing that old déjà vu feeling again. Iraq has nukes or biologicals. Saddam is Hitler. Saddam and al-Qaeda will unleash a fury against the United States. Kindergarten children and old ladies will suffer and die. We have to do something. We have to mass murder a whole lot of people. Turn the place into a glass parking lot.

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The Great Fellator: Kevin Rudd

16-05-2007 06:13

The Australian opposition leader Kevin Rudd is proving to be more servile, passive and accommodating than even the current Australian prime minister, John Howard – many would have thought it impossible to top Howard’s effort but Rudd has proven them all wrong! Rudd, desperate to please all will eventually please none if he persists with his supremely passive, non-assertive and thoroughly despicable behaviour. It‘s simply not fitting for an aspiring Australian leader to unashamedly kowtow to the wishes of China over the relatively benign visit of the exiled theocratic leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama.

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Evil Empire: Is Imperial Liquidation Possible for America?

16-05-2007 00:53

In politics, as in medicine, a cure based on a false diagnosis is almost always worthless, often worsening the condition that is supposed to be healed. The United States, today, suffers from a plethora of public ills. Most of them can be traced to the militarism and imperialism that have led to the near-collapse of our Constitutional system of checks and balances. Unfortunately, none of the remedies proposed so far by American politicians or analysts addresses the root causes of the problem.

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New Site Provides Large Library of Information Against Porn

16-05-2007 00:45 launched in 2006 to raise awareness about how porn harms people and communities. It explores legal strategies that can be used to reduce the crime and blight that can stem from adult enterprises. We currently offer over 400 articles on porn and the porn industry. The site serves over 15,000 visitors per month.

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Arms Dealers' Conference Disrupted!

15-05-2007 23:52

The Shepard Group annual conference on Electronic Warfare was successfully disrupted by activists Tuesday afternoon by a surprise action.

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David Hicks very lucky to be tortured, isolated for 5.5 years for nothing?

15-05-2007 22:45

I should be so lucky?
John Howard must repudiate the deal as it was illegal - done under duress and with an illegally constituted tribunal which didn’t conform to Australian standards of justice. Any confession is obviously worthless. That on the same basis that having David Hicks meant they could do whatever they wanted to him – and did, now that Australia has him we will treat me with the dignity and respect for legal institutions that we should always do.

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Hands ON Iraqi Oil Attacks Shell Demo

15-05-2007 21:14

Two beligerent and gloating oil executive drinking Basra Crude Krug and toasting their friends in the Foreign Office and IMF turned up to the Hands Off Iraqi Oil demo at Shell's AGM today. They claimed to be the street level face of the oil industry and had banneers saying 'PSA'S YES WAY' and 'PARANOIA GONE LOOPY' (Photos on, this is their statement....

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US government fans homeland terrorism fear

15-05-2007 20:41

The US government and Washington elites are aggressively ramping up their "war on terrorism" rhetoric and propaganda, stoking fear and paranoia in order to bolster its war agenda, and reinvigorate the mass public perception of new and growing "homegrown terrorism" threats to the US homeland.

The next phase of America’s war abroad (under the management of a post-Bush neocon/neoliberal consensus), and the deepening militarization of the US homeland towards a full police state, are well underway.

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Students to plan anti-Trident action in Bradford

15-05-2007 19:36

On Thursday 24th May Anti-Trident protestors old and new, students and non-students will join togehter to enjoy an eveing of preparations and fun in Bradford.

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Gordon Brown in Manchester 16th May 5pm Stop the War Protest

15-05-2007 19:26

Gordon Brown! Bring the Troops Back in 100 days!

"This Wednesday evening (16th May), with the kind support of The
Group, the Labour Party will host an exclusive opportunity for North
West Labour and Co-operative Party members to meet Rt Hon Gordon Brown
MP and discuss with him his aspirations to lead our country."

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Rally against Migration Watch and David Coleman at Manc Uni

15-05-2007 18:42

Rally against Migration Watch and the invite to David Coleman by Manchester University
Thursday May 17th - 12 noon to 2pm.

Rally at Hulme Hall on Rusholme Place, off Wilmslow Rd, Manchester
(turn left at Tescos opposite Whitworth Park). People are also meeting outside Manchester University student union at 11:30 to walk up to Hulme Hall.

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Bollocks 2 Blair-Genocide is a war crime-case stated@tate Britain: State Britain

15-05-2007 17:30

"What sort of a country are we living in if a politician comes to Nottingham and speaks here to a group of people in the city centre and during his speech a heckler replies 'bollocks'. Are we expect this person to be incarcerated, or do we live in a country where we are proud of our Anglo-Saxon heritage"
- Mr. John Mortimer
QC in the 'Nevere mind the Bollocks - It's the sex pistols' case

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Let Mark Lynas Speak! Response to Cardiff Council Leader

15-05-2007 17:01

Mark Lynas will (Rodney Berman's antics permitting) be introducing a talk and slide-show based on his latest book - Six Degrees - Our Future on a Hotter Planet at the Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University on Thursday 17 May at 7 pm.

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Revisiting 9/11/2001 --Applying the Scientific Method

15-05-2007 16:25

Dr. Steven Jones has published a new paper called "Revisiting 9/11/2001 --Applying the Scientific Method" at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, the introduction follows, download the attached PDF for the full article.