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22-06-2006 23:06

"Man admits G8 attack" from BBC

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"Chasing the Lying War Criminals" should alert you about Mr. Howard!

22-06-2006 22:25

Millions of people around the world opposed
The big democracy (The UN General Assembly), little clique (the Security Council) and the ultimate democracy (millions of people around the world) opposed the invasion of Iraq with tragic failure!

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Palestine Today

22-06-2006 21:44


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BUSHITES REACH NEW LOW - dying for lies no longer in disguise

22-06-2006 18:54

Again, realize, FOX, CNN, and CBC will all in the thousands,
receive this information about 9/11's Ahmad, but will refuse
to support honorable Police officers, our Humanity's cause for
Freedom through Justice, or our beliefs in any religion.
They, as murderous sadists, fascists, obstruct Justice for
ourselves by refusing to report on the facts of why America
continues to fight, dying sacrificed, while censoring your
cries for understanding.

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BNP to mobilise in leeds next week

22-06-2006 18:52

BNP will demonstrate in leeds

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Nerve Magazine Party in Liverpool

22-06-2006 17:57

Catalyst Media - who publish Liverpool's free grassroots art and politics magazine 'Nerve' - are holding a party at Aigburth Cricket Club (opposite St Michael's station) on Friday, 7th July from 8pm.

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Noise Demonstration in Support of Asylum Seekers 22nd June

22-06-2006 17:48

Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) organised a demo outside North Shields Reporting Centre. There were also demos outside reporting centres in Leeds, London and Manchester.
No to Deportation! No to detention!

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Report From Palestine: "Ethnic Cleansing in Slow-Motion"

22-06-2006 17:34

On the 24th of May the Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Ramallah, my current home. In the middle of the day, undercover Israeli forces performed an “arrest operation” on a Palestinian militant in the centre of Ramallah. When their cover was blown, a large force of Israeli soldiers were sent in so that they could shoot their way out of the city past the angry crowds of Palestinians that had assembled. The Palestinian fighters were, for the most part, nowhere to be seen during the invasion. It was left to crowds of youths to defend the city from this act of aggression, using whatever came to hand. Stones, tins of paint, scrap metal - all of it was thrown at the soldier’s jeeps from the rooftops of Ramallah. In the course of events, the Israeli army martyred three civilians and one Policeman (who was apparently unarmed at the time) and injured about thirty others, shooting rubber-coated and live ammunition at the crowds of civilians. In this act of war, Israel violated the entirely one-way ceasefire that Hamas and all the other armed Palestinian factions (apart from Islamic Jihad) had been sticking to since February 2005, despite regular Israeli military operations and killings in the Palestinian territories.

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Five-day strike by Asda workers

22-06-2006 17:20

Asda says it will try to maintain a normal service in stores as
thousands of Asda distribution workers will stage a five-day strike from 30 June, in a protest over pay and bargaining rights.

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Not Welcome, Mr. President!

22-06-2006 17:10

All past attempts at solving political conflicts militarily failed gloriously. War may not be a means of politics any more.. The wars of the US are themselves terror and causes of ever more violence.

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22-06-2006 17:02

A new wave off arrests in Turkmenistan sparks fear of a further crackdown on civil society under one of the world's most oppressive regimes.

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Police Assault Protesters in Oxford Animal Demo.

22-06-2006 16:47

Police repression against animal rights protestors at protest at University of Oxford honorary degree ceremony. Five arrested. Numerous people assaulted and injured by Thames Valley who then forcibly moved the demo so it was effectively hidden.

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MATILDA - I fought the law and the law won

22-06-2006 16:39

The Matilda Social Centre in Sheffield was in court today facing eviction and there was a small protest outside.

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Cardiff Anti-War Forum

22-06-2006 16:26

What the mainstream media refuses to report . . .

Crying Wolf: Who is Behind the Death Squads in Iraq?

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International Benefit Concert for Palestine in London

22-06-2006 16:11

On the 29th of June, 2006, the Balata-London Link Benefit Concert will take place at the Rivoli Ballroom in London, the United Kingdom.

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Thresher's Nottingham boycott over attack, racism

22-06-2006 14:38

Local activists are stepping up a campaign against a local store with authoritarian policies, after the store manager launched a physical attack on a local activist. Threshers, of 167 Derby Road, Nottingham, is facing a consumer boycott after an individual appearing to be the store owner or manager brutally attacked an activist in the street. The store has been the focus of a campaign against no headwear policies which attack lifestyle choice and persecute religious minorities.

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Oxton Festival Banned/British Open Welcomed

22-06-2006 13:25

not for profit fun at Oxton 2005
Wirral Council officials care more about “people who think public spaces are just extensions of their own back yards” than the community as a whole, the organiser of the Oxton Festival has claimed, after the July event was cancelled.

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AWPC PRESS RELEASE - Gordon and Trident: What's behind the smoke and mirrors?

22-06-2006 13:13

join the blockade
Gordon Brown's Mansion house speech last night may be laying the foundations for the government to announce their decision to build the next generation of nuclear weapons - but nothing in his speech is new.