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RTF Warmup benefit at the Ramparts

25-03-2009 14:01

On Friday April 3rd.

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Protest at Yarl’s Wood Migrant Prison

25-03-2009 13:49

The march
On Saturday No Borders activists from South Wales joined around 200 people from across the country in Bedford for a march on Yarl’s wood immigration prison to call for an end to the detention of migrants. This particular facility has the capacity to hold 405 people, and specialises in locking up children. The march coincided with other protests against immigration detention centres in Manchester and Edinburgh.

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Brown Gets In You Facebook!

25-03-2009 13:32

If Brown’s government minister’s get their own way everyone who uses a social network like Bebo, Facebook, Myspace or Twitter - some 25 million people in the UK - will have their conversations logged and stored on a central government database. The excuse, as usual, is that it’s for our own safety - if we’ve done nothing wrong then we’ve got nothing to fear.

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Support Bryan Griffiths – Charged With Murder Over Hunt Death

25-03-2009 12:43

Recently there was a terrible and tragic accident during whilst Hunt Monitors monitored a FoxHunt to ensure they did not break the law.

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The anarchist and anti-authoritarian fanzinotheque

25-03-2009 12:24

Here is the on-line fanzinotheque. You can download zines in several languages which we put here at disposal in PDF format.

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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 25th March 2009

25-03-2009 12:13

Sandrine Mbuyi Ntambwe, Still here, Still fighting

"Sandrine was already on the plane; a late successful injunction got her off the flight and returned to Yarl's Wood. She is not to be removed from the jurisdiction of the UK pending the oral hearing of her application for permission for judicial review refused on papers on 13th March 2009.

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A Noble Lie

25-03-2009 11:59

How Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith have desperately resorted to the use of Leo Strauss and the Neo Conservatives weapon of mass confusion in a bid to re-unite the people.

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Saying rubbish to rubbish in Nottingham

25-03-2009 11:59

One man from Nottingham has decided to do something about cleaning up the city's streets - whilst aiming to get more people involved in community action...

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G20 Critical Mass

25-03-2009 11:03

Web flyer
G20 Critical Mass - exposing the carbon traders - a guided tour of the city by bike, or other zero carbon means.

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Sir Freds House Attacked

25-03-2009 10:48

According the corporate media Fred Goodwin, the ex-head of bailed out bank RBS, has had his house and car in Einburgh attacked.

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Nuclear power consultation ends TODAY - e-mail template provided

25-03-2009 10:05

Today (25 March) is the deadline for submissions to the Government's consultation for Justification for New Nuclear Reactors. This is one of very few chances you have to put forward your concerns on the health effects, etc of nuclear power, as local planning inquiries will refuse to hear these arguments under the new streamlined planning laws.

For your convenience, a sample e-mail is provided, along with contact details. It will only take a minute of your time to copy and paste and send.

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BNP To Demonstrate Near Luton Memorial

25-03-2009 09:34

The BNP are planning a demo in Luton this Saturday (28th March). Be there to oppose it.

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BNP Fundraiser Update

25-03-2009 09:19

There is a rumour that BNP have moved the location of tonight's fundraiser from Sutton.

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Main countries of destination for asylum seekers in 2008

25-03-2009 09:11

United States (49,000), Canada (36,900), France (35,200), Italy (31,200) and the United Kingdom (30,500)

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Fight Speciesism! #8 - Out Now

25-03-2009 01:07

Spring 2009 issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.

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On Developments in Nepal and the Stakes for the Communist Movement

25-03-2009 01:05

"Does the current trajectory in Nepal and the course taken by the CPN(M) represent an historic new thing, a victory and breakthrough in advancing the communist revolution in the 21st century, as some have claimed; or—as many others fear—does this represent a setback and betrayal of the goals of the revolution and of the heroic struggle waged to achieve them, and a serious departure from the communist cause that the CPN(M) claims to be fighting for?"

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Island in thames occupied as urgent eco action

24-03-2009 19:53

An island has been squatted in Kingston for the last month. Needs your help.

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The global debacle is a profound structural energetic crisis

24-03-2009 18:47

This is not simply a financial or economic crisis, it is the energetic collapse of the capitalist mode of destruction.