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STOP the EDL in Wrexham 20th February

07-02-2010 13:31

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph
Is that good men and women do nothing”
Edmund Burke.

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Public meeting re Dungeness C possibility

07-02-2010 13:14

A public meeting has been called in the town of Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent to 'discuss' to re-instatement of plans for a third nuclear station- Dungeness C on the site.

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About 100,000 people being held in concentration camps

07-02-2010 13:11

The situation in Sri Lanka

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Demo at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

07-02-2010 12:34

To mark the opening of the new season at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm on Saturday 6th February, activists from Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) launched their new campaign against the zoo. A successful demonstration was held outside the zoo to remind the public of the findings of the recent undercover investigation.

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Police watch as violence used against Cargoflora blockaders

07-02-2010 10:00

This morning boycott Israel campaigners blockaded the gates of Cargoflora and Carmel Agrexco in Hayes, Middlesex.

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Carmel Agrexco and Cargoflora blockaded over Imports of Israeli Flowers

07-02-2010 09:48

Carmel Agrexco and Cargoflora's depots in Hayes Middlesex have been blockaded early this morning. Cargoflora's gates have been blocked by campaigners using D-Locks and superglue while the Agrexco blockaders have used panels of 'Hares' fencing.

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Zionist thugs interupt talk

07-02-2010 02:08

Zionist thugs interupt talk

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Save Temple Cowley Pools

06-02-2010 23:05

Oxford City Council is threatening to close Temple Cowley Pools. Here's how you can stop them.

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Public Meeting in Liverpool

06-02-2010 21:55

Learn how you could help a man who has been in prison for thirty years for a crime he did not commit.

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Police surround No Borders centre in Calais.

06-02-2010 20:24

Police have surrounded the new No Borders centre in Calais and are demanding that no migrants are allowed to sleep overnight.

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Ask Britsh Monomark WC1 to Ditch the Nazi British Peoples Party / UDA BPP

06-02-2010 18:56

Many antifascist, anarchists, animal rights, environment defenders, gay rights, womens rights activists etc use British Monomark mailbox & secretarial services. We do not want to be sharing this service with nazis or bumping into them. The British Peoples Party / White Peoples Party say on their women's wing website to be "proud of the swastika" & hate non whites, gays, Irish Catholics & "foreigners".

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Call-out for international week against biotechnologies

06-02-2010 18:42

Have received this call-out from Italy, read and support if you can/want

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West Bank Protests Video Round-Up

06-02-2010 11:42

Local and international activists braved foul weather conditions to demonstrate in villages up and down the West Bank yesterday. As further evidence of the popular struggle’s growing power, each protest went ahead as planned. Here’s a video round-up of what happened.

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Israel's Soldiers attack Palestinian Shepherds and Torture

06-02-2010 06:54

On the morning of Thursday 7 January 2010, Israeli soldiers attacked and injured Palestinian shepherds from the Musa Rabai family >> VIDEO

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Dissident Island Radio Tonight

05-02-2010 19:42

DNA Retention // Section 44 at the ECHR // SEAB // Stop the traffic // Pete the temp // Sasquatch & Co

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Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation. Her own words...

05-02-2010 16:55

Bita Ghaedi, awaiting deportation.
“I grew up in a patriarchy. It was even hard to talk to my father...and my mum as there was not any rights for females.”

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Forthcoming Gaza Convoy feedback event in Nottingham

05-02-2010 14:19

This notice will be of interest to all who are concerned at the plight of Palestinians suffering under Israel’s brutal military occupation. A recently returned member of the Viva Palestina Gaza convoy will be attending a meeting in Nottingham to share with us their experiences of the desperately needed aid convoy and its journey from the UK to Gaza.

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BNP: A party of convictions

05-02-2010 13:29

The BNP claims to be the party of law and order but its ranks are full of people with serious criminal records.

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pixies attack EDO again

05-02-2010 12:17

paint attack in the night