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Israel deserves better

21-11-2005 11:55

The psycho in action
The Psycho and Peres are useless.

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Urgent request- Help needed.....

21-11-2005 10:38

I.D cards......

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CIA agent spreads terror fears in Australia

21-11-2005 07:53

Surrounded by bombs going off in his own backyard
Why shouldn't you be convinced after all gunaratna says he's a dr and reported to be a 'terrorist expert'? He even lives in Indonesia surrounded by bombs going off in his own backyard. But even with his alleged expertise it has only led to even more relentless and 'subsequent bombings' in Indonesia. So I suppose that's how you know you need an expert?

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Cities for peace

21-11-2005 07:20

International campaign to promote the peace

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BOYCOTT SINGAPORE - Necrop[olis City of Death

21-11-2005 04:11

ACADP calls on every decent human being that respects and values
Singapore executes more people per capita than any other country in the world. The sham-democracy island of 4 million, has executed more than 420 people since 1991. Anyone caught with 15 grams or more of heroin faces a mandatory death sentence. Alas, the high rate of executions for drug-traffickers has not reduced drug-related crimes in Singapore.

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The Terrorism Act 2000 and the Criminalisation of Dissent

21-11-2005 00:07

If the UK's Terrorism Act of 2000 existed in 1940, Europe would still be occupied by the Nazis

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WTO: Why is it bad for YOU ( Video )

20-11-2005 23:44

A video about next meeting of the WTO in December in Hong Kong...and why we should fight it.

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Mediterranean Conference of Nations without State.

20-11-2005 22:34

Mediterranean Conference of Nations without State.
Cabilia, Corsica, Sardignia, Sicily, Països Catalans , Palestina, and also Occidental Sahara and Kurdistan

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Getting Out of Iraq Now

20-11-2005 18:46

Opinion: The war is won only if the allies pull out now

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shell hell video mix: county mayo, ireland & london solidarity action

20-11-2005 18:14

mix of "free the rossport 5" dvd from county mayo and action outside shell centre, london, 30th september 2005

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Save Priory Park : Audio Clips Now On Camp Bling Web Site

20-11-2005 15:23

Web site news...

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Extremist ex-Met Chief John Stevens in mouth-opening disaster

20-11-2005 13:20

Ex-top Met cop Stevens opened his mouth again earlier today with disastrous results. The noises coming out of John's enormous gob coagulated, in the dank air surrounding his weatherbeaten and rapidly-ageing face, into a rabid demand that the British government should start hanging people at the earliest opportunity.

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Support growing for boycott of BNP-supporter Paypal

20-11-2005 12:52

Paypal needs to be told that its support of the BNP will not be tolerated by those opposed to racism and fascism.

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20-11-2005 09:44

How does an Islamic nation anxious to join the
European Union persuade the people of Europe it
constitutes no threat to their security and

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Hunt supporter arrested after attack on anti-bloodsports activist

20-11-2005 09:42

A supporter of the Suffolk Hunt was today (19 Nov) arrested after allegedly headbutting an anti-hunt activist.

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Compartir es bueno llega al SIMO!!!

20-11-2005 02:47

​​​​LLega la campaña “Compartir es Bueno” al SIMO. Primero fue Bilbao,
luego Valencia, ahora Madrid, muy pronto Zaragoza… esto es imparable!!!

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Justice for Jhonny Silva! Vigil Outside Colombian Embassy, Tues (22nd) from 3pm

20-11-2005 02:36

Jhonny Silva
On 22nd September 2005, 21-year-old chemistry student Jhonny Silva was shot dead by Colombian police, who had illegally entered the campus of Valle University in Southwest Colombia after a student protest. Jhonny, who suffered from polio and so was unable to run when the police began firing live ammunition at students, was shot in the neck at point blank range.

A British delegation of students and academics was present at the student protest and witnessed the violent police methods. The members of the delegation have committed themselves to working with students and staff at Valle University to campaign for Jhonny's killers to be brought to justice. The Colombian state has an extremely poor record of investigating and prosecuting the crimes of the public forces and paramilitaries.

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Colombian Government Attacks Market Town La Julia

19-11-2005 23:50

Bogota November 18th 2005

FENSUAGRO, the Agricultural Workers' Union, advises the national and international community and the Colombian Government that there is a very serious situation of violation of human rights in LA JULIA, Department of Meta.

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So, where did "Al Qaeda" really come from?

19-11-2005 21:52

Al CIAduh !