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Colombian Government Attacks Market Town La Julia

translated by jenny james | 19.11.2005 23:50 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

Bogota November 18th 2005

FENSUAGRO, the Agricultural Workers' Union, advises the national and international community and the Colombian Government that there is a very serious situation of violation of human rights in LA JULIA, Department of Meta.


Last Sunday, 13th November 2005, in the hamlet of La Sierra, La Julia, Meta, whilst the Bishop was carrying out first communions and the local population was busy with their market day, the area was indiscriminately bombed, putting the lives of the civilian population at grave risk.

At 9.0 a.m. Army troops disembarked from the River Duda, filling the people with fear and panic...

FACTS: Yesterday, 17th November, Miston Braulio Rubio Romera, 28 years old, from Villavicencio, whilst travelling from La Julia to Villavicencio, was made to get down from his vehicle at 5.0 p.m. by several men who took him away. He has never returned and we know no more news of him.

Because of the above, we ask the national government to make sure that MISTON BRAULIO RUBIO ROMERO reappears alive, that the bombings cease and that the life and peace of the people of La Julia is safeguarded.

The Colombian State has prime responsibility for the safeguarding of Human Rights in accordance with International Treaties and Agreements... its major legal duty is to prevent violations of these rights and to take the necessary measures to investigate, identify, judge and punísh those responsible by their actions or inaction, or to take corrective measures of an administrative or political nature to prevent these crimes from recurring.


National Secretary for Human Rights

translated by jenny james


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