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Rule of the death squads

14-03-2004 18:30

Iraq one year on - The shooting isn't just between occupying forces and guerrillas. The Iraqi Governing Council is "killing people one by one"

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Al Jazeera Goes to Jail

14-03-2004 18:03

This article can be found on the web at

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Murdered in Gaza 16th March 2003.

14-03-2004 17:06

For R.C.

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Socialist Alliance winds itself up

14-03-2004 16:14

Reports from yesterday's Socialist Alliance conference make it clear that the Socialist Alliance has now been wound up in all but name.

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US Unloads WMD in Iraq

14-03-2004 15:25

the Teharan Times reported Sat. Mar. 13th, that the US forces in Iraq have been unloading in Iraq's southern ports a large cargo of parts for constructing long range missiles and weapons of mass destruction.

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Blair & Beckett - Biotech's Bought Bullies

14-03-2004 12:18

GM crops cannot be grown commercially in the "UK" without the agreement of the devolved structures in Cymru & Alba. Those bodies object, so it's time to intimidate (coshes sponsored by Monsanto, Aventis, etc.)...

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14-03-2004 10:25

Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman is currently on board a plane en route to the Central African Republic. She is accompanying a delegation that will escort President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Jamaica, which has offered to host him. The delegation includes Rep. Maxine Waters, Randall Robinson, an emmisary of the Jamaican prime minister as well as Aristide's lawyer, Ira Kurzban.

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14-03-2004 09:25


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Al-Qaida, ETA - Gladio?: Translation Please?

14-03-2004 07:52

Researching Operation Gladio. Can anyone translate this please? Some perspective on our present situation.

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Core-Activist of an Anti-poverty movement in osaka arrested by Polizei!

14-03-2004 06:36

Geheimnis Polizei(Gestapo) kidnapped & arrested our precious comrade. We must mention about this terrible incident, and we must prepare to fight back against all enemies(osaka-city & osaka prefectural government, economic circles in osaka, and their subjects...etc) and must defend our homeless comrades & our tent villages.

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The Sinister Regimes

14-03-2004 04:39

Right from the days when the man was living in caves; the betrayal, prevarication, jealousy, avariciousness has remained glued to his soul and he has promised to shower this heritage to its posterity. The indomitable spirits kept honing these skills generations after generations without forfeiting the slightest surge of this possession.

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The European Economic Forum in Warsaw

13-03-2004 23:42

From 28th till the 30th April this year Warsaw, the capital of Poland will be the host of the European Economic Forum, the regional gathering of the World Economic Forum. This kind of events, usually organised in Salzburg or Davos, has never been seen in Poland. Despite the relatively low interest in alterglobalism, social activism and independent media, some Poland – based collectives, groups, ngo’s and individuals decided to actively oppose to the Forum.

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We the culprits

13-03-2004 23:05

thoughts & feelings on the recent tragedy in Spain

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ESF = no upper class = no support.

13-03-2004 22:02

a translation of a continental comment about ESF in London.

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"Egypt's Leading Feminist Unveils Her Thoughts"

13-03-2004 21:30

"Egypt's Leading Feminist Unveils Her Thoughts"
Ahmed Nassef Interviews Nawal El Saadawi

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Not the Official Photos from Manc tonight

13-03-2004 21:29

You'll get your demo photos if you want them....

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make a difference to St Davids Wood

13-03-2004 20:27

Make a difference at St. Davids Wood

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13-03-2004 20:21

Although Spanish officialdom at first accused ETA of being behind the blasts, arrests have recently been made of Moroccan and Pakistani Nationals in Spain. The leap to accuse ETA seems to be an electioneering tactic of political convenience, and a way not to embarass Minister Javier Solana and his pro Arab politics.

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Hunt Sabs attacked by Essex Hunt

13-03-2004 20:16

3 sabs received cuts and bruises from Red Coat at a joint meet of the Essex Union and Essex Farmers and Union.

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first demonstrations break out against Asnar- mood angry/ four muslims arrested

13-03-2004 19:21

hundreds of spaniards are said to have taken to the streets of madrid in protest at the asnar governments misinformation with regard blaming ETA.

this comes as reuters are reporting the arrest of 'four muslims'.