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Photos from Newport Rising Festival of Radical Change

28-05-2014 20:18

Outside of the venue, right in centre of Newport
Here are a few photos from Newport Rising Festival, which continues until Sunday. See you there!

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Bristol Free Shop 1-4pm Saturdays at the Arc Bar

28-05-2014 15:07

The Free Shop's looking good. Free clothes, books, shoes and household items. Donations of unwanted stuff are always welcome.

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Democracy and socialism

28-05-2014 12:18

Democracy is the most popular word in the vocabulary of politics but also the most brazenly abused.

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Coming soon, to a field near you

28-05-2014 00:20

Government use Traveller policy to attack protestors and squatters, Hippy Travellers and Taxpayers bear the brunt.

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The Prince of Wales and the troupe of Nodding Donkeys.

28-05-2014 00:13

Whose gonna fix your meter?
An expose of the corruption of Dermot Nesbit, Director of Frack Company ‘Rathlin Energy.’and ex Environment Minister for Northern Ireland.

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Lets Make Farage Hitler Photo Go Viral

27-05-2014 23:11

Share on Twitter and Facebook, everybody.

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The Great Racist Euro-Dictator

27-05-2014 22:57

Retweet, Facebook share.

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Protest at the BBC - CALL OUT !

27-05-2014 14:40

Jeremy Clarkson handed new three-year BBC contract worth £12m - protest this racist scum this Friday at 7pm

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White Boys Can Rap

27-05-2014 10:44

Freedom is a rare bird in these lands,
By not standing up for it, one could end up with zeros.
Freedom, wind, and fields of the Donetsk steppes.
Who put it in chains will reap only ash.

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This is a real civil war against fascism.

26-05-2014 02:49

For everybody's attention! Here is the message from Ukrainian and Russian citizens to people across the world.The more we look at the news, spread by international news channels, the more proof we get that the information, provided about tragic events of May 2nd, is exremely incomplete.

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New Fracking Worry: ancient life brought back to surface

25-05-2014 16:51

American Microbiologist Dr. Yuri Gorbi warns fracking brings up buried life forms.

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Help Needed NOW!!

25-05-2014 09:59

Dairy Pus Race in Nottingham NOW...Veggies to the rescue NOW!!

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More Arrests of Anti Fracking Activists in East Yorkshire

24-05-2014 15:54

Musician and Activist is arrest and held without charge after playing and singing music in Beverley town center.

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DIY Cultures 2014, Sunday 25th May, 12pm-7pm, Rich Mix

24-05-2014 06:14

2nd Edition of DIY Cultures -
A day-long festival of zines, artist books, comics, artists-run spaces, talks, films, animation, poetry, video art, exhibition, workshops - the spirit of independence, autonomy & alternatives.

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Asia-Pacific Left activists say 'No to another coup in Thailand!'

23-05-2014 09:42

May 23, 2014 - We, the undersigned organisations, strongly condemn the latest coup d’état staged by Thai military under the leadership of Prayuth Chan-ocha.

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Is fish the future?

23-05-2014 08:31

Once again Flashback has devised a brand new piece of exciting theatre for this year’s Leith festival in Edinburgh in June. Fish is the Future will be performed at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall from 19th-21st June.

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23-05-2014 07:27


Please Share and comment on the article the more evidence the better.

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The ‘revolutionary’ face of the Syrian conflict

23-05-2014 03:35

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay was quoted as saying in a briefing to the UN Security Council that the actions of the forces of the Syrian government "far outweigh" the crimes by the “opposition” fighters. However, scrutiny of the statistics of the death toll and the facts of the humanitarian fallout of the conflict tell a different story.

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Voting in today's EU and local government elections

22-05-2014 13:27

If Anarchism ever changed anything, they'd make it illegal

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The homeless, the immigrants and the home truth about Cameron's policy

22-05-2014 06:33

The unprecedented upsurge in immigration, unemployment and homelessness in the UK has reached a critical point, and Cameron's new austerity measures manifest many British people's dismay.