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Voting in today's EU and local government elections

The X | 22.05.2014 13:27 | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements

If Anarchism ever changed anything, they'd make it illegal

Anarchists have been arguing about the "radical alternative" for decades, but the single most important thing to remember about that alternative is the fact that it has, consistently and over many decades, always failed. In the meantime the Coalition and mainstream parties are getting away with political murder! Attending the Anarchist Bookfair and stating the obvious about the shortcomings of political parties, the TUC and NUS etc won't stop the Coalition's war-of-attrition against the working-class, and won't stop the Coalition privatising the NHS.

If we don't vote against the Coalition, the government will ignore us. So, if we choose not to vote against the Coalition, we actively choose to help those people who CAN be bothered to vote against the Coalition - UKIP supporters, including the ex-BNP voters who defected to UKIP, and in doing so we choose to help UKIP's campaign to seize the balance of power and swing British politics even further to the right.

In today's election, we can use this opportunity to choose to do nothing, or we can use this opportunity to support those people who've bothered to campaign for the NHS.

Sure voting might not help much, but doing nothing won't help at all (and voting today won't stop anyone pursuing any other activist strategies as well).

Vote Green and NHS Action Party

As for the IMC moderators - sure political parties are hierarchical, so is censoring posts (if you don't agree with this post, use this opportunity to explain exactly how your alternative will guarantee better outcomes, rather than spiking the post and sticking your head in the sand again)

The X