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Where the Terrorists Come From

19-09-2006 19:00

Iraqi "Uranium Baby"
Let's be careful about calling people
terrorists, but the people who are
strapping on bombs and walking into
a situation where they can murder
several dozen civilians can, I believe,
be considered terrorists and not
military personnel.

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SOCPA - barbara tucker in court again today - report

19-09-2006 15:49

the police tried more confused and bizarre tactics against barbara tucker in a pre-trial hearing today at westminster magistrates court. superintendent terry is behaving more and more like a madman obsessed by a personal vendetta against this peaceful anti-war campaigner

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Netcu Watch update Sept 19th

19-09-2006 15:28

"Old Bill close in on garden gnome" - see NW website
Netcu Watch (National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit-Watch) has been updated September 19th 2006.

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Bugs Bunny Belongs to Glasgow

19-09-2006 15:10

Bugs Bunny Belongs to Glasgow

Let this rabbit live in Scotland in Peace!

If the following wasn't true, it would be unbelievable!

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President’s Incitements to Commit Genocide

19-09-2006 14:59

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, President George Walker Bush delivered an illegal speech and may have committed an international crime, that is, the crime of direct and public incitement to commit genocide of a religious group. Determined to rally disbelieving Americans behind a failed Iraqi war, the President drifted into calling for open-ended violence against Muslims... The 9/11speech is one among many through which the President has engaged, and continues to do so, in direct and public incitements to commit violence and other crimes against Muslims as a religious group.

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Palestinians suspect Israeli agents behind fire-bombing of Churches

19-09-2006 14:32

Three churches in Nablus, Tulkarm and Tubas in the northern West Bank have been attacked with fire-bombs by unknown perpetrators resulting in minor damage.

The mayor of Tubas, where a small Greek Orthodox Church was attacked, accused "suspicious elements," a reference to Israeli Shin Bet (Israel’s chief domestic intelligence agency) agents of "having embarked on this ugly act and criminal act."

"It is either Israeli collaborators or some overzealous fools upset by the remarks of the Pope," said Iqab Darghmeh (Abu Ahmed), in a telephone interview.

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2006, But Has 1984 Finally Arrived?

19-09-2006 14:31

Big Brother Is Watching You.....
Watched, recorded, numbered, catalouged, and your whereabouts always known. Voices of authority bark orders at you from thin air on street corners and in town centres. The Government knows where you are, who you are, and what you are doing. A sci-fi totalitarian state from a George Orwell novel like 1984, or twenty-first century Britain? You decide.

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Pope Pits Reasonable Christian West vs. Irrational Violent Islam

19-09-2006 14:13

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI gave a speech September 12 at the University of Regensburg in his German homeland. He discussed “the question of God through the use of reason” and the matter of getting “reason and faith [to] work together in the right way.” His basic theme was that there has been a “synthesis with Hellenism achieved in the early [Christian] church” and that this relationship between Christianity and Greek philosophy and logic has been a very good thing. He warned against those who believe this synthesis is “not binding” upon new converts from non-western traditions; this view, he declared, is “false.” The pontiff plainly intended to depict the Roman Catholic Church as supportive of modernity and science in general, and both western and tolerant.

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Using Tax Payers Money To Subsidise Your Business -The Reality of Prison Labour

19-09-2006 13:42

Having plundered the third world with impunity for so long, first-world capitalism has now turned its attention to the incarcerated working class in its own prisons, potentially a rich source of exploitable labour. Prisoners are paid around 30 pence per hour, but even these pitifully small wages are seen as fair game by capitalism.

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Stirling Peace Rally to go ahead!

19-09-2006 13:25

Palestine ! Lebanon! Now is the Time for Peace and Justice!
Tuesday 19th September - 6.15pm - University of Stirling, Atrium

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Anarchists Against the Wall in Manchester 26.9

19-09-2006 12:07

Two speaking dates of representatives from Anarchists Against the Wall (Israel/Palestine) who are on a fundraising tour in the UK - please come and show your solidarity!

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From War Against Terror to Anti-Fascist War

19-09-2006 12:02

The government only wanted to divert from its failure in the anti-terror battle and cover up the war in a new way.. Fascists nowhere came to power without open support of at least some capital forces.

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Anarchists Against the Wall – UK Speaking Dates

19-09-2006 12:02

Speakers from Anarchists Against the Wall are on a fundraising tour of the UK - please come and show your solidarity.

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19-09-2006 11:53

momentous events are unfolding in HUNGARY

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Ahmadinejad arrested

19-09-2006 10:51

He is to be tortured in Gitmo.

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19-09-2006 10:31


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July seventh truth campaign

19-09-2006 09:56

A Call for July 7th Truth & Justice
This site was set-up in the wake of the London bombings on July 7th 2005 with the aim of getting to the truth about what really happened on the day that 56 people were killed and over 700 injured on London transport.

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Police midnight raid for offensive garden ornament...

19-09-2006 09:50

the offending ornament!
Police threaten man in night in his home with arrest for offensive ornament
(it pays to have connections in a police state!)

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Anarchists Against the Wall in brighton this Friday

19-09-2006 09:17

Anarchists Against the Wall in brighton this Friday

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National Identity Crisis

19-09-2006 03:48

Australia takes the idiot news of the week award once again. ‘Onya Oz for not laughing the Prime Minister, John Howard, and the imbecile leader of the opposition, Kim Beazley, out of Parliament and office for their ridiculous and illogical attempts to gain political advantage by exploiting the underlying racism and cringe mentality in the local ‘culture’.