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Check out this website regarding Iraq!

10-01-2003 21:33

Now if you are fed up with the traditional trash media that does not have the guts to say anything regarding censorship and possible war on Iraq then Check out this site. Very refreshing I assure you people!

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Bush Regime Intent On World War III

10-01-2003 21:23


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Activist abducted and beaten in Jerusalem

10-01-2003 17:45

Jaggi Singh, Canadian activist in Palestine, has been deported from Israel today after being abducted by plainclothed Israeli secret service agents on Wednesday. The deportation of Jaggi is just the latest one of many that by now constitutes a deliberate campaign to keep international solidarity activists out of Palestine.

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Anti-Semitic? Only If You're a Zionist!

10-01-2003 17:10

More evidence of Israeli/Zionist collaboration with Nazi Germany!

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Targeting North Korea

10-01-2003 16:08

The hidden history of the nuclear issue and U.S-North
Korean relations. How the Bush Administration
deliberately created a crisis in international relations

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UK Government: burying GM criticisms - again...

10-01-2003 15:11

The UK Government is again burying information which is critical of GM crops. In this case, the vast majority of 151 responses to a "Scoping Note", published by the Government's Strategy Unit, is critical of GM crops and GM food.

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Layers using an educated technique to jail innocent

10-01-2003 11:55

Finnish court layers are using illegal methods to jail innocent members of public.

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10-01-2003 10:58

ALL OUT! (article 1)

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Warning to Turkish muslim brothers!

10-01-2003 09:14

Warning to Turkish muslim brothers!
Anybody who know us should know also what we can do at best:

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Chicago Teacher's Union Passes Anti-War Resolution & Sponsors Bus To DC Protest

10-01-2003 05:54

Got this e'mail from A.N.S.W.E.R. re the Chicago Teacher's Union Anti War Resolution.

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Death-dealing hypocrite keeps a straight face at the U.N.

10-01-2003 00:57

It takes one to know one in the arena of serial killers

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Nazis, conspiracy theorists and RUC spindoctors..

10-01-2003 00:29

This board is being polluted by bullsh*t from Nazi extremists, weird conspiracy freaks and RUC/PSNI (same pigs, different name) spindoctors. Whats going on?

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Picket M&S in support of the Intifada

09-01-2003 23:35

FIGHT RACISM! FIGHT IMPERIALISM! VICTORY TO THE INTIFADA GROUP pickets Marks and Spencer Oxford Street in support of the Intifada and calls on you to attend the next picket on Saturday 18

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Funny Undercurrents video on shopping!

09-01-2003 23:01

The Latest video from Undercurrents can be viewed on Adbusters

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Lancaster university expansion update

09-01-2003 21:08

Building work starts for real at Lancaster University expansion site.

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Iraq is NOT the enemy

09-01-2003 18:52

IRAQ is not the enemy.... there is a war to be fought but it isnt against iraq.....

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Why we oppose intellectual property

09-01-2003 18:30

While open publishing is a well-known facet of the Independent Media Center, (2) its sister idea, copyleft - undermining copyrights, has received little attention.

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Anti war direct action at Britain's military HQ jan 18-19

09-01-2003 16:03

2 days of nonviolent direct action against the war at northwood

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Blair's Boss.

09-01-2003 15:42

The Alaskan convict, Lord Brown (Chairman BP) and the Shell poet hangers have instructed Blair to commit another Holocaust in Iraq for a few dirty barrels of oil.

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Daily Mail mates

09-01-2003 15:21

Daily Mail 'journo' featured on far-right Christian website.