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New Zealand Echelon Protest

16-10-2002 10:26

Organised by the Anti-Bases Campaign, Box 2258, Christchurch.

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Heathrow residents lobby MPs

16-10-2002 10:21


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16-10-2002 10:06

Preliminary date and place: Barcelona, April/May 2003

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from the directors of 9!!

16-10-2002 10:03

links regarding bali bomb
just like sep 11th, the official version is already being questioned, but the information is being hidden.

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Israeli made C4 explosive used in Bali bombing

16-10-2002 09:57

(OCTOBER 16,2002) Police investigating the deadly bombing of a nightclub in the Indonesian island of Bali in which nearly 200 people died have found traces of plastic explosive manufactured in Israel at the site of the attack.

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US exploits african famine to push GM 'foods'

16-10-2002 09:22

US tells african nations:'beggars cant be choosers'

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'al qaeda targeting Jews'

16-10-2002 09:08


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Jack Straw Aghast As Protesters Mock His Bombast

16-10-2002 06:43

Jack Straw Aghast As Protesters Mock His Bombast
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was shouted down tonight during his speech to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations by four teams of stealth protesters who infiltrated the high-rent shindig with banners and chants of ‘No blood for oil!’ and ‘No war on Iraq!’ Five hundred horrified Straw fans could only sputter in outrage. (article 1)

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War-Monger Jack Straw Given Appropriate "Welcome" in Chicago

16-10-2002 04:48

We had a little fun with your Jack Straw here tonight in Chicago, giving him an appropriate "welcome" as he tried to sell a full-scale war on Iraq to the wealthy & powerful here. We took our protest right inside of the tony Chicago Council on Foreign Relations to confront the Wrong, Dishonorable Jack Straw.

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Open Letter To the Peace Movement

16-10-2002 01:27

We Must Close Ranks Now!

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Remember Downtown Tel Aviv!

16-10-2002 01:05

A frank rebuttal to the nonsense coming out of the U.S. Congress.

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West Papua - Good Audio Backgrounder

16-10-2002 00:24

ABC's JJJ has done a good audio backgrounder on West Papua

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Biotic Baking Brigade strikes in New Zealand

15-10-2002 23:47

The public face of the Pro GE lobby group New Zealand Life Sciences Network (LSN), William Rolleston, was on the receiving end of a hand-to-face pie. The meticulously planned operation left Rolleston licking his lips just minutes before the AGM of the LSN at the Westpac Trust Stadium.

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Brussels Think-Tank Uncovered U.S. Backed Terrorists in Indonesia

15-10-2002 23:37

In a report of the International Crisis Group (ICG) the Indonesian military stands accused of having created one of the groups suspected in the Bali nightclub bombing. Paradoxically, the U.S. has pledged $50 million for the Indonesian military to fight their own creation.

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Was Bali attack nuclear or scalar?

15-10-2002 22:35

This was put online as a comment to an earlier posting but I think alternative propositions need emphasis, for considered prusal of the way things are or may be. No apologies

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'Authentic' London Jews blame Zionists for conflict

15-10-2002 21:05

A Jewish delegation from North London was at the stop the war rally on 28th September.
They explained that many Jews - particularly those that closely follow Old Testament teachings - do not recognise the right of the Jewish state to exist in the holy land.
They condemn the Isreali government's treatment of the Palestinians and believe that if the Palestinian conflict can be resolved, war against Iraq will be unnecessary. [video file]

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World Anti-McDonalds Day

15-10-2002 19:44

World Anti-McDonalds day: Wednesday 16th (Tomorrow or Today!) Leafleting planned outside McDonald's around the country and around the world. Preliminary strike has taken place in Reading already, Overseas support from CNT-FAI. Read above sites for more info.

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postalworker bulletin 151002

15-10-2002 17:48

News, views, debate and action for all postalworkers, whether at Royal Mail, Romec, Parcelforce, TNT, Deutsche Post, Post Office Counters, etc. This week: Reject Romec sell-out, back the firefighters, Building on the rank and file revolt, Build the "awkward squad", No war on Iraq!, Interview with FBU activist... (PDF, 2 sides A4). Please print out and distribute (if only by bunging a load in a letter box - easy but it works!)

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Disobedients insurrection against the War

15-10-2002 13:13

It's time the direct action/Anarchist/grass roots anti-capitalist movement rises from it's slumber after 9-11 and
inject a bit of social revolution on Halloween.

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UN resolutions being violated by countries other than Iraq - details

15-10-2002 12:35

List of UN resolutions being violated by countries other than Iraq