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James Kay exhibition

11-10-2007 09:13

First solo exhibition by James Kay at Riverside Gallery in Richmond

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Images of the Divine exhibition

11-10-2007 09:11

Contemporary exhibition opens at Orleans House Gallery showcasing religious and spiritual art.

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Cardiff Burma/Total Protest II (Saturday 13th)

11-10-2007 08:34

After a very successful protest against oil and gas company Total's involvement in Burma in Cardiff last Saturday, it's been agreed to call another demonstration - same time, same place - the oppression hasn't stopped so neither should we!

Account of last week's protest here:

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Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games

11-10-2007 08:22

These war games are being conducted amidst mounting US threats to actually declare a "real war" on Iran.

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Stop Capital Punishment in Iran

11-10-2007 07:49

Sign this important petition:

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Politicians: is it one rule for us and another for them? - part II

10-10-2007 22:57

Watch senior MPs squirm when it is suggested to them that lying by politicians be made illegal.

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Royal Mail battle plans leaked

10-10-2007 22:17

As wildcats erupt across the UK, the forum has obtained a copy of Royal Mail's battle plans for the current negotiations with the CWU.

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Che Guevara: The Man Behind The T-Shirt

10-10-2007 22:04

About twenty people gathered in Next To Nowhere on the 40th anniversary of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara's murder/execution, to try and discover 'the man behind the t-shirt'.

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Photo of EDO MBM being forced to smash own window!

10-10-2007 21:07

Paul Hills - managering director of EDO MBM was forced to smash the window of his own factory in order for workers to start their day, after protesters secured all entrances into the factory.

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5 Arrested at EDO MBM for singing Karaoke Badly

10-10-2007 20:04



Press Contact Andrew Beckett or Sarah Johnson 07875 708873


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British troops in Iraq to be cut to 2,500, states Brown

10-10-2007 18:43

Prime Minister Gordon Brown opened Parliament on Monday with a pledge to cut British forces in Iraq to 2,500 troops by spring, conditions permitting. The current handover of Basra to Iraqi forces will see troop numbers fall to 4,000 to be followed by a further 1,500 reduction.

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The Real Reason why you get arrested at Demos.

10-10-2007 18:17

The problem with Policing with with target base assessments, results in needless or pointless arrests being made. What this article doesn't take account is regional disparity so to say those with lower convictions being made does not mean Policing it bad.

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Al-Qaeda: Sort of Like the Energizer Bunny

10-10-2007 17:12

None of this works, not very well, because people are sick and tired of hearing about “al-Qaeda,” the putative terrorist organization akin to the boy who cried wolf, forever barking but never biting because the wolf has no teeth, heck it is not a stretch to say the wolf does not exist, except in the fervid but all too prosaic imagination of think-tank neocons and the like.

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Dignity Not Detention - the 3 Day March

10-10-2007 16:55

Asylum seekers, refugees, trade unionists and supporters from all over South Yorkshire will march from the Home Office in Sheffield to Lindholme Detention centre near Doncaster between 26-28th October

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Merseyside Posties Wildcat

10-10-2007 16:45

Copperas Hill workers outside Lime Street station not working!
Though the latest round of official strikes sanctioned by the Communication Workers Union came to an end at 03:00 this morning, many postal workers are defying their leaders, and are staying out.

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Oaxaca: PRI candidate house attacked, CIPO-RFM HQ facing repression

10-10-2007 16:19

The street of CIPO-RFM HQ
PRI Municipal Presidency house attacked with heavy caliber guns, neighbouring CIPO-RFM communal house facing repression following attack.

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Bash The Rich March on November 3rd - 'TOFFS OUT!'

10-10-2007 16:12


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Reclaim the Night March - Edinburgh - 11th October 2007

10-10-2007 15:24

HUNDREDS of marchers will "reclaim the night" when they take to the city's streets for a rally highlighting violence against women. Both women and men will take part in the event to raise awareness of domestic abuse and a culture in which women feel unsafe walking alone at night.

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Anti Kettle Foods Campaign Builds Head of Steam

10-10-2007 15:23

Kettle Foods have brought in US union busters. But have they bitten off more they can chew as consumer organising a boycott online?

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Palestine Today 101007

10-10-2007 14:42

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday October 10th, 2007.