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City uses Crossrail to takeover EastEnd

13-11-2004 16:02

The Corporation of London is a rich unaccountable authority that manages housing regeneration funds and supports schemes that mine the value of successful communities and hand them over to corporate interests. The latest project is a rail infrastructure scheme called Crossrail which will enable City interests to take over the Spitalfields area in London and displace a large immigrant community. The man behind this is ex-lawyer Adrian Montague, the man behind British Rail and major health and educational privatisation.

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Picket, Monday 15th Nov. Glasgow Labour Party offices

13-11-2004 15:34

Announced at the demonstration today: There's going to be a Troops Out picket of the Labour Party offices, John Smith House, 145 West Regent Street,
Glasgow G2 4RE on Monday from 3pm.

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Police keeps terrorising

13-11-2004 14:15

On Friday November 12th at about 21.00h, the DNS-provider of Indymedia Netherlands received a writ of execution from the Haaglanden Police, demanding information on the person that posted a threat to politician Geert Wilders on the website of The provider has to submit this information within 48 hours, that is by Sunday at 21.00h. Thus preventing the DNS-provider from seeking legal advice.

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Blair uses Bigley's Funeral Today

13-11-2004 13:36

Blair visits Liverpool to use other someone's funeral as a cover for continued murder.

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Private healthacre for Cannon Fodder

13-11-2004 12:10

It appears that nothing is too good for ‘our boys and girls’. With psychiatric services in the NHS crumbling the government have gone private for it’s cannon fodder.

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Radical Reading Group @ Maelstrom

13-11-2004 12:08

Maelstrom is Leeds' squatted infoshop, located at the old Post Office on Hyde Park Corner (Leeds). After three successful weeks of talks, discussions and more, we are putting on some regular as well as irregular events.

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Arts the catalyst

13-11-2004 10:19

Main article for catalogue which goes with this exhibition. Included in this exhibition is a documentary, songs, artworks, poems, photos, etc. The exhibition shows how a poor housing estate on the edge of Edinburgh influence many in the world in how to use Art as catalyst for social care and action. Arts: The Catalyst, Craigmillar: 30th October – 31st December 2004: City Arts Centre, Market Street, Edinburgh.

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No NATO in Venice! - Grassroots sanctioning against a militarized city

13-11-2004 09:27

The NATO parlamentary is schedualed to meet in Lido, in Venice between the 13th and 18th of November, 2004. Social movements, NGOs, civil associations and activists have launched an appoinment for Saturday the 13th for a mass prostest and demonstration against the NATO and global war.

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O ALBION SWEET ALBION: A poem against the war

13-11-2004 01:26

"where oil and blood rise high..."
A poem against the war

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Brixton Protest

13-11-2004 00:55

Rally for Peace, Protest against the brutal attack on Fallujah, from 5-7 pm Friday 12 Nov.

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RepubliCONS take Big, Stinkin', Nasty crAP on Our Voting Rights

13-11-2004 00:54

Stinky & Sloppy Vote Riggin'
Will the Democrats break out the toilet paper? Many Average citizens out here in unofficial America have a Bounty of evidence to expose and clean up the stench. This defecation was done in plain public view, and recorded in the public record. Since voting is the Right which secures all other Rights and confers legitimacy on the ultimate 'Commons' Our Representative Government-this bowel movement was ejected on the Public Square, so a charge of public indecency needs to be included on the arrest warrant.
Or will the Flies-in the form of diversionary news stories eat the PooP before we can break the Scoop? Even Mother Nature renews and cleans up after herself, can't sentient beings with free will be permitted to ensure trust in this fundamental right to bear witness to the will of The People?

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(US) "Democracy Now" Propaganda for Electoral Fraud and Fallujah Massacre

12-11-2004 23:15

Bush Letterboxing
US journalist Amy Goodman and 'Democracy Now' never have appeared more like CIA assets than in the aftermath of the November 2nd, 2004 "election".

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BBC protest - Portland Place

12-11-2004 21:58

sign outside BBC HQ
A protest was held outside BBC HQ, Portland Place on the 10th November.

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My Peelgrimage

12-11-2004 21:39

I'd had a fitfull night of sleep (knowing where I was heading to in the morning didn't help any), before rising at 8am to be out in time catch the early train to Bury St.Edmunds.

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The onslaught in Fallujah: Shooting at a fly that has landed on a horse’s head

12-11-2004 20:51

On the face of it, the siege of Fallujah seems to be going relatively well for the US troops. Most of the city has been captured and according to the mass media “Operation Phantom Fury” will be finished in a couple of days. However, things are not so simple. The war in Iraq was also supposed to be over, whereas it clearly is not. The same applies to Fallujah, where an official victory may well turn out to be a Pyrrhic one.

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Demo against Homophobia -Maidstone 13 Nov

12-11-2004 18:07

A demo led by Queer Youth Alliance against Kent County Council's ongoing homophobic policies (Retaining part of the old anti gay Section 28) and the Tory homophobia underpinning it. MAIDSTONE 13 NOV from 1pm RALLY- COUNTY HALL.

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friday night @ rampART

12-11-2004 17:59

Tonight at the rampART, live sets on rampART radio narrowcasting live from the hall...


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Ellesmere Port byelection

12-11-2004 17:18

BNP finish last in byelection

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12-11-2004 14:57

Speech on Accepting the Sydney Peace Prize

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Nanotech conference disrupted, Leeds

12-11-2004 14:19

Nanotech conference at Leeds' Royal Armouries disrupted at lunchtime today (Friday 12th November)