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Appeal for Information from G8 Defendants

17-08-2005 10:13

Court proceedings are already underway for many of the defendants arrested at the actions that took place over the week of the G8 summit. Intermediate Diets and trials will be continuing through August, September and October.

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17-08-2005 09:34

Aug 16, 2005 (Dow Jones Commodities News Select via Comtex) By Phelim Kyne Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES JAKARTA (Dow Jones)

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Fears over Menezes death 'leak' cover up / New version

17-08-2005 09:03

As the white wash to cover up who killed Jean Charles de Menezes and why continues. According to the BBC a new account of the murder.
It would appear that Menezes walked into the station normally and only started to rrun after he passed through the ticket barrier when he saw (they mean heard) a train coming into the station. Contrary to earlier police reports that he vaulted the barrier.

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Support the workers of the Youth Club Fregat in the Siberian city of Tomsk!

17-08-2005 08:42

In the Siberian city of Tomsk the local government authorities are currently trying to close down the Youth club ⌠Fregat■ with illegal methods, apparently in order to sell the building to a commercial casino business.

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17-08-2005 07:39


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Coca-Cola Protesters Attacked By Police; Four Hospitalized

17-08-2005 06:26

August 16, 2005 (Plachimada, India): Close to 100 activists from Yuvajana Vedi, youth wing of the CPI(ML), and their allies marched to Coca-Cola's factory gates in Plachimada in Kerala in southern India, demanding that the bottling plant shut down permanently.

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WE "OUT" AN EX-CIA AGENT -- Bush Admin's Renditioner in Italy Scandal

17-08-2005 05:39

Likeness of Robert S. Lady
WANTED IN EUROPE: US CIA Agent Robert Seldon Lady: A CIA agent, under arrest warrant in Europe, is on the lam. We reveal where he probably is for the first time, plus many other new details. Call this story the "Theory of Everything" about the the War on Terror and the Iran-Contra affair if you like, but it is basically a crime story. When arrested, Robert Seldon Lady could lay bare the Niger-nukes forgery thousands of American troops have died over. He is wanted with 18 others in the CIA kidnapping-for-torture of a Muslim cleric in Italy.

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Between the Crosses

17-08-2005 03:04

Some thoughts that crossed my mind after hearing Cindy Sheehan speak

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Video clip - road protests ejected from Dept of Transport

17-08-2005 00:11

A short sequence of clips from tuesdays action at the department of transport.

2 mins 4 mb

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16-08-2005 23:59

The presence in the United States of a number of young Israelis, most of whom had specialized military and intelligence backgrounds, in the months prior to 911 is a subject that has received inadequate attention from the major U.S. media and government investigators.

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Brighton City Council Intervene To Stop Illegal Eviction Of Peace Camp

16-08-2005 23:21

In which Sussex Police outdo themselves by exposing their
cosy relationship with corporate bomb makers EDO MBM and the
shamefaced city council actually help Smash EDO to go on protesting by stopping the illegal eviction of the peace camp.

Another interesting day in Brighton.

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Anti-Road protesters occupy Dept of Transport

16-08-2005 21:54

Today, the Department of Transport was targetted for the first time in about a year by anti-roads protesters.

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Our worst nightmares

16-08-2005 21:33

Unbelievable... or prehaps not. Evidence revealed by ITV news confirms that police incompetence appears to have played a major role in their murder of Jean Charles, the Brazilian electrician shot dead on the tube. Worse still, it confirms that police repeatedly lied to excuse the fuck up.

Jean Charles was no identified leaving the building under 'surveliance' because the cop on duty was taking a piss. Then an order was made to stop Jean Charles but it was never carried out. Jean Charles took a bus unaware that his death warrent was soon to be signed by carelessness and miscommunication of the British police force. He entered the tube, walking, collected a free paper to read on the train, waved his oyster card over the sensor and passed trough the barriers like any other passenger. He proceeded down to the platform and ran for the train on the platform. Once on the train, he took his seat like everyone else, still unaware of his impending doom and the hand of the trained killers of the farce. He carried no bag and wore a thin blue denim jacket - nothing at all to cast any suspicion on him or justify his muder. Only at this stage did police identify themselves, as they shoot him dead in cold blood at poiny blank range.

Be afraid.. but be angry!

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Oxford University take millions from BP

16-08-2005 21:10

Oxford University does itself proud again by taking millions of pounds from BP to establish a new Chair in Economics - specifically dealing with 'Resource Rich Economies'

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U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being Guarded by Israel

16-08-2005 20:46

I just wanted to post this, since the US seems to be gearing up for another "911", and a military response which may include nukes (as drafted by Dick Chaney) against Iran.

It should also be pointed out that the same company providing security to the airports allegedly used on "911", and contracted in 2004 to provide security for the London Underground, was also an Israeli one, staffed with several "former" members of the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad.

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PROTEST - Kurd oppression in Iran

16-08-2005 20:36


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7/21 Bombs As Plants?

16-08-2005 19:43

Just wanted to repost this in light of the Government's story about the Brazillian electrician shot seven times in the head by a still-unidentified man falling apart.

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the science of world peace

16-08-2005 19:42

It has less to do with politics, economics, or religion, than it has to do with you, collectively. Only practical, direct, personal experience in social actions can generate the skills and confidence for individuals to bring about world peace by 2020.

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Ugandan hunger striker deportation stopped

16-08-2005 19:32

The deportation of Ugandan hunger Striker known as C has been halted.

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Police Story Falling Apart: No Evidence

16-08-2005 19:28

Keep in mind that we still do not know who actually killed this man, or who they worked for. Since the day's "unsuccessful attack" left behind "evidence" supposedly intended to direct investigators in a specific direction, this electrician may have inadvertently witnessed intelligence agents planting them. Where was he working that morning? In the tube?