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RAF Croughton.... not just tea brewing....

07-10-2007 20:59

More than 70 local people gather for protest and cakes at RAF Croughton, the US military listening base, just outside Oxford.

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On dawn raids (and what happens after)

07-10-2007 20:41

Invariably, it is familes with children who are targeted as they are more likely to be found at home and detained all together.
Baby Ashleen and her mother Juliet were taken in a dawn raid after their door was smashed. Nathan and Jeremiah, three and two years old, were detained with their parents during another dawn raid. Another young mother took an overdose on the eve of her planned deportation, wanting to die and was taken to hospital: her four years old daughter was left in the detention centre on her own.

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40th Anniversary of Che Guevara's execution (by Latuff)

07-10-2007 19:38

Che Guevara
Copyleft artwork to be published on Associacao dos Docentes da UFRJ bulletin.

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Camp Hope: Taking Action to Stop Airport Expansion in Gloucestershire

07-10-2007 19:35

Take Action at Camp Hope 20th/21st October. A Climate Camp @ Staverton Airport, Gloucestershire.

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Manchester Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition

07-10-2007 19:24

Following the success of last years extravaganza in Manchester's Northern's happening again!

The 2nd annual Temporary Autonomous Arts festival in Manchester 24-28th October 2007.

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poppy protest outside ministry of defence this afternoon - lax security

07-10-2007 18:54

earlier today, there was a peaceful walk by activists calling for the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan (report here later). 12 police followed and filmed the 22 peaceful protestors for nearly five hours. later outside the MOD, opposite downing street, four urban gargeners dug the earth and planted poppy seeds. they remained unnoticed in the 'government security zone'.

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Put The FIT Team On Trial - Call for solidarity and resistance

07-10-2007 18:06

9th October, Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court, 9am

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That Damned Marx

07-10-2007 18:01

No matter what they say, the bourgeois cannot escape the fact that Marx's ideas still hold water after all these years. His analysis of the capitalist system, its laws and contradictions are as relevant today as they were 150 years ago. The serious journals of capitalism confirm this.

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Reminder: Stop Deporting Cameroonians

07-10-2007 17:07

'Whether we have leave to remain or don't have leave to remain, let us unite'

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Publicity for 1st Ever Durham Working Class Bookfair

07-10-2007 16:36

The first newspaper article is published below about an important movement bookfair in the North East - there are no bookshops which sell movement literature in the N.E.

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Interview with President of Physicians for Social Responsibility

07-10-2007 14:30

Dr Catherine Thomasson is the President of the Physicians for Social Responsibility who visited Iran last March and has been giving talks in the US and Europe to avert a new war in the Middle East this time against Iran. Abbas Edalat, CASMII’s founder, interviewed her while she was visiting London to give a talk at the Royal Society of Medicine on October 4.

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Cardiff Total closed in Burma protest

07-10-2007 12:14

no business for total
A Total garage in Cardiff was closed for three hours in a solidarity action for the people of Burma

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A new atlas for Palestine

07-10-2007 12:11

Palestinian artists, photographers and designers have mapped their Palestine in the Subjective Atlas of Palestine, which is available on the internet. The atlas offers a picture of Palestine that differs from the images the public generally receives through the mass media.

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Unmasking AIPAC: Who's Afraid Of The Lobby?

07-10-2007 04:49

Part of the rush to further disastrous war seems to be motivated by a distinct desire for the Zionist portion of the New Neo-Fascism to get the spotlight turned off. As the debate about the Zionist Lobby, as well as the Extremists behind it and this impending World War, these criminal lunatics are growing increasingly shrill, frightened, and desperate.

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Corporate publishing houses

07-10-2007 03:46

For all the bad press that they receive, a lot of people still believe that Western corporations are making some sort of contribution to improving the lot of people in the third world. Let me present a counter-example.

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Boycott for Burma: targets

07-10-2007 03:44

Call from 88-generation Burmese resistance groups.

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Pictures from the Burma march in London

07-10-2007 01:50

No shortage of colour on this demo
Saturday's London march for Burma from Tate Britain to Trafalgar sq

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Liverpool Culture Company Get Echo Journalist Suspended!

07-10-2007 01:01

THE Liverpool Echo’s longest-serving journalist Joe Riley faces the sack thanks to the £114million Culture Company.

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Report from the Oxford Total demo

07-10-2007 00:01

A brief explanation of some of the situation in Burma and a report on the demonstration in Oxford which took place on the 6th of October, 2007.

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Raw-Rap Roundup

06-10-2007 21:37

Can you hear the Raw? The world is alight fighting for Justice or is it as the Poor are still Poor and the Left, well they’ve…… yeah where are they. News for the Activist is here.