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Recent Zapatista declaration and communique

21-07-2005 07:36

The last part of the recent Zapatista declaration and two more recent communiques outlining the next steps...

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Killer-cola linked to London Bomber [update]

21-07-2005 06:13

In interviews widely reported in the mainstream media last week, links between the men thought to behind the London bomb attacks and the Coca-cola company were exposed....

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21-07-2005 00:14



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Parliament cleaners go on strike.

20-07-2005 23:22

Not an unreasonable request when you consider how much MPs earn.
When you consider how badly Parliament has shafted the rest of us it’s hardly surprising that they treat their own cleaners like dirt as well. The T&G Trade union today organised a 1 day strike and protest over the conditions experienced by the agency staff who clean Tony Blair’s toilet.

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Bristol Trade Unionist, victimised by management and sacked

20-07-2005 22:42

Jerry Hicks, highlyrespected by his workmates.
Management at the Rolls Royce engineering plant in Bristol recently suffered a humiliating clime down when two suspended workers were reinstated after unofficial strike action. Since then they have suspended popular shop steward Jerry Hicks and today they sacked him. This will almost certainly result in ballots for strike action at the plant and the company’s other depots. The pictures below are from Mondays Solidarity demo at the factory gates.

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Post G8 Debrief and random funny film night

20-07-2005 22:22

Post-G8 action debrief and showing of 'I HEART
HUCKABEES', August 7th.
care of London Rising Tide

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images of protest camp in Iceland II

20-07-2005 22:06

They are going to flood most of the glacial rivers in Iceland to feed electricity to heavy industry owned and run by multinational corporations.

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Israeli settlers kill Palestinian child

20-07-2005 21:47

NABLUS, West Bank, July 20 (Reuters) - Jewish settlers stabbed a Palestinian boy to death in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Wednesday, witnesses said.

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images of protest camp in Iceland II

20-07-2005 21:44

The nature is small and large but people tend only to see the medium...

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Mainstream Reports "Suicide Theory" Difficult to Swallow

20-07-2005 21:41

Regardless of what happened, the Bush/PNAC/Bliar Propaganda is failing, because half the people link the bombings to Phony's decision to invade Iraq, in full violation of International Law, and the other half recognize the pattern and inconsistency of these False Flags.

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20-07-2005 20:52

Send messages of protest to Coca-Cola on the 2nd anniversary og the international campaign against the multinational for their crimes in Colombia.

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How to avoid big brother

20-07-2005 20:48

We live in dangerous times... the world at war, a clash of civilisations er are told, the work of an evil ideology, axils of evil against, hating our freedom and seeking to undermine our values....

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Did Washington try to manipulate Iraq’s election?

20-07-2005 19:05

Did Washington try to manipulate Iraq’s election?

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Garden City Social - Manchester G8 Benefit Gig

20-07-2005 18:16

8pm-1am Weds 3rd August 2005
The Southern Hotel, Chorlton

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The 'Big Issue' Supports Animal Cruelty!

20-07-2005 16:04

The Northern edition of the Big Issue "Big Issue in the North" advertises for the animal testing company Covance. Here's an extract from a BUAV investigation into Covance.

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The Raven

20-07-2005 15:55

The Raven Strikes!

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Mark Thomas - political comedy DVD reviewed

20-07-2005 15:31

Review of political comedy DVD
'If you believe everything a comedian says then you “may as well take instruction from a yoghurt pot”.'

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CCRI-CG/EZLN: Red Alert lifted; communities reopening

20-07-2005 15:15

Communiqué from the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

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Groups opposed to Lydd Airport,Romney Marsh,Kent (expansion of)

20-07-2005 15:04

Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh Kent has announced plans to expand (Recently renamed 'London/Ashord Apt). The owner, an oil Sheikh who made part of his money from arms deals, wants it to be the 'Stanstead of the South' !

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Campaigners welcome government rethink on Stonehenge tunnel

20-07-2005 14:26

Anti-road campaigners welcome news that the controversial Stonehenge tunnel scheme is going to be cancelled following a huge cost increase.