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Sri Lanka seeks to deflect U.N. rights scrutiny

26-05-2009 10:29

Sri Lanka has marshalled its allies to try to quash Western censure of alleged human rights abuses committed during its final phase of war against the Tamil Tiger rebels, diplomats said on Friday.

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A weekend of big green happenings.

26-05-2009 10:08

This bank holiday weekend saw a wide variety of goings on to mark the start of a summer of action leading up to the Copenhagen summit later this year.

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Interview with Derrick Jensen

26-05-2009 10:04

Derrick Jensen is the author of many books including A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe and Endgame. Derrick’s outlook on the current state of the earth is about as bleak as it gets. He argues that modern industrial society is unsustainable and inevitably doomed. It’s just a question of time. However, despite this he is very funny and the talks he gives verge on stand up comedy. It’s weird how our collective imminent demise can be so amusing. Chuckle Chuckle.

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BNP website down

26-05-2009 00:22


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The BNP Must Be Stopped, Before It's Too Late

25-05-2009 23:00

Activism against the polices of the BNP. With link to anti-BNP petition.

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Open Letter to Unite the union

25-05-2009 22:09

Please sign the e-petition in support of this Open Letter in support of cleaners employed by Mitie at the Willis Group in the City of London.

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Pix-&-Vidz of STOP POLICE VIOLENCE! Sat 23 May 09

25-05-2009 19:10

A. Asking awkward questions in Whitehall
Dateline: London, UK, 15:00 Sat 23 May 09 – Hundreds of folks take to the streets to protest against police violence, naked brutality and killings in custody, on the United Campaign against Police Violence's first national demonstration – STOP POLICE VIOLENCE! KETTLE NEW SCOTLAND YARD!

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Take 2 seconds to give a 2 finger salute to bloodsports lobby group

25-05-2009 17:30

Foxhunting- "Birthright or Brutality?"

Air your views at:

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Rev Billy preached in Cambridge Tesco

25-05-2009 17:21

Rev Billy and his choir were in Cambridge today, and joined the no tesco on Mill Road campaign. After an initial sermon at the old Wilco site on Mill Road, where a new Tesco is opposed by a local campaign, the festivities moved to the humongous Tesco on New Market road, where he preached by the tills. Security got a bit twitchy, and the sermon continued outside.

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Palestine Today 052509

25-05-2009 16:32


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday May 25th, 2009.

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Overwhelming international solidarity for the former sugarcane workers in ANAIRC

25-05-2009 15:51

Flor de Caña boycott

Thousands of protest letters are pouring in...and it’s just the beginning

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The Flor de Caña Boycott Group Extends its Protest

25-05-2009 15:49

Flor de Caña boycott
Letters of Protest to Importers and Distributors around the World

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Anarchist in Chile dead

25-05-2009 15:45

Anarchist in Chile dies from explosive device

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Berlin's Rigaer94--The Struggle Continues! (Trans)

25-05-2009 15:45

An update on the situation faced by Berlin's Rigaer94, a squat in the Rigaerstr in Berlin's Friedrichshain district

Translation from

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The 300-350 Show: An economic collapse for climate safety?

25-05-2009 14:16

We take a look at some of the links between the credit crunch and the climate crunch with Tim Helweg-Larsen, director of the Public Interest Research Centre and co-author of the “Zero Carbon Britain” & “Climate Safety” reports. There's also an appearance by Kevin Anderson (Research Director at the Tyndall Centre) and a live performance of the "Global Meltdown Derby" by Irish poet Grazzy Noel.

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EDO civilian technology company disolved

25-05-2009 12:24

EDO Aerotech Ltd, the civilian aviation technology subsidiary of EDO (UK) Ltd, and sister company to arms maker EDO MBM was finally disolved this month.

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Web articles/photos re. Appeal Court ruling on Thurs. 21 May 2009

25-05-2009 11:31

Here's a selection of articles, published on the web, about the Appeal Court judgment in Wood v MPC for the policing of the Metropolis.

I'd recommend the Comment is Free article as it was written by the Claimant, Andrew Wood. Okay, I wrote it so that's not an unbiased recommendation !

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Sussex Students Set Up Protest Camp

25-05-2009 11:28

Students from the University of Sussex have been camped outside the main administration building since Thursday night in protest against the cutting of the linguistics course, the lack of democracy in university decision making and the ongoing marketisation of education.

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Pix-&-Vidz of SACK PARLIAMENT! - Sat 23 May 09

25-05-2009 11:22

A. Mister Mayhem and multi-miscreant accomplices
Dateline: London, UK, Sat 23 May 09 – Economic meltdown for global capitalism, political meltdown in both Houses of Parliament, so Meltdown called a SACK PARLIAMENT! protest at short notice – and multi-Guy-Fawkes miscreants, Mister Mayhem, a Red Dragon and dozens of protesters, accompanied by Ian Bone on clown car horn, descended on the Palace of Westminster to blow the fetid, corrupt institution sky high... with GUNPOWDER!