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OF Grunts and Gooks; The latest Victims

18-11-2003 10:35

What kind of bounty will a freedom fighter collect for “taking out” Bremer or Greenstock let’s say, or what was the rocket man hoping to bag with Wolfowitz’s scalp at al-Rasheed hotel? The cunning, despicable character Wolfowitz shaken but still threatening as he licked his wounds after his sojourn at resort Rasheed where the Machiavellian brain behind the smart bombs insanity finally got a taste of his own poisonous medicine. God knows contract murder and bounty hunting is a crude game but the Americans started it so of course that gives it the sacred imprimatur in this disgusting Judeochristianmu

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Cardiff sends welcome message to Bush

18-11-2003 10:32

Cardiff sends a welcome message to George Bush. See the real thing on Cathays Terrace, opposite Woodville Pub.

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Park Nook

18-11-2003 10:26

Bulldozers arrived at Park Nook 7am this morning

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Is America copying Israel's mistakes?

18-11-2003 10:02

The mission of civilian repression has deeply affected the Israeli military. Van Creveld, a military sociologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, writes that "the morale of the army has never been so low." The military command has no strategic vision, he said. "Nothing it has done to defeat the intifada has worked." There is a grave lesson in this for the U.S. Army in Iraq. The official claim is that it is fighting attacks from remnants of a defeated regime and other enemies of democratic reform. Yet the number of daily attacks on U.S. forces has been rising.

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Bush's visit to Britain exposes deep division

18-11-2003 09:56

The state visit to Britain this week by President George W. Bush has already done more harm than good to relations between the United States and its closest ally. Although this visit is a ceremonial rather than overtly political occasion, with the focus on the president and the Queen rather than on Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, in practice it is a reminder of two divisions

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Saloniki 7 Prisoners Benefit Night & Talk @the Packhorse, Leeds Nov 23 at 19:30

18-11-2003 09:43

A benefit night for the Saloniki 7, this Sunday (23d) at the Packhorse pub (on Woodhouse lane), 19:30 onwards. All donations will go to the Free Simon Chapman/ Thessaloniki 7 campaign.

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Italy's New Hard Line on Soft Drugs Sparks Row

18-11-2003 08:28

Author: John Hooper

Cannabis and Ecstasy Users Face Tough Penalties in Crackdown

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H-Blocks: The Ultimate Sacrifice.

18-11-2003 07:45

Article taken from:

After the ending of the first strike, Bobby Sands, who had succeeded Brendan Hughes as O.C of the H-Blocks became heavily and frantically involved in attempts to bring the prison protest to a principled end on the basis of the five demands.The last thing the prisoners wanted after four years of a gruelling and nightmarish hell was a return to the protest.

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More Bristol Stop Bush Events....... MASS SCHOOL WALKOUT.......?

18-11-2003 07:00

PLEASE NOTE : This email is a supplement to Bristol-Stop-The-War News sent on
15/11/03. Please check the 15/11/03 Newsletter for a listing of events in Bristol & beyond (or visit the link below...)

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Bush, welcome to London !

18-11-2003 05:59


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HOW TO: Conduct Direct Action Against Bush Visit -- Seattle Style

18-11-2003 05:12

Seattle, Washington, USA showed the world how to conduct real direct-action protests during the WTO protests. This site shows some of the possibilities of the STOP BUSH protests: Direct action is what the media cover and what people understand.

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Turkey Synagogue Bombing -- 'It's The Mossad Stupid'

18-11-2003 03:20

JUST like with the bombings of Iraqis and other Arabs . . . which are blamed on 'al Qaeda' . . . this one smells of the Mossad. As hard for it is for decent people of any religion to believe, Zionists have sacrificed Jews for their own devices many times . . . it is a fact.

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Campaign To Section Bush

18-11-2003 03:03


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Marching Chant against the Iraq war

18-11-2003 02:38

One person with a megaphone can make this happen.
Better, 3 persons separated by 50 meters.

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Cartoon for ScrapBush Women Collective from Latuff

18-11-2003 02:17

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Donate Money to Support the Thessaloniki Prisoners

18-11-2003 01:19

Thessaloniki 7 in urgent need of solidarity!

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When a mother murders her own daughter

18-11-2003 01:08

Armed with a plastic bag, razor and wooden stick, Qaoud entered her sleeping daughter's room last Jan. 27. "Tonight you die, Rofayda," she told the girl, before wrapping the bag tightly around her head. Next, Qaoud sliced Rofayda's wrists, ignoring her muffled pleas of "No, mother, no!" After her daughter went limp, Qaoud struck her in the head with the stick.

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Die Telegraph die

18-11-2003 00:58

Here is a good article on the good news that the daily bullshit from the Telegraph crap could die soon.

The quoted sentences below from the article is worth following up as the CBI are a bunch of pigscum.

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14/11/2003: Solidarity action in Paris for the Thessaloniki 7

18-11-2003 00:32

A group of 30 people occupied the Greek consulate

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Master and Destroyer, Of the Peace of the World

18-11-2003 00:26

Bush Poster
Free satire poster of George Bush pretending to be Russell Crowe.
Go England! Stop Bush!