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Saloniki 7 Prisoners Benefit Night & Talk @the Packhorse, Leeds Nov 23 at 19:30

some indy folk | 18.11.2003 09:43 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | Social Struggles

A benefit night for the Saloniki 7, this Sunday (23d) at the Packhorse pub (on Woodhouse lane), 19:30 onwards. All donations will go to the Free Simon Chapman/ Thessaloniki 7 campaign.

This month the incitement 2 collective will show the european newsreal and a new film on the Saloniki 7, whose medical condition has now reached a critical point. Five of the imprisoned have been on hunger strike for between 43 and 59 days, demanding their immediate release. All seven were arrested on Saturday June 21st at the anti-EU demonstration in Thessaloniki, Greece:

Souleiman Dakdouk (Castro) a Syrian political refugee, has been effectively involved in the area of syndicalism and antiracism in Greece for the last 14 years. He is now facing deportation to Syria.

Simon Chapman was beaten up and fraimed by the greek police, as his distinctive blue and purple rucksack was taken by undercover police who replaced it with a black rucksack containing molotovs, a hamer and a pickaxe handle. This is clearly shown at the video footage taken by greek public TV station ET-3. Recently released medical report and photo demonstrate Simon's poor health condition...

Simon, Kastro and five others are facing up to 25 years imprisonment. Come to The Packhorse on Sunday 23 November at 19:30 to watch the film of Simon's arrest and fit-up by the cops, and film of what has happened to him since. A campaigner will introduce the film and talk about the solidarity campaign.

All donations will go to the Free Simon Chapman/ Thessaloniki 7 Campaign.


more on the Saloniki 7 on: IMC UK | IMC Athens | IMC Thessaloniki | the Wombles site

some indy folk


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