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Get your ass over there! Greece: No Borders Camp @ Lesvos, 25-31 August 2009

14-07-2009 13:59

Call for the noborder camp 2009 in Lesvos (Greece)

Repression has no place in our boat...

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Lockerbie update

14-07-2009 13:40

The difference between law and justice, and the dominent influence of the Whitehouse on Scottish judiciary and government is more apparent, but remains most visible in the Lockerbie appeal.

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Iraq WMD expert 'was assassinated'

14-07-2009 12:05

Doctors alleging that Iraq weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was "assassinated" have demanded a proper inquest into the scientist's death.

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Swine Flu: Six Previously Healthy People On Life Support in Sydney Hospital

14-07-2009 04:47

Six young persons who do not have underlying health conditions are in a critical condition in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

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Reunite Severine Gerard and her son, separated by French police

14-07-2009 04:14

Severine Gerard had her 2 year old son violently taken away from her by the French police while she was in France (She is Belgian), because she was bringing him up on a vegan diet. Please read the interview to read what the paediatrician said about veganism and children during the first court hearing. It's unbelievable, it sounds like these people are stuck in the stone age!!

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Honduras: This is not an hysterical accusation, it is calling a spade a spade!

14-07-2009 03:46

Saddam Hussein's 'crime' ... his death sentence, was to change from the Petro-dollar to the Petro-euro ... Zelaya's downfall was to join the ALBA!

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Green-Amber-Red > Red-Black-Green

14-07-2009 01:05

1) Traffic light pre-emption
2) Selective vehicle detection.
3) National UK Toll road infrastructure

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Demos & Surveillance continue [July] at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ

13-07-2009 23:12

4pm on Monday July 13th, people had gathered at the gates to the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch, based within the Easter Park Industrial Estate on Lenton Lane, Nottingham. Nottingham NG7 PX. [Unit 3 in fact].

The campaign holds regular monthly demonstrations, [These are normally held on the 2nd monday of every month]

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Novas officially exposed at last

13-07-2009 22:21

If anyone has been around in community politics then you would know that novas/scarman have been tryign to cream the dosh out of communities to serve the vested interests of those running it now the truth has officially come out.

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Afghanistan, Troops Out Now Protest. London, UK. 13/07/2009.

13-07-2009 21:50

The stench of corruption.
Just days after British military forces experience the highest casualty rate yet in Afghanistan, the Stop The War Coalition hold a protest outside Downing Street calling for the return of British forces to the UK.

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Electoral fronts are not enough we need to Make The Middle Class history:

13-07-2009 21:29

The news Chris Knight is standing against TESSA JOWELL in the DULWICH AND WEST NORWOOD seat at the general election yes self proclaimed public enemy NO.1 this summer after his high profile in claiming to be organising force of the G20 protests and was said to be instrumental in the Liverpool Dockers/RTS link ups. Neither are true, a few Middle Class soap dodgers and other self proclaimed vanguard of The Working Class got a beating from The Police, Ian Tomlison lost his life, meanwhile the murdering scum who killed him has not been charged, and if you talk to the Liverpool Dockers some will tell you what a tiresome wanker Chris Knight was, we have to agree as we was involved.

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Japan changes the law in The Netherlands

13-07-2009 21:06

The Netherlands wants to ban the controversial anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd from sailing under the Dutch flag.
Public Works State Secretary Tineke Huizinga said Friday she wants to amend the law quickly to make this possible.

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French workers threaten to blow up factory

13-07-2009 18:46

Workers at collapsed French car parts maker New Fabris threatened on Sunday to blow up their factory if they did not receive payouts by July 31 from auto groups Renault and Peugeot to compensate for their lost jobs.

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Gathering Against the Prison Society - 31st Oct/1st Nov

13-07-2009 18:19

31st Oct/1st Nov 2009 - Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, UK

2 Days of discussions & presentations about the struggle for liberation, inside and outside of the prison walls. Organised by the Anarchist Black Cross and others.

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Cuba and the African freedom struggles - film

13-07-2009 17:08

July 26th Cuba film show leaflet
South London Cuba Solidarity are showing this documentary film about Revolutionary Cuba's assistance to the African freedom struggles - in particular in the Congo and Guinea Bissau. all are welcome. No charge.

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Latin America is exploding in protest/organizing

13-07-2009 16:43

"Please join this struggle for justice and true freedom. Our brothers and sisters across the Americas are doing their parts from conditions of extreme hardship and danger. Surely it is time for us to “step up” from here."

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Palestine Today 071309

13-07-2009 16:15


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday July 13th 2009.

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Afghanistan: The largest ground combat operation since the Vietnam War

13-07-2009 15:06

The current, direct war being waged in Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan can also be seen as the twentieth year of a war that commenced as the Cold War ended.

The current main front in this global campaign is Afghanistan, NATO's first ground war and the US's longest war since Vietnam. A war that will be eight years old this October and that is escalating daily with no end in sight.

A war that has already pulled in troops from 45 nations in four continents and has extended itself through bases, troop transit and military operations to several other countries - Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - with the logistical theater of operations slated to expand to the Baltic Sea, the South Caucasus and even over the skies of Russia.

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Newbury Bypass Documentary

13-07-2009 14:58

photo: Antonio Zazueta Olmos
Call for video tapes of anything related to the Newbury bypass protests of 1996.