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Fundamentally Sick: Freud and Human Society

11-05-2006 15:55

Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, spent little time evaluating or assessing cultural phenomena, his preferred field of study was the then unmapped areas of the human mind. However, the failure of his patients to negotiate/navigate the world forced Freud to evaluate the effects produced by the interaction of the individual and society. Freud and many of his peers, arrived at a similar conclusion regarding the condition of modern society – society, they concluded, is fundamentally sick! Freud no doubt drew on his uncanny skills as an expert analyst and diagnostician to arrive at that astounding assessment! Freud’s obsession with the male generative organ and his cocaine abuse aside, his contribution to the understanding of human psychosis and pathological behaviour is of considerable value today.

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Lack of Resources in 7/7 Bombings?!?!?

11-05-2006 15:26

…from The Scotsman:

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Colnbrook's despair - able young men driven to suicide

11-05-2006 15:20

We are still unsure of Tariq's condition. We urge all concerned individuals and organisations to contact the Home Office and Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre and ask for clarification of his condition and furthermore put pressure on them to end to the barbaric practice of detention and deportation of refugees.

- Serco (For Colnbrook), Press Office: 01344 386 300
- Home Office Press Office: 020 7035 3535

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David Miliband and Paul Goggins exposed as hypocrites

11-05-2006 15:17

Heres an example of Ministers saying one thing and doing the opposite!

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Attempted Sabotage against the Human Shield Movement to Iran

11-05-2006 14:40

Despite having their website brought down by saboteurs, the Human Shield Iran Movement continues undaunted.

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Wikipedia censorship

11-05-2006 14:13

More examples of Wikipedia censorship ....

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11-05-2006 13:37

police are expected in the square from 3pm today to deliver a summons to brian haw, who is resisting attempts to make his demo virtually impotent

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Is New CIA chief a Jack D Ripper clone?

11-05-2006 13:29

The power struggle between the CIA and the Pentagon seems to be going the generals' way. One general waiting in the wings could be General Jack D Ripper.

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return of active news and info-verting at the rampART radio

11-05-2006 13:21

my card..
if you wanna post me up some press releases i will sculpt them into protes radio london UK style for the rampart radio.
this is an autonomous action.

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Former Deputy Commander-in-Chief of British Land Forces declares his opposition

11-05-2006 13:17

CASMII delegation to Downing Street draws high level support

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8 Gyptian homes at risk

11-05-2006 12:30

8 boats have been put on the land at the threatened boatyard in Jericho. Essential maintenance work is being carried out on them. Eviction may be on monday.

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Occupation against corporate universities

11-05-2006 12:09

In Sussex university, about 50 students occupied the innovation centre. This building is one of the many emerging links between business and higher education.

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a couple more of the offensive items removed from the UK site

11-05-2006 11:35

the whole truth
Many more similarly offensive items can be found on my web page...

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These are amongst the graphics that were removed from the UK site

11-05-2006 11:18

Thaey said that they 'defamed' their site.
What do you think"

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Gathering in solidarity with Brian Haw: Sunday 14 May 06, 12 noon

11-05-2006 10:23


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Buy ’Em While They’re Young

11-05-2006 10:15

According to the latest reports US sailors and airmen are being told to fill roles in Iraq normally occupied by Army soldiers. The options? The Pentagon warlords will start the draft for everybody between 18 to 45, and fabricates another 9/11 type catastrophe to justify the draft and their global holocaust.

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Benefit for Daniel McGowan and Last Hours fanzine

11-05-2006 10:09

Daniel McGowan is a US environmentalist unjustly arrested and persecuted by the US state. He is facing a minimum life sentence in prison if convicted. The Square social centre is playing host to a benefit for him, and launch night for Last Hours issue 13.

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Eleven suspected animal rights extremists arrested

11-05-2006 08:49

More sensationalist crap from the BBC. The police were going on a fishing raid seeing what they could find by raiding people involved in legal animal rights campaigning.

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Motor vehicle firms choke up for new anti-gassing campaign

11-05-2006 08:28

Gloom, Gloom, Gloom
The new ads are the result of an ACCC ruling, which found marketing claims that vehicles using petrol and diesel are more comfortable and faster had been misleading and possibly breached trade practices.