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22-11-2000 20:04

Commandant Glenn Weidner said the military has "lost the
information war, which is discouraging, but just when I
tired of dealing with the protests, something here would
lift me up. This is the best assignment in the U.S. Army."

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Activists occupy climate centre

22-11-2000 16:45

Undercurrents live from inside the ocupied climate congress centre.

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paranoid security running around like headless chickens

22-11-2000 15:14

Embarrassed security

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security brutality at COP 6

22-11-2000 15:06

daring protest at COP 6 met with security brutality

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Chiapas Update

22-11-2000 12:41

President-elect Vicente Fox Quesada announced last week that following his inauguration on December 1, his first act of government will be to formally send the COCOPA proposal on indigenous rights and culture to Congress for its approval.

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Ramallah 19th November - life on the ground

19-11-2000 15:12

An opinion of life on the ground during the present conflict

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Students Run through London

19-11-2000 12:48

15,000 students marched through London on the 15th of November in protest against Government Policy towards education which is gradually being re-modeled on the American elietist system

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100 arrests today. N16 TABD. PHOTOS, audio, VIDEOS. Brutality in Cincinnati Ohio

19-11-2000 05:56

N16 TABD. Many LINKS. TransAtlantic Business Dialogue protests in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 15-18, 2000. 100 Protesters Arrested today, Saturday, November 18. PHOTOS, audio, VIDEOS. Appropriate that Cincinnati is finishing up its months of "Pig Gig" celebrations. Cincinnati is historically known as "porkopolis" from its hog processing history. In the last 2 weeks 2 African-Americans have been killed by the police, one from asphyxiation during his arrest. A particularly brutal arrest of an N16-protester was similar in style. Beanbag shotgun rounds have been used indiscriminately. These rounds break car windows.

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Advice from the Legal Defence & Monitoring Group

19-11-2000 04:27

If you are (or have been)arrested then:

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MAYDAY 2001:mini-conference

19-11-2000 04:24

Open mini-Conference on December 16th, 10am-5.30pm to discuss what to do for next years Mayday in the London area as part of the local and global celebration against capitalism and the state.

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Harry Potter Alert

18-11-2000 18:15

Its quite right to oppose USA "Brand Goods", but we must also be aware of the relentless pushing of British consumer items

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Bogus Baking Brigade Pies Barbara Roche - 18th Nov

18-11-2000 13:42

Bogus Baking Brigade Press Release

''Stirring up race hatred is a recipe for getting your just desserts''

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Barbara Gtowacka,a Polish Roma woman, threatened with deportation

18-11-2000 11:26

Barbara Gtowacka, a Polish Roma woman is threatened with deportation from Ireland early next week.

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Maxxam Logging in the Mattole Update - 11/17/2000 - N. California

17-11-2000 17:49

Last Friday, we heard the news we've been anticipating for weeks. A truckload of Columbia Helicopter loggers showed up to clearcut one of the seven timber harvest plans (THP) on Rainbow Ridge,1-99-475.

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Battle In Seattle, Part 2? Urgent Plea For Assistance!

17-11-2000 14:31

Police Vow Crackdown, Threaten Mass Arrests During WTO Protest Anniversary Events

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Climate Action on 13/11 in City of London - the plaque

16-11-2000 23:35

Climate Action on 13/11 in City of London - the plaque
This is how the plaques look like which were fixed onto the buildings of BP Finance, Merrill Lynch, Shandwick, Warburg Dillon Read and others. Read the report at

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NUS 'Grants not fees' demo-Nov 15th

16-11-2000 22:12

Thousands of students assembled at the ULU in Central London on Wednesday to demand an end to tuition fees and a return of the grant.