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Mass Leafleting of Headingley, Leeds against the BNP-Sunday April 4th

31-03-2004 20:56

leafleting Headingley this Sunday- anyone up for it?

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Not what the neocons and Bush were hoping for

31-03-2004 20:54

At least 5 more U.S. G.I.’s were killed today in Iraq. Also 4 “civilian workers” form the the USA were attacked and slaughtered in a manner that recalls our nation’s defeat in Somolia. The mainstream account of these events below is not what the neocons and Bush were hoping for. Please share it widely. Peace and an end to occupation, jamie

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Democracy, truth, paste-tables and everything

31-03-2004 20:33

Around 20 people went today to Manchester Town Hall to find out if people can stand in the streets of manc, talk to other people, give them bits of paper and smile without being pushed around by massive corporations that effectively own the street we stand on...

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Tesco and Wal-Mart linked to the sale of whale meat in Japan

31-03-2004 20:27

Dall's Porpoise Kill in Japan
Two major retailers, Tesco (UK No 1 retailer) and Wal-Mart (world’s No.1 retailer) own substantial shares of Japanese supermarket chains, which are selling whale, dolphin and porpoise products. We need your help to persuade these companies to stop the sale of cetacean products in their subsidiary stores.

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Cambridge IndyMedia Benefit Gig Poster

31-03-2004 19:54

Saturday 17th of April, 7-11pm
Cafe Afrika

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Gush Shalom update / 31 March

31-03-2004 19:40

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -

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Iraq has never had it so good

31-03-2004 18:41

Before we get on to the breezy assertions and specious arguments, here are ten facts about Iraq today:

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is it antisemitic to lie about israel

31-03-2004 18:08

It is now commonplace for those attacking Israel to call it an 'Apartheid State.' EC Editor Jared Israel examines one piece of evidence for this accusation and finds it to be a clever lie. Mr. Israel argues that the answer to the question, "Is it all right to criticize Israel?" is that it's the wrong question. The right question is: "Is it all right to lie about Israel?" The comparison between South Africa under Apartheid and Israel is examined and found to be absurd. In conclusion, Mr. Israel comments on the attempt by the pro-PLO forces to claim Martin Luther King as their own, providing evidence that, once again, it's a lie.

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No New Nukes – No Pre-emptive war!

31-03-2004 17:50

London to Aldermaston March
Friday 9 April to Monday 12 April

There is a strong danger that Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) near Reading, Britain’s own nuclear bomb-making factory, is planning to collaborate with the US to test and develop new nuclear weapons - like ‘bunker busters’ - designed specifically for future pre-emptive wars.

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31-03-2004 17:06

Info nite and virtual demo for travellers- tomorrow, 1st april!

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Solidarity with Indo Election Boycott 5 April

31-03-2004 16:28


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Labour Party Spring Conference Protest Demo and Rally - video

31-03-2004 16:26

Manchester anti-Labour rally on M13.

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Wall Down Event Manchester 28th March

31-03-2004 16:17

Tank attacking Palestinians
This is a photo from the wall down event in Manchester on Sunday 28th March.

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Video of Birmingham ESF meeting

31-03-2004 16:13

“The World Social Forum will always be a forum open to pluralism and to the diversity of activities and ways of engaging of the organisations and movements that decide to participate in it”

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SE neo Labour Conference.

31-03-2004 15:53

South east regional neo labour Conference.

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Switch off "Countdown"

31-03-2004 15:28

Dont watch Channel 4 afternoon light entertainment show "COUNTDOWN" any more. Host Richard Whiteley gave support to a miserable programme on C5 last night which victimised petty offenders of the most trivial kind.

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Ethnic Cleansing of 'Gypsies' in Kosovo

31-03-2004 15:28

European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) Letter of Concern to Kosovo and European Authorities over Violence against Roma, Ashkaelia, Egyptians and Others Regarded as "Gypsies" in Kosovo, and Long-Term Impunity for their Persecutors

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Wanted: Volunteer to Help Homeless People Speak Out

31-03-2004 15:06

Groundswell UK needs a volunteer to help to publicise it’s events and publications - and to help homeless people’s collectives publicise theirs publicising our own events, publications and other activities.

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The Lantern Carnival: was it political?

31-03-2004 14:34

A drummer and a cow lantern on Abbeydale road

Description and analysis of the Sharrow Lantern Carnival

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Benny Morris - A Tragic Israeli Historian

31-03-2004 14:02

Found in the New Left Review, this interview with Benny Morris a renowned Israeli left-winger says...............