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Part 2. No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool.

11-01-2003 20:14

It's been an amazing week and a half of watching the Bush administration's own foreign-policy bite Bush in the ass so hard you could see him wince every time the showed his miserable face in public.

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London: Iraq Human Shield Volunteers Needed

11-01-2003 20:05

TJP Human Shields to Iraq needs volunteers in London area and en route. Donations would help too.

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Bristol-Stop-The-War Updates: 11th Jan 2003

11-01-2003 20:00


To receive our weekly update send a blank email to:

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In the Name of All Holiness and Royalty

11-01-2003 17:44


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[MLNews] 1/11 Morning News Part II -Prepping for Jan 18th

11-01-2003 17:10

Prepping for J-18 Part II

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11-01-2003 16:36

Freedom of Speech is the dearest freedom people can have, for without it political repression and social states are easier to accomplish. Raze 213 articulates one of the brutal torture method that been used by Saddam Hussein's regime against political prisoner in Iraq

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Student analysis of HAIL TO THE CHIEF

11-01-2003 16:02

Abie Klein Stefanchik, a 15 yr. old student analyzes Daniel Thompsons new poem HAIL TO THE CHIEF for his 10th grade PreAP English class at Cleveland Heights High School, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Can this dog hunt? You be the judge.

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Anti war pledger arrested blockading Ark Royal naval base

11-01-2003 14:29

anti war stuff at the ark royal departure

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Hello America!

11-01-2003 13:58

The "Hello America!" campaign was launched in Oslo, Norway, at 12.30 PM CET, January 6th 2003.
It is now being spread all over the world.
We want to carpet bomb the world with a message of support for all peace loving Americans.

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the provocation of Ukrainian Security Service

11-01-2003 13:43

the provocation of Ukrainian Security Service - beginning of the "witch hunting"? Search of the KSRD activist flat

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In the Shadow of the Bomb: Growing Up in the War Machine

11-01-2003 12:52

This must be the article of the year for me. It is worth reading and passing on to others. Written by a man who grew up as a US military child.

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A Cynic's Guide To Entitlement (*cough* ID *cough*) Cards

11-01-2003 10:08

Into the final days of the government's Great ID Card
Consultation - and the Home Office couldn't be more excited.
Lord Falconer continues to tell everyone who'll listen that
over 1500 people have responded, and the majority of them
were extremely positive on the idea.

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Australian media begins reporting about a peace convoy to Iraq

11-01-2003 07:29

The proposed expedition of Westerners to Iraq (being organised in London by Ken Nichols O'Keefe to act as a human shield against U.S. bombing) is starting to get mentioned in the mainstream media on the other side of the world -- in Australia.

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Australian Prime Minister guilty of war crimes?

11-01-2003 05:41

Do the following two articles, if true, prove that the Australian PM, John Howard, is guilty of war crimes?

You decide.

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Chiapas Action Alert

11-01-2003 04:10

Ten Tons of Humanitarian Aid Destined for Chiapas Denied Entry into Mexico

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Cambridge Anti-war action at "RAF" Feltwell results in 9 arrests

11-01-2003 03:18

January 11, 2003

A total of 9 arrests were made during anti-war demonstrations at a US Air Force-run military base in Norfolk UK.

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Britons: reject the national ID card and slashdot Parliament

11-01-2003 01:53

The UK is planning to institute a national ID card. Britons, speak your minds! FaxYourMP/The Stand is running a campaign to slashdot Parliament and let them know how HM's subjects feel about this latest intrusion into their lives.

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Brazil: Macuxi Indians Urgent Action (send letter to Lula)

11-01-2003 01:11

This week a Brazilian indian from the macuxi-village maturuca got killed. It is all related to this landrights case there. Urgent Action is needed to send letters to Lula

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Cambridge Anti-War Demonstrators Arrested at RAF Mildenhall!

10-01-2003 21:44

This is a preliminary report.