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National Demonstration against Agrofuels

12-07-2010 16:33

National Demonstration against Agrofuels

Saturday 25th September

At the site of the proposed new palm-oil burning, agrofuel power station at Portland in Dorset.

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camberwell cctv campaign - police fight back

12-07-2010 16:22

as the campaign against cctv smart cars in camberwell continues, racist undercover police get involved to rough up a local shopkeeper.

activists have been campaigning in camberwell over the last week at the arrival of council cctv 'smart' cars snooping under the guise of recording minor traffic violations.

local police have previously attended disruptive protests, but not got particularly involved, and activists have succeeded in forcing the cars to abandon their shifts on several occasions. previous accounts here and here.

you may also have heard of a large number of cctv cameras being funded recently by money earmarked for terrorist investigations in the birmingham area. the cameras were positioned in a largely muslim area, and as the truth was uncovered by activists, a so far successful campaign has managed to stop the surveillance pending a judicial review (guardian story)

this morning things got ugly in camberwell.

the owner of a local bakery, a muslim man, was not for the first time issued with a ticket after the cctv camera caught him "illegally" unloading bread at his shop. as this was not the first time he had received a hefty fine, and as there is no "legal" way fro him to get necessary produce to his shop, he started shouting at the council snoops.

suddenly, and wholly disproportionately, undercover police appeared and grabbed the man. winesses heard them making clearly racist comments and threatening remarks telling him to "shut his mouth as he was a muslim who doesn't have any say in this country".

as a crowd began to gather, more police re-inforcements turned up, but the man was held in a stress position with police pulling at his handcuffs to hurt him each time he tried to defend himself verbally. he was subject to assault and abuse for nearly 30 minutes before finally being taken away in a police van.

the cctv activists have so far been receiving plenty of support from the community in their campaign, and they see today's events as an unwelcome escalation from the authorities to protect their surveillance operation at any cost. they have promised to continue with the campaign and not back down.

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Palestine Today 07 12 2010

12-07-2010 16:11

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Thursday, July 12, 2010

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Alton Food Festival 2010

12-07-2010 15:46

Alton Food Festival 2010
Alton Food Festival is an annual event held in July, part of the Hampshire Food Festival, a month long county-wide event held each summer to celebrate Hampshire Fare.

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"Why we should end domestic flights" public meeting

12-07-2010 14:54

Public meeting in the build up to the End Domestic Flights demo.

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Egypt bans entry of Greek medical doctors into Gaza - VIDEO

12-07-2010 14:46

Egypt bans entry of Greek medical doctors into Gaza

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Notts Collective Gig @ The Sumac Centre

12-07-2010 13:24

Saturday 10th July

Assortment of tunes played in the Sumac yard

Notts Collective Gig @ The Sumac Centre

Saturday 10th July

Assortment of tunes played in the Sumac yard

SEND Project and .... others

2 – 3: Pinch Penny: Dub, Reggae n Dancehall

3 – 5: Alex Traska (Myhouse-Yourhouse)

5 – 6: Sneaky B: Electronica (Various)

6 – 7: Animinimal DnB (various) (Notts Collective/S&G)

7 – 8: Multi D: Jungle (Notts Collective/NSC)

8 – 9: Psyanide: Progressive/ Chillout Psy (Notts Collective)

Sumac Centre
245 Gladstone Street,
Nottingham NG7 6HX,

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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Leeds AF and the EDL

12-07-2010 13:11

Finally (not including the bumbling first attempt that was swiftly ‘hidden’ on Indymedia), at long last, Leeds AF have issued a statement about the incursion of 5 EDL members into a ‘militant antifascist’ meeting they held on July 3rd. Unfortunately, it raises more questions than it answers.

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Competing Vocabularies, or: why we should think before we write

12-07-2010 12:18

Want to write for ¡Ya Basta! ? We are looking for people who would like to become contributor’s to our collective, as well as people who have interesting articles which they would like to be available in the resource section of the site. Please e-mail if you are interested.

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Flim screening and launch of the campaign against the deportion of Odette Sefuko

12-07-2010 08:37

The Greatest Silence
Wednesday, 14th July 2010 at 6:45pm, Garden Room, St Mary’s Church & Community Centre, Sheffield.

Screening of “The Greatest Silence” – rape in the Congo, current situation for women in the DRC. (NB this film shows graphic footage which you may find distressing, 18+ yrs only)

Followed by…launch of Odette Sefuko’s campaign against deportation.

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Brook House IRC - Fundamentally Unsafe - G4S condemned again

12-07-2010 05:26

[ G4s Not Fit for Purpose: This is the second report in seven days by Anne Owers HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (HMCIP) severely critical of G4S managed establishments. Report on an announced inspection of HMP Wolds (disappointing decline) was published on Tuesday 6th July, copy available here . . . . HMCIP previous reports of G4s managed IRCS, Tinsley House report July 2009 severely critical, Oakington report June 2008, severely critical. Inspectors have made 190 recommendations for Brook House, all following text , extracted from inspectorate report/press release. ]

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Kangaroo Court in the Philippine Underground Movement

12-07-2010 04:39

It is clear that the Communist Party of the Philippines’ theory and practice of due process is based on the assumption of innocence or diminished criminal culpability when cadres toe the official line, but becomes assumed guilt when cadres raise questions against the central leadership.

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Philippines: Comrade Torturer

12-07-2010 04:36

The Communist Party of the Philippines killed hundreds of its own cadres in a wave of paranoia that swept the rebel movement in the 1980s.

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Home Office forced to release suppressed Drugs Classification Review from 2006

11-07-2010 23:42

The Home Office has been compelled to disclose a previously-suppressed draft consultation paper containing suggestions for a review of the drug classification system.

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Info tour about US anti-war activists imprisoned in Iran

11-07-2010 23:22

Charged by Iran with spying for the US
On July 31, 2009, Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer, and Josh Fattal - were arrested at the border of Iran. After nearly a year, they are still being held without charges, without a single visit from their lawyer, under allegations of espionage. The families still have no idea when they might be released.

A fourth member of the group, Shon Meckfessel narrowly avoided imprisonment himself and is kicking off a thirty city European tour in Bristol to publisise their situation and to call for their release. Shon will be speaking about the three activists, their work and their current situation at 7.30pm, Wednesday 14th July, at Kebele Social Centre, Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY.

A fourth member of the group, Shon Meckfessel narrowly avoided imprisonment himself and is kicking off a thirty city European tour in Bristol to publisise their situation and to call for their release. Shon will be speaking about the three activists, their work and their current situation at 7.30pm, Wednesday 14th July, at Kebele Social Centre, Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY.

More info and poster here

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Critical Mess - Some Reflections on the London CM

11-07-2010 21:12

A rumination on aggressive cyclists, the police and what to do about our good friends the pedestrians.

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street festival 25th July

11-07-2010 20:18

Manchester city centre

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How Facebook is destroying the Left.

11-07-2010 20:11

Facebook might not be what the Left want to use: but there is a growing, urgent need for it to become a tool of radical activists. If the Left fail to do this then the repercussions will go far beyond the first round of spending cuts.

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Cheese and Wine - Vegan style

11-07-2010 18:23

If you hadn't thought about it before, you might not have realised that cheese and wine production can cause a lot of animal suffering and environmental damage. But the good news is that it's possible to have a great cheese and wine night with animal-free wines and cheese substitutes, as we found out on Friday 9th of July, 2010 at The Priory Centre, York.

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English Defence League animal abusers put pigs head on Mosque walls in Dudley

11-07-2010 18:16

The English Defence League are disgusting animal abusers. They think that it is funny to take the head of a butchered animal and use it as a "joke". Kevin Smith of the English Defence League too a pigs head and put it on the walls of a Mosque in Dudley to offend Muslims. The EDL are "campaigning" to stop another Mosque being built in Dudley. Many of them are racist thugs. They abuse animals too.