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Need high resolution photos of Bush protest

29-11-2003 06:37

The Earth First! Journal (published in the US), a radical environmental journal that reports on international direct actions (see, is seeking photos of activists toppling the statue of President Bush on November 21 at Trafalgar Square. The photos need to be scanned in at 300 dpi resolution and emailed to Please contact me if you or anyone you know can contribute their photos to the Journal. Our deadline for photos is Friday, December 5.


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29-11-2003 05:14

BLAST FURNACE RADIO is playing all the audio it can glean from the net and putting it on a continues loop. tune in. having problems getting our web radio station just drop us a line.

audio streaming link:

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Bush's Operation Clean Sweep

29-11-2003 01:11

World War IV in 2004. The games have just begun!

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Campsfield Banner Snag!!

29-11-2003 01:01

After the police told the organisers of the Campsfield 10th anniversary protests that the planned demonstration couldn’t go round the back of the detention centre where detainees can come out into a yard and hear the demonstration, three banners mysteriously appeared snagged high on the perimeter fence last night. Stating ‘No One is Illegal’, ‘No Deportations’ and ‘No Detentions’, these banners were clearly visible to detainees inside providing a much needed morale boost for the asylum seekers, who quite often spend more than a year locked up with no trial and no charge waiting for their applications to be considered.

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Tom Hurndall's birthday party outside the Foreign Office

29-11-2003 00:11

Birthday Blessings for Tom
Tom Hurndall's family and friends gathered outside the Foreign Office on Thursday evening to celebrate his 22nd birthday. He is unlikely to live for us to mark his 23rd.

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OMINOUS: The "war on terror" and American democracy - some ominous

28-11-2003 23:18

Three commentaries published recently in the US media, all by
well-connected observers of the US military, have suggested that a major
new terrorist attack within the United States could disrupt the 2004
elections and even result in military intervention on the streets of
America as well as the suspension of the Constitution.

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Buy nothing day: events in London

28-11-2003 20:02

Events taking place tommorrow 29/11/03

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New Manchester Social Centre

28-11-2003 19:12

Kickstart Cafe is a new squat cafe in Manchester! It opens tomorrow (Saturday). There will be tea and coffee, vegan food, library and info, art space, and many activities. In the evening from 7pm there will be an accoustic jam so bring along instruments and later some chilled out chunes. Be warned though it won't be a late night and we won't be selling alcohol.

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28-11-2003 17:28

Want to join others for BUY NOTHING DAY fun in Sheffield?

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Charity shocker...must read

28-11-2003 14:30

erm... this is sick

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Pressure from DFES to rewrite history

28-11-2003 14:24

The DFES is pressuring me to remove historical information from the web

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buy nothin manchester do summat

28-11-2003 14:08


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Kick Start Cafe opening night

28-11-2003 14:01

Kickstart Cafe Opeing Night
13-15 Liverpool Rd (just off deansgate)
saturday 29th

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victory for w/class/poor Italians in environmental battle

28-11-2003 13:57

the working class of a poor southern italian region fight to stop the dumping of nuclear waste and win. This was done wothout the usual m/class outsider activists coming in and telling them what they need to do to win.

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28-11-2003 12:40

Yesterday morning the Dutch consulate in Birmingham was occupied for 5 hours by Dutch and English activists, because of eviction of a squatted community centre in Utrecht, Holland.

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Peace Not War Music Festival

28-11-2003 12:24

... on the anniversary of the global peace protests,
Hackney Ocean, Mare Street, London E8
Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th February 2004

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Dirty Digger Awards

28-11-2003 08:44

Local Anti-Mining Activists Dish the Dirt

The inaugural ‘Dirty Digger Awards’ 2003

(alternative to the Mining Journal Awards for Outstanding Achievement)

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Union of the Unemployed Iraq Activists Arrested by US Troops - Urgent

28-11-2003 08:40

The UUI, the most systematically active occupation policy challenging group in Iraq hasd been targeted again!!....

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Looking for an exciting job that combines adventure, intrigue and large weaponry

28-11-2003 05:09

Looking for an exciting job?
Become one of our 23 000 employees at 550 locations worldwide.
Preference given to: former Green Berets, foreign nationals with diplomatic
immunity, pyrotechnicians.

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Bush administration promoting terrorism

28-11-2003 04:17

The US has concocted a "war on terrorism" in order to justify, defend and expand it's global agenda.