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Art of War : Abu Gharib

16-07-2005 09:22

Abu Gharib
Abu Gharib

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16-07-2005 07:25

Just as the word "IMPEACHMENT" grows steadily in popularity amongst Americans, and Karl Rove's TREASON is exposed? Yes, I'm sure it's just a benign filtering problem ...

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Crest Plc - Corporate Social Responsibility – Family Petition HRH Prince Charles

16-07-2005 06:55

Business In The Community
The Shalom Family Campaign for Justice Wales, have recently petitioned HRH Prince Charles, President of Business In The Community (BITC). BITC advocates the inclusive practice of 'Corporate Social Responsibility' and 'Responsible Business Practice' among its members,but.

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 2

16-07-2005 04:28

Part 2 of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi History for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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be strong.

16-07-2005 02:14


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Time to get mentally ill out of jails

16-07-2005 02:09

"The process had gone too far" Professor Paul Mullen
In the two decades since the influential Richmond Report recommended deinstitutionalising mental healthcare, the number of patients in psychiatric institutions has more than halved, from about 15,000 to 6000. The prison population more than doubled between 1986 and 2001 to more than 24,000 and now includes a high proportion of mentally ill prisoners.

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The Revolution has begun

16-07-2005 01:23

All that is required is that we bring to an end the last traces of gullible trust which will then get rid of that mass confusion, which is the only thing that has kept the lid on the revolution up to the present time...

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Gerry Gable in Damage Control

16-07-2005 00:46

Has Searchlight's straight down the line support for Israel & Zionism been misinterpreted by the Jewish Chronicle?

The UAF/Searchlight bitch-fight continues in the media...

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Olympic Bid

15-07-2005 23:10

Seb Coe high on drugs

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G8: All eyes on Scotland!

15-07-2005 23:07

Before, during and after the G8 all media attention focussed on Scotland and the anti-G8 protests.
Not only the mainstream media reported; over 50 Indypendent Media Collectives from Africa to Australia reported in at least 20 different languages in their editorials on the summit and the opposition.
More numerous accounts and reports in the newswires.
Here is a first summary of the features collected by Indymedia groups world wide.

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Were the London bombings a set up?

15-07-2005 22:30

I’m leery of conspiracy theories, especially when they involve convoluted plots. Occam’s Razor is my guide, however, ever since the events of July 7 something has been nagging at me about the nature of the latest terrorist attack, and not merely the timing but the methods.

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In Times of Terror the Truth takes a Tumble

15-07-2005 21:45

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”, said Mark Twain. Modern communications help the lie travel even further, although Velcro having replaced lace-ups, the truth is not all that slow anymore in getting ready – mainly thanks to the internet.

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Victims... food for popular culture

15-07-2005 21:14

the family of the accused and presumed final perpretrators of the last week's events in London are "devasted".

Quite. They are victims as well.

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SWARM the minutemen and EDT Virtual Sit-In

15-07-2005 20:53

Join the and Electronic

Disturbance Theater
Virtual Sit-In Against Anti-Immigrant Websites,
from Tuesday July 20th -Thursday, July 22nd

To join, click here:

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Unknown heroes: biographies of Anarchist resistance fighters by Miguel Garcia no

15-07-2005 19:35

The Kate Sharpley Library has just published a new pamphlet, Unknown heroes: biographies of Anarchist resistance fighters by Miguel Garcia, with information on people from the post-war anti-fascist resistance in Spain.

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Oil, Power, & Empire: Iraq & the US Global Agenda - Video 51 minutes (Realplayer

15-07-2005 19:26

Author and documentarian Larry Everest gives a speech with Q&A in Berkely, California about US foreign policy involving oil, world power, Iraq. Produced by Jay Finneburgh

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New York City Indymedia soliciting food articles

15-07-2005 18:54


For two years running, The Indypendent has won more awards for outstanding reporting from the New York Independent Press Association than any other paper. We are soliciting articles around the themes of problems of the global food production network and locally based alternatives.

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Insidious Karma

15-07-2005 18:26

Strange isn't it? Bush senior takes a shot at Phillip Agree two decades ago and the bullet seems to be headed for Bush Junior's right hand man, Karl Rove

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War and Ideology

15-07-2005 18:11


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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 1

15-07-2005 18:10

Part 1 of a short summary of pre-1950 Iraqi history for US & UK anti-war movement activists.