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SOCPA - brian haw arrested and some of his display removed overnight

21-10-2006 07:00

Audio 'offending' display
a woman attacked brian haw's parliament square display at about 5.15 this morning. but brian himself was arrested under the public order act, in an organised police swoop, over the content of the display. it is unclear if the woman was arrested. one of brian's supporters was actively prevented from taking photographs of her.

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21-10-2006 05:20

the baby-clothes washing line - offensive?
in a very suspicious sequence of events, brian haw has been arrested in the darkness of the night and some of his display has been removed by police. the arrest follows what may have been a staged incident where a woman (who has been seen before around the square) attacked the display saying that she found it offensive. brian has apparently been arrested under a public order act part IV, and some of his display has been removed.

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Train Insanity on Merseyside!

20-10-2006 20:27

At a time when the government are supposed to be worried about combating climate chaos, you might have thought they would want to encourage people to use public transport, instead of carbon-burning cars. And yet...

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Thank God the Iraqi people have the guts+determination to fight the Bush Regime!

20-10-2006 20:23

Iraq is demonstrating to the world the courage and resoluteness of England in the 1930s and 40s towards Hitler's conquering armies!

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Italy rejects kidnap demand

20-10-2006 19:53

When exchanging Gabriele for Christian convert rejected they demanded all Italian troops to leave but this was also rejected. Gabriele is due to be killed Sunday night if no agreement is made and they say they do not want money.

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Blair joins the attack on Britain’s Muslims

20-10-2006 19:51

Prime Minister Tony Blair has placed himself at the head of an ongoing and sinister campaign against Britain’s Muslim minority.
This week he used his monthly press conference to solidarise himself with former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s attack on the veil or niqab, telling reporters that it was “a mark of separation and that is why it makes other people from outside of the community feel uncomfortable.”

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Second Kind Of Bayer GM Rice Detected In EU

20-10-2006 17:19

FRANKFURT -- A second kind of genetically modified rice developed by German chemicals and pharmaceutical company Bayer AG (BAY) has been detected in the European Union, a E.U. spokesman confirmed to Dow Jones Newswires Friday.
French authorities' recently found unauthorized rice LL62 in France imported from the U.S. and notified the European rapid alert system, spokesman Philip Tod told Dow Jones Newswires

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Crushed under Central Banker’s Boots.

20-10-2006 17:10

“Wars should be directed so that the nations engaged on both sides should be further in our debt”. & “Candidates for public office should be servile and obedient to our commands, so that they may readily be used”. Old wisdom delivered at a Frankfurt / Germany meeting in 1773, still very much alive and in practice today.

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Allotments at risk

20-10-2006 16:00

Organic allotments are at risk in Eastleigh where the council wishes to destroy the allotments to make way for 470 houses. The allotment holders are digging in for a long fight to protect their organic plots.

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Creative Activism Exhibition at The Basement

20-10-2006 15:12

come with us
...a mixed media exhibition on clowning, samba, video activism and creative writing...

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Anarchist Bookfair timetable and floorplan

20-10-2006 14:46

As the London Anarchist Bookfair website has gone down due to bandwidth issues, is providing timetable information and a floorplan for the event tommorow.

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Coming some time, maybe, ANARCHY INDY UK

20-10-2006 14:44

On the run up to the annual Anarchist Bookfair in London, shadowy anarchist types all over the place have been rushing to complete their publications in time to distribute. Indymedia bods are no exception so look out for copies of Indymedia Offline and ANARCHY INDY UK 2006, a complilation of grassroots videos covering UK actions and events over the last 12 months.

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Radical Reading Group

20-10-2006 14:26

Come help set up Radical Reading Group at the Basement 6-7.30pm this Thursday 26th - all welcome.

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20-10-2006 13:55

1pm, Meeting Room 3, Bookfair.
(not as advertised at

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OutRage!-Manchester Imam says" Killing gays is ok"

20-10-2006 12:34

OutRage! News Service reveals that an Imam in Manchester (which has a large lgbt community) has said that kiilling gays is ok....

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The Financial Crisis of the IMF

20-10-2006 11:54

The IMF is an extremely undemocratic system. Instead of one country-one vote, the good capitalist principle one dollar-one vote was in effect from the beginning. Whoever paid most had the most votes and the greatest influence.

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Red Cross lambasts US terror law

20-10-2006 11:35

Mr Kellenberger said the ICRC was still studying the law
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has
expressed concern over a newly-approved US anti-terrorism law.

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Mr. and Mrs. Ahmadinejad

20-10-2006 11:20

Mr. and Mrs. Ahmadinejad
Get together to solve the nuclear problem

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The Moles are Rising

20-10-2006 09:31

Hello one and all,

I hope you've all been causing lots of trouble wherever you've been lately.
If not then here's your chance. We have a space available for a two week
temporary auntonomous social centre in the heart of the steel city.

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References required to visit Hebrew University

20-10-2006 08:49

Hebrew University Demands Police Character Reference from Visitors Who
are Palestinian Citizens of Israel as Condition for Entrance to its Campuses