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Worldwide boycott of E$$o

01-07-2002 15:55

E$$o are trying to shut down Greepeace France for taking the piss out of the E$o logo.

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Mental Health Bill

01-07-2002 15:13

Patients hoping for improved care from the new mental health laws are going to be disappointed. Instead they can look forward to forced injections or even internment, says Dr Tony Zigmond

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gay pride barcelona 2002

01-07-2002 14:17

gay pride barcelona 2002
queer pride, against pink commerce ...

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latest from Colombia Solidarity Campaign

01-07-2002 13:36

forwarded from Colombia Solidarity Campaign:

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Anarchist Federation Scotland WWW

01-07-2002 13:35

AF Alba website now 100% Bilingual Gaelic/English at . Links to latest version of Resistance newsletter.

Ainn-Riaghailtis no bas!
Emma G

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Say No to Indefinite Imprisonment

01-07-2002 13:34

Picket the Star Chamber

Join The Protest - Free the seven anonymous internees!

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International Criminal Court and Al Qaeda

01-07-2002 13:31

Today in Global Observer you will find 2 articles about the International Criminal Court and an article about the links between Al Qaeda and Hezbollah.

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solidarity protest for Argentina

01-07-2002 13:29

forwarded from Argentina Solidarity Campaign:

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01-07-2002 13:22

On June 30, 2002, the raid on the Amaari refugee camp in Ramallah resulted in the serious injury of an 18-month-old baby girl, Munia Adel Rehan.

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Civil Society demands full participation in World Summit on the Info Society

01-07-2002 12:26

The WSIS Preparatory conference opens today in Geneva. Its first task is to define the rules and procedures for the entire WSIS process. After a briefing session by the conference organizers, members of civil society are concerned that the current process will close the door on true and transparent participation in the Summit.

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Blair's aides denounce US 'blundering' in Afghan war

01-07-2002 11:56

Blair's aides denounce US 'blundering' in Afghan war
The difference between Blair and Bush is in the methodology of colonization: bamboozling through "negotiations" or blustering through genocide.

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01-07-2002 11:16

The anti-casualisation film and speaking tour organised by the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign kicked off this week at the Glastonbury Festival. The film will be showing across the countries at meetings as diverse as the Earth First! gathering, an RMT strike meeting, a reggae night in Reading and a discussion with Ken Loach organised by the Wombles.

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Ethnic Cleansing in Bedfordshire

01-07-2002 08:37

We are facing racism and a brand of fascism, and hope we
can link up with you.

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01-07-2002 06:52

In a new interview a retired US Special Forces sergeant who trained the Colombian military, explains why he now supports the armed struggle of the FARC-EP guerrillas in Colombia.

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We Are Deeply Concerned

01-07-2002 03:58

It did not take long for the Bu$h administration to reveal itself. Of course, those of us who spent the bleak days of November, 2000 watching All- Recount- All- The- Time TV instead of making figgy pudding, were not too terribly surprised. Astute activists began muttering “Fourth Reich” and “Bu$h Nazi” long before the former governor of Texas took office.

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PLUTONIUM ON BOARD,... destination Sellafield

01-07-2002 03:05

Monday, 17 June, 2002 of a British Nuclear Fuel Limited (BNFL) ship, the Pacific Pintail, in Japan today to begin loading faulty plutonium mixed oxide (MOX). This same nuclear shipment came through the Pacific in 1999, but was rejected by Japan when it was discovered that crucial safety data had been falsified by BNFL

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All support to Palestine and IMC (cartoon by Latuff)

30-06-2002 23:57

All support to Palestine and IMC (cartoon by Latuff)
Cartoon by Latuff on behalf of IMC DC and its efforts to bring justice to Palestine. Special and sincere thanks to IMCs Palestine, San Francisco, Israel and Italy for their diligent work on human rights in Palestine. Long live to these brave and decent activists.

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bum deal

30-06-2002 22:41

It's widely accepted that the Kananaski summit did nothing for anybody except the secretive aggrandisemebt of its participant frontmen. Meanwhile Chossudovsky and Ruppert did their more realistic summit down the road apiece.

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European Countries´ plans to spy out citizens

30-06-2002 21:44

Privacy seems to be lost when European countries plan to spy out your telephone and internet data

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30-06-2002 21:19

a Scientist has been forced to deny his findings because they accidently disproved the whole Global Warming Theory - the Inquisition returns!!!!