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Squatting not yet banned in NL

07-10-2009 16:24

A quick note on the situation in the Netherlands today, where the ban on squatting was being discussed in Parliament. Apologies for any inaccuracies, I think I translated stuff right..

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Reclaim the Earth Centre - people power needed for occupation campaign

07-10-2009 16:16

The Earth Centre
The Earth Centre in Doncaster has been left to ruin for 5 years. We intend to take it back. This site now owned by the council was developed to be a sustainable living education centre and community farm. It is currently being used as a firing range by weapon enthusiasts Cerberus Airsoft. Its time to bring this valuable resource back to the people before it is sold off for development.

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A Sustainable London SDC Conference

07-10-2009 15:31

A Sustainable London SDC Conference

London's Living Room
City Hall, The Queen's Walk
London, SE1 2AA

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Ratcliffe Protestors at Court - Callout for support

07-10-2009 14:16

The Ratcliffe protestors being persecuted for 'conspiracy' are at court next week - show some support!

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CAAT University Network Gathering 2009

07-10-2009 14:04

CAAT's Annual University Network Gathering will take place 1st November 2009 in central London.

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Disrupting E.ON at London City University undergraduate fair.

07-10-2009 14:03

E.ON, were holding a talk at the student recruitment fair yesterday. The company is responsible for the planned new coal power stations at Kingsnorth, which combined would produce the same carbon emissions as Ghana. With the report by the Global and Humanitarian forum stating that three hundred thousand people are already dying already each year due to climate change, it isn’t a viable option.

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Vestas Camp update: Green Leader to take Vestas Fight to Europe

07-10-2009 14:01

Green Party Leader, the Isle of Wight’s Green MEP, and prospective parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion, Dr. Caroline Lucas MEP is to visit the Vestas Wind Turbine Blade factory on the IOW on Friday (9TH October). From 11.30 am – 1.30 pm she will be present at the ‘Magic Roundabout’ Solidarity/Protest Camp, St. Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, IOW. Dr Lucas has arranged to share lunch with the workers and their supporters, to listen and learn more about how she can help the campaign(1). (PHOTO OPPORTUNITY)

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Sheffield Social Centre: Eviction and Relocation

07-10-2009 13:56

As reported on Sheffield Indymedia, yesterday (6th October) at 1pm the residents of the Social Centre at Pisgah House received notice of an injunction brought against them by the University of Sheffield at Sheffield County Court earlier that morning, and summons for a Possessions Order hearing that afternoon at 3pm.

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free gig 2nite london

07-10-2009 12:54

the 7 house crew are doing free gig tonight in the squatted art center in st pauls

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Citizen Weapons Inspectors visit Manchester Factory

07-10-2009 11:23

At 8am on Monday morning, several ‘citizen weapons inspectors’ from the Target Brimar campaign visited the Chadderton premises of arms manufacturer Brimar, seeking information on possible connections between Brimar’s products and human rights abuses committed in Gaza and the West Bank, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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500 Protestors In Ramallah Demand Goldstone Explanation

07-10-2009 11:18

Hundreds gathered yesterday in central Ramallah to protest against the PLO’s failure to approve the Goldstone Report into Gaza. Activists from a range of political backgrounds united in condemnation of a decision which senior politicians have described as a “grave mistake”.

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Public rejects Afghan war

07-10-2009 08:15

PUBLIC opinion has moved decisively against British military involvement in Afghanistan.

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Thousands Against IMF Clash with Cops in Instanbul

07-10-2009 03:12

Turkish policeand transnational and local protesters clashed in Taksim Square and surrounding neighbourhoods in central Istanbul today

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The Angola 3: Black Panther Political Prisoners in the US

07-10-2009 00:28

We are working to publicise news and information about political prisoners Robert King, Albert Woodfox, and Herman Wallace, the Angola 3.

We have created new websites at You Tube, Live Journal, Care2, Twitter, Facebook, and My Space, where we are compiling a variety of media projects about the story of the Angola 3 .

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"police had no power to require the protestors to move" rules dj

06-10-2009 23:53

Avigdor Lieberman
A Jewish peace activist was today found not guilty of using threatening and abusive words and behaviour and of assaulting a police officer.

Deborah Fink, a founder of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods was arrested on May 12th while protesting against the visit of Avigdor Lieberman, the right wing former nightclub bouncer, now foreign minister of Israel.

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1 dead at anti-IMF protests in Istanbul

06-10-2009 22:11

Police repression in Istanbul, Turkey, today has led to the death of one man, and the detention of 100's of protesters, at anti-IMF/world bank protests.

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Map of a power station

06-10-2009 20:51

Map of Drax power station

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Free Maurice Kirk Political Detainee

06-10-2009 19:52

Maurice Kirk, a vet, has been incarcerated for being politically active....

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March And Rally against vivivsection

06-10-2009 16:02

march against vivisectiom

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No charter to Kabul tonight

06-10-2009 15:59

Charter to Kabul officially called off (for 'diplomatic reasons) but there may be charters in the future. I understand people are still going to demonstrate at the Lille ariport.