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No charter to Kabul tonight

Calais no borderer | 06.10.2009 15:59 | Anti-racism | Migration

Charter to Kabul officially called off (for 'diplomatic reasons) but there may be charters in the future. I understand people are still going to demonstrate at the Lille ariport.

Discution with Damien Nantes, CIMADE's national person in charge of
detention center:
Like last november the decision of the ECHR (the european human right
court) about the afghans detained in Rouen played an important role in
aborting the charter operation.
Like last november the gouvernment is suddenly talking about diplomatic
problems. (At that time it was a problem about beeing authorized to land
in Azerbaïdjan)
Both then and now it was about charters from Britain where France was
putting some other passengers. Thoses charters usualy land, at night,
between tuesday and wednesday in Bakou. It's not very logical or clear why
ther would be sudden difficulties.
So, no more charter today, and that's a good thing
Remains the future were there will probably be other attempts

Calais no borderer